Cleavages Fractures Folds debuts Tay Bak Chiang's first-ever complete solo exhibition featuring Chinese ink and pigment works on canvas instead of the traditional rice paper. Merging the historical genre of ink painting on contemporary canvases creates a significant exploration and breakthrough, and Bak Chiang is the first Singapore artist to experiment and successfully present a contemporised style of the traditional 3000-year-old Chinese ink painting through a clever manipulation of ink, pigments, canvases and raw linens. He has developed an innovative technique of using powdered colour pigments to produce distinct texture in traditional Chinese ink painting. This set of works also marks his progressive attempts to move away from representational forms and introduce new perspectives in the portrayal of nature with minimalistic simplicity. Stones, to him, are not lifeless objects, but are bestowed with worldly experiences and personal expressions. This which, he expresses through his unique visual language that is in synch with current contemporary art ideas.

Cleavages Fractures Folds

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