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Celluloid Comrades: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas. This is an analysis of the representation of male homosexuality in Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong cinemas within the last decade. It posits that such representations in Chinese film have been polyphonic and multifarious, and this challenges monolithic constructions of both "Chineseness" and "homosexuality". Author Song Hwee Lim argues that the emergence of Chinese cinemas in the international scene since the 1980s created a public sphere in which representations of marginal sexualities could flourish. Examining the politics of representation in the age of multiculturalism through debates about the films, Lim calls for a rethinking of the limits and hegemony of gay liberationist discourse prevalent in current scholarship and film criticism. He provides in-depth analyses of key films and auteurs, reading them within contexts as varied as premodern, transgender practice in Chinese theatre to postmodern, diasporic forms sexualities. With references, glossary of romanised-Chinese words, filmography and index.

Celluloid Comrades

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    Song Hwee Lim
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    University of Hawaii Press

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