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And the Sun Pursued the Moon: Symbolic Knowledge and Traditional Authority Among the Makassar. This is an anthropologist's exploration of the relationship between symbolic knowledge and royal authority traditions in the Makassar kingdom, which was one of the significant raiding-and-trading maritime kingdoms of the Java Sea from c. 600-1600 CE. Contemporary anthropological theory is applied in the discussion of myths, sages and symbolic and ideological features, and life patterns - including long distance sailing, rice cultivation and trading in forest produce - of the often-turbulent Makassar kingdom. There is discussion of the use of royal rituals and regalia in power play; rebellions against the Dutch East India Company, and 20th-century Dutch colonial rule; the role of Islam; persisting symbolic rituals; and of the complexity of competing models in the present day and recent past. With bibliography and index.

And the Sun Pursued the Moon

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    Gibson, Thomas
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    University of Hawaii Press

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