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Unequal Thailand: Aspects Of Income, Wealth And PowerUnequal Thailand: Aspects Of Income, Wealth And Power by Pasuk Phongpaichit & Chris Baker (Eds.)

Extreme inequalities in income, wealth and power lie behind Thailand's political turmoil. What are the sources of this inequality? Why does it persist, or even increase when the economy grows? The contributors to this important study Thai scholars, reformers and civil servants shed light on the many dimensions of inequality in Thailand, looking beyond simple income measures to consider land ownership, education, finance, business structures and politics. The contributors propose a series of reforms in taxation, spending and institutional reform that can address growing inequality.

Ecstasy Of The DeepEcstasy Of The Deep by Buxton, Tony

The astonishing autobiography of an Englishman who spent his whole life chasing his dreams. Most of them were either underwater exploring far off unknown reefs in Asia and the Pacific or living it up with the rich and famous who shared his passion for diving. Tony Buxton's charmed life takes him from the French Riviera and Rome in its 1950s and 1960s heydays to years operating an underwater tourism business in idyllic Ceylon. Later, he finds himself in Singapore, where his diving expertise combines with a nose for business, and he builds up thriving enterprises that re-invent the commercial diving industry. There he befriends Malaysian royals with whom he developed a passion for the sport of polo. Tony Buxton's tale from the deep is one for adventurers and lovers of travel, a story that takes them to exotic, unspoilt locations that today no longer exist.

Do You Remember Your First Blow Job?Do You Remember Your First Blow Job? by Conn, Thomas

Tasted like shit, didn't it? Adult Joke Book Includes: Why Men Are Never Depressed Zen Teachings Budget Old Man Little Boys Student Apology To Blondes! Immigrants News Gorilla Buttercups & Golf Balls Master Card Wedding Woman in Coma A Cop Ecstasy Elderly Man Hangover Subject: Abdul Subject: New Panties Priest's Retirement Speech Murphy Hospital Chicken Racism Taxi Paddy Sisters Commuter Terrorists The Muslims Are Not Happy!

Living In Chiang MaiLiving In Chiang Mai by Gunn, Alexander

After moving from the safety of middle class rural life in England, Alex and his family come to terms with living in Chiang Mai. It's a little bit different. Well, to be honest with you, it's about as different as having a nice quiet country walk and then deciding to see what it's like to go ten rounds in the Saturday Night No Holds Barred Cage Fight Slaughterhouse Rumble hosted by the Creative Breaking legend Iron Knuckles Kane. It is excruciatingly different, and anybody who tells you otherwise is simply lying or well adjusted. Alex bumbles through another year treading prawns into the British Ambassadors carpet, unwittingly befriending The Triads, getting mixed up with the shadowy underworld of Chiang Mai's Water Bandits and ending up in Chiang Mai's police station.

Perfect Presenter: The Fundamental Strategies And Techniques Of Highly Effective PresentersPerfect Presenter: The Fundamental Strategies And Techniques Of Highly Effective Presenters by Marks, Paul

Tips, strategies and techniques to becoming an outstanding presenter! In this comprehensive book, presentation expert Paul Marks shares a wealth of information, knowledge, and wisdom on how to give exciting, colorful, and unforgettable presentations. Drawing from years of experience in doing his own presentations, as well as inspiring his fellow presenters, Marks examines numerous facets of what makes presentations succeed, what makes them fail, how best to prepare for them, and more. An essential guide for presenters across all fields and demographics, this will arm you with golden preparation and aid you in bringing the house down.

Bangkok Cowboys, TheBangkok Cowboys, The by Lewis, Alexander

Based on true events, this is a gritty, straight talking tale with dashes of unique northern humour in parts, bringing to life the astonishing journey of two working class men; how they struggled working the streets in the rag trade throughout the North East of England. After being held down by higher forces, they eventually get a break in the used-clothing industry using their wits and determination and become successful exporters into Eastern Europe. Striking up a friendship with their new Eastern European buyers, they soon realise that things are not all that they seem, and they are foolishly drawn into the paranoid world of trafficking cocaine out of England. Being overwhelmed by their new found wealth takes them on a path to the hedonistic world of Thailand's red light districts. They then team up with an ex-Liverpool bouncer living in Bangkok for their most daring plan of the whole operation.

