The story of colonial collecting is complex and full of contradictions. Collectors often appreciated the "other" cultures where they obtained collections, but at the same time they had a close relationship with the colonial authorities who were willing to subjugate societies with military violence. This book addresses colonial collecting with examples from the Dutch East Indies and, by means of comparison, with a discussion about collecting in British India. Since the 1990s the phenomenon of collecting has become an important part of anthropological discourse. This development touches upon the foundations of the discipline, since it throws light on how the white colonisers dealt with local cultures, and thus on how the formation of the anthropological discourse took place. The seven contributions to this volume consider: how the study of collecting can help us to develop an anthropology of intentionality, instrumentality and desire; how objects do not stop "to live" when collected; the magic of the kris, which is influential even in Europe; the military entanglement with collecting in the Dutch East Indies; ethnographic collecting in the context of scholarly activities; the broad picture of colonial collecting, which includes an analysis of the appropriation of the Indonesian Hindu-Buddhist culture by means of collecting Javanese antiquities and detailed descriptions of colonial wars (North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok); and the cultural heritage of the Ethical Policy.

Colonial Collections Revisited

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