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Chow Chee Yong is one of only three Singaporeans to have their photographic prints acquired by Japan's prestigious Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Yamanashi. This black-and-white photography book has everything to do with making the impossible possible. It showcases surrealistic images that defy our notions of conventional perceptions, e.g. a swimmer freestyles through a ripped fence, another swimmer surfaces to inhale air in a strip of water in a building corridor; windows emerge in the midst of a field; building columns taper off into buttress roots etc. These juxtaposed images fragmented of time and spaces remain absolutely true to the artist's imagination. He had to overcome the limits of realism, in surrealist fashion, to construct uncanny, sometimes bizarre images which hint at fantastical realms, urging us to re-shape our own frontiers and boundaries.

30th Feb

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    Chow Chee Yong
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