Behind Barbed Wire
Behind Barbed Wire: Chinese New Villages During The Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960. This unique book revisits the moment in the Malayan Emergency when some 500,000 women, children and men, all mostly rural Chinese, were uprooted from their homes and moved into new settlements, guarded day and night by police and troops. Today, Tan Teng Phee rewrites the history of the Emergency, exposing the voices of those at the heart of this lauded 'social experiment'. Highlighting the disciplinary aims of British policy, as well as the ways in which villagers resisted this discipline through 'weapons of the weak', this book forms a unique history from below of the Malayan Emergency, and of a resettlement programme which shaped the social and geographical landscape of Malaysia for generations to come.

Behind Barbed Wire

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    Tan Teng Phee
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    Strategic Info Research Development

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