Bahasa: A Guide to Malay Languages
Bahasa: A Guide to Malay Languages - Banjar Bawean Buginese Javanese Malay Minangkabau Slitar and Tagalog. This work explains common Malay words and their equivalent meanings in eight Nusantara languages of the Malay Archipelago: Banjar, Bawean, Buginese, Javanese, Malay, Minangkabau, Slitar, Tagalog. Personal anecdotes by the author and charming illustrations are framed by a brief history of the Malay peoples, thereby offering a unique lesson and experience of these eight ethnic groups. As the presence of these languages continues to diminish in everyday conversations, this book hopes to revive interest in these languages and preserve the knowledge for the future generations.

Bahasa: A Guide to Malay Languages

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    Hidayah Amin
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    Helang Books

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