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Bali 1964 to 2009
Bali 1964 to 2009: The Shadows that Dance In and Out of My Memory. A young New Zealander leaves Palmerston North to travel with her Balinese husband and 13-month old daughter to Indonesia in 1964. They are held at gunpoint at Jakarta airport on arrival. Unable to cash in their pound sterling travellers cheques due to the countrys anti-capitalist stance, they struggle to finance their onward journey. Finally arriving in Bali, they live with her husbands noble family and Jan must adjust to the ways of the palace. The 1965 coup sets all hell loose. Jans personal story unlocks memories of turbulent times, mystifying black magic intrigues, and recalls days of pioneering tourism in Bali.

Bali 1964 to 2009

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    Mantjika, Jan
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