Dr Porntip Rojanasunan: No Bones UnturnedDr Porntip Rojanasunan: No Bones Unturned by

Dr Porntip Rojanasunan is Thailand's most famous forensic scientist. Nicknamed 'Dr Death' by the mass media, her findings often contradicted those of the Thai police, leading to numerous clashes between the two. In this book, Dr Porntip delves into some of her most well-known cases, including the grisly murder of medical student Jenjira Ploy-angunsri, the mysterious disappearance of Thai-Muslim human rights activist Khun Somchai Neelapaijit, and the death of Malaysian political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

Deciphering Southern Thailand's Violence: Organization And Insurgent Practices OfDeciphering Southern Thailand's Violence: Organization And Insurgent Practices Of by Helbardt, Sascha

Scholars have given questions about the perpetrators of nameless violence in Southern Thailand little consideration, leaving the motives that drive Barisan Revolusi Nasional heavily cloaked in secrecy and speculation. This book offers a rare glimpse behind the veil that shrouds BRN-Coordinate. Using exclusive access to and detailed interviews with BRN-Coordinate members, this book analyses the communicative dimension of the insurgency. It depicts the hidden channels and organized violence that drive the regions enduring rebellion as well as BRN's dichotomous existence between silence and communication.

Modern Thai House: Innovative Design In Tropical AsiaModern Thai House: Innovative Design In Tropical Asia by Powell, Robert; Albert Lim (Photo.)

With rich photography and insightful commentary, this Thai architecture and interior design book showcases some of the finest modern masterpieces in Southeast Asia. The houses in this book are readily accessible from Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiangmai. They reflect a wide variety of concerns and solutions, such as: sustainability; responses to climate; strategies for cooling with minimal electricity; openness versus security in a large metropolis such as Bangkok; cultural sensitivity and responsiveness, as evidenced in a "three-generation house," built for a society in which the extended family is still prevalent; and cultural memory, as in the use of elements such as pilings, verandahs, and steeply pitched roofs with large overhangs that echo traditional Thai designs.

Thai Cooking Made Easy: Delectable Thai Meals In MinutesThai Cooking Made Easy: Delectable Thai Meals In Minutes by

From fiery hot soups to tangy seafood dishes, this book captures the savory tastes and heavenly flavors of Thai cuisine. Step-by-step recipes show you how to make evergreen Thai dishes such as tom yam soup, pineapple fried rice, and jub chai. More than 60 full-color photographs bring each dish to life on the page, with flavorful sauces, delicious salads, tempting main dishes and sinful deserts making this the perfect introduction to Thai cuisine.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #13: Crown Property Bureau In Thailand And Its Role In Political EconomyTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #13: Crown Property Bureau In Thailand And Its Role In Political Economy by Porphant Ouyyanont

The Crown Property Bureau has long been ignored in Thai economic literature. However, the Bureau is a huge conglomerate and holding company, with an income in excess of 10 billion baht, and with links throughout the economy. It is also the largest landholder in the country. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 had a significant effect on the financial position of the CPB. The CPB has been instrumental in developing and financing many royal projects, including those relating to the king's "sufficiency economy" philosophy.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #11: Democracy Thwarted: The Crisis Of Political Authority In ThailandTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #11: Democracy Thwarted: The Crisis Of Political Authority In Thailand by Keyes, Charles

The coup in Thailand of 22 May 2014, led by General Prayuth Chan-ocha, ended the country's latest attempt to establish a democratic political order. This coup was but the latest intervention by the Thai military dating at least to the 1950s to prevent any true democratic system developing in Thailand. The 2014 coup was intended to ensure, as a previous coup in 2006 had not succeeded in doing, that the populist challenge to despotic paternalism was ended once and for all. The strong criticisms of the proposed new constitution that would ensure the perpetuation of authoritarian rule may make such rule untenable, but perhaps may also lead to more political turmoil in the kingdom of no longer smiling Thai.

Siam Through The Lens Of John Thomson 1865-66, Including Angkor And Coastal ChinaSiam Through The Lens Of John Thomson 1865-66, Including Angkor And Coastal China by Paisarn Piemmettawat, J Bautz Et Al (Text)

Legendary Scottish photographer and travel writer John Thomson (1837-1921) set off for the East in 1862 and over the next ten years undertook numerous journeys to various countries including Siam, Cambodia and China, becoming the first person to photograph Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The photographs from these journeys form one of the most extensive records of any region taken in the 19th century. These photographs form a unique archive of images documenting 19th century Asian landscapes, architecture, people and customs. The collection of over 600 glass plates travelled back with Thomson to Britain in 1872 and since 1921 has been housed and expertly preserved at the Wellcome Library, London. The 150-year-old glass negatives are in excellent condition allowing the exhibition to showcase very large prints, some life-size.

Home Thoughts From A ManHome Thoughts From A Man by Ogilvie, Daniel

In this quirky memoir, join our titular hero and his stalwart wife when, after 40 years of living in the UK, he uproots and travels through Singapore, Canada and finally Thailand, taking on all the world can throw at him. And losing.

50 Great Curries Of Thailand50 Great Curries Of Thailand by Vatcharin Bhumichtr

From well-known favourites such as Green Curry to regional specialities like Gaeng Gai Chian Rai and Stuffed Curry Mussels, top Thai chef Vatcharin Bhumichitr presents 50 of Thailand's best curries. The gorgeous photographs and useful hints and tips help you dive straight into cooking your own authentic curries at home.

Pattaya Property And Thailand's Real Estate How To Buy Thai Condominiums, Apartment Homes And VillasPattaya Property And Thailand's Real Estate How To Buy Thai Condominiums, Apartment Homes And Villas by Pendrell, Nick

For most visitors, one trip to Pattaya is not enough - many dream of either relocating to the city permanently or buying a second home here to escape the winter blues. Until recently, purchasing freehold real estate in Thailand was impossible. But following an amendment to the Condominium Act in 2008, it's now possible for anyone to buy a condominium in Thailand. In this book, overseas property expert Nick Pendrell provides a detailed, but easy to read, buyer's guide for anyone interested in purchasing real estate in Pattaya. It will take you through the buying process from start to finish, helping you to select your perfect property for the best possible price, avoiding any potential pitfalls along the way.

You'll Never Walk Alone: A True Story About The You'll Never Walk Alone: A True Story About The "Bangkok Hilton" by Singh, Debbie

Updated edition of a true story about the 'Bangkok Hilton'. Debbie Singh's life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to 10 years in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok for attempting to cash false travellers cheques. The severity of the sentence shocked Singh, who set of to Bangkok to support him and later to locate his Thai born son. Appalled by the horrendous circumstances she found him in, she started to campaign to have him transferred to an Australian jail. This campaign changed her life forever. With great honesty and heart, this book tells the story of Singh's great determination and strength in the face of adversity, and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tail.

Americans In ThailandAmericans In Thailand by Algie, Jim; Denis Gray; Jeff Hodson Et Al

They brought the printing press and telescopes, religious fervour and medical innovations; they advised the monarchs and then based their operations there for a controversial war. Americans in Thailand is the story of one of the world's most fascinating foreign communities. Beginning with the first American to step foot on Siamese soil in the early 1800s and covering the growth of the community from the early traders and missionaries through the Vietnam-war era, the illustrated title explores the colorful and compelling impact Americans have had on this Southeast Asian nation.

Exploring Bangkok: An Architectural And Historical GuidebookExploring Bangkok: An Architectural And Historical Guidebook by Ward, Robin

This book has eight tours, some walkable, others by skytrain, metro and Chao Phraya riverboat, which make sense of the city's complexity and reveal its variety of outstanding buildings, from the breathtaking to the bizarre. This is the perfect companion for curious visitors, architectural enthusiasts, designers and residents.

Scenes Of Thailand: A Watercolour AlbumScenes Of Thailand: A Watercolour Album by Hsu, Edric

This new collection of watercolours offers readers a visual tour of Thailand's buildings and neighbourhoods as well as scenes from daily life. Artist Edric Hsu has captured in vibrant colour the rich culture and heritage of Thailand. From the ancient city of Ayutthaya to the modern skyscrapers of Bangkok; from the unique floating markets to popular weekend haunts such as Chatuchak; from Thai massage to Muay Thai boxing and the colourful Tuk-tuk taxis; from Bejarong porcelain to Thai silk and other craft; you can find it within the pages of this book along with dishes such as Pad Thai, Som Tom and Tom Yum Kung. This is a veritable A-to-Z gallery of all things Thai, presented in an attractive watercolour format. The handy size makes it an ideal souvenir for tourists and visitors of their trip to Thailand or a beautiful gift for those back at home.