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Tze Peng: Songs From The Heart by Ho Sou Ping, Ma Peiyi & Diana Lee

Cultural Medallion recipient Lim Tze Peng has been writing and painting for over 6 decades. He has amassed a diverse portfolio that traverses various mediums, and is most known for his nostalgic compositions of Old Singapore scenes as well as highly stylised series of Chinese calligraphy. Featuring over 50 colour plates and a series of short essays, this volume traces the veteran artist's unyielding devotion and innovative stylistic breakthroughs in the field of Chinese calligraphy.

Little Singapore Cookbook, TheLittle Singapore Cookbook, The by Hutton, Wendy

The Little Singapore Cookbook offers tried and tested recipes from renowned food writer, Wendy Hutton, for some of the nation's best-loved foods. Among this selection are the ubiquitous Singapore Chicken Rice, succulent Chilli Crab and irresistible noodle dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Fried Hokkien Mee and the famous spicy noodle soup, Laksa Lemak. Clearly explained recipes ensure that any home cook can produce authentic and delicious Singapore food to share with friends and family.

Common Lines And City Spaces: A Critical Anthology On Arthur YapCommon Lines And City Spaces: A Critical Anthology On Arthur Yap by Gui Weihsin (Ed.)

This collection of essays on the Singaporean writer and artist Arthur Yap is dedicated to his multifaceted creative work and makes it accessible to both general and academic readers. It features new and innovative essays on Yap's prose, poetry and paintings by an international group of scholars and critics. The essays approach Yap's work through literary and analytical methods drawn from postcolonial criticism, ecocriticism, studies of urban spaces, visual art and sexuality, with particular consideration for how his work contributes to a specifically Singaporean form of postcolonial critique.

Images Of Gardens By The BayImages Of Gardens By The Bay by Go, Bernard (Photos)

Images of Gardens by the Bay is the definitive collection of photographs of the lively Bay South Garden showcasting the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. The highlights of Bay South Garden include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories as well as the Supertree Grove. Filled with stunning photographs Images of Gardens by the Bay captures the Gardens from dawn to dusk and into the night, presenting lush landscaped panoramas, close-ups of flora as well as dramatic structures with specialised integrated lighting effects.

Cook Chinese With Chef Kt: Step-By-Step Cooking For All OccasionsCook Chinese With Chef Kt: Step-By-Step Cooking For All Occasions by Yeo Kian Tion

Chef KT ran a private fine dining restaurant, and is often featured in Asian newspapers and magazines. He is now also a familiar voice on radio, sharing innovative recipes and his inspiration behind them on his radio show. In Cook Chinese with Chef KT, he shares a tantalising collection of Chinese dishes, including aromatic golden brown crispy skin chicken served with lemon pepper-salt, succulent tiger prawns coated with a luscious salted egg yolk sauce, refreshing Teochew cold crabs served with a piquant kumquat sauce and chewy glutinous rice dumplings coated with fragrant crushed roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. With an introduction to basic cooking techniques, clear step-by-step instructions and cooking and food presentation tips, even novice cooks will be inspired.

In The Present: Ho Ho YingIn The Present: Ho Ho Ying by Tan, Bridget Tracy

Known as Singapore's pioneering artist of the modern art movement and an influential art critic, this exhibition traces the artistic journey of Ho Ho Ying from the 1950s to 2011, featuring over 80 pieces of artwork including early sketches and paintings in oil, acrylic and Chinese ink. Ho Ho Ying (b. 1936) came to Singapore from Hainan to join his father in 1942, at the beginning of World War II. He did not receive any formal art training except art lessons from pioneer artists Liu Kang and Chen Wen Hsi at The Chinese High School where he was enrolled in till 1955. It was from these two masters that he learnt Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, as well as the Western traditions of oil, acrylic and watercolour painting. Ho would go on to forge his own identity as a Nanyang artist with paintings that combined the sensibilities of both East and West. 'Ho Ho Ying - Present' is the artist's latest solo show in a decade. This is the first large-scale exhibition which looks back at the artist's milestones and transformational periods beginning from a young art student to the established artist he is today. A collection of pencil sketches is exhibited for the first time and provides a glimpse into his art training of drawing from observation.

Joie De Vivre: Chen Cheng MeiJoie De Vivre: Chen Cheng Mei by Tan, Bridget Tracy

Chen Cheng Mei (also known as Tan Seah Boey) was born in 1927 and studied western painting at NAFA from 1949 to 1954 where she was taught by, among others, the academy's founding principal Lim Hak Tai and pioneer artist Cheong Soo Pieng. She was also keen to improve her line-work and took to studying calligraphy with Chui Ta Tee for six years. She is known for her richly coloured oil paintings and prints, many of which document her sojourns around the world. She was one of the founding members of the Ten-Men Art Group whose roots emerged when she looked beyond the island for new subject matter and themes, gathering others to join her on these exploratory art journeys. The group travelled extensively to the Southeast Asian region and further to India and China in the 1960s and early 1970s, covering places such as Malaysia, Java, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei and Miri. After Chen left the Ten-Men Group in the late 1970s, she persisted in her artistic endeavours which took her as far as the Pacific Islands, Africa, and USA. 'Joie de Vivre' is Chen Cheng Mei's fourth solo exhibition. It showcases more than 40 works of oil paintings and sketches spanning more than half a century from 1954 to 2005.

Chicken Cha Cha: I Want A Puppy Too!Chicken Cha Cha: I Want A Puppy Too! by Phang, Anna; Debbi P. (Illus.)

Chicken Cha Cha wants a puppy for all the wrong reasons. He thinks that owning a pet is an easy task. Can he handle the responsibilities that come with it? The stories in the series feature catchy dialogues and lively illustrations - perfect for reading aloud and role-playing. Fall in love with these adorable characters as they brave through a series of adventures with their ingenious ideas.

Chicken Cha Cha: I Have Constipation!Chicken Cha Cha: I Have Constipation! by Phang, Anna; Debbi P. (Illus.)

Chicken Cha Cha is unwell, to be precise, he is suffering from constipation! Sofie and Fi Fi brainstorm ways to help solve his embarrassing problem. What creative ways can you come up with? The stories in the series feature catchy dialogues and lively illustrations - perfect for reading aloud and role-playing. Fall in love with these adorable characters as they brave through a series of adventures with their ingenious ideas.

Chicken Cha Cha: I Don't Want To Wash My Hands!Chicken Cha Cha: I Don't Want To Wash My Hands! by Phang, Anna; Debbi P. (Illus.)

Germs? You must be kidding! There are no such things as germs! That's what the unhygienic Chicken Cha Cha thought until it was seriously and utterly too late! The stories in the series feature catchy dialogues and lively illustrations - perfect for reading aloud and role-playing. Fall in love with these adorable characters as they brave through a series of adventures with their ingenious ideas.

My Mother SaysMy Mother Says by

Old Wives' Tales exist in every culture and are so common that sometimes are taken as the truth, or rather accepted and followed despite their usually incredulous nature. My Mother Says… is a book documenting old wives tales captured in short quotes and light-hearted photography. These tales have probably been told to us so many times yet the logic behind some of them is overshadowed by their incredulous nature. It is created to be a collection that many can relate to and to spark conversation or reminiscence amongst family and friends. These tales have been collected from the different races of Singapore. We hope that people are able to relive their versions of stories and memories of these tales and as well enjoy the tales of other cultures.

Buy My Beloved CountryBuy My Beloved Country by Lee Chiu San

In this novel, so chillingly plausible that Singaporeans will argue about it for years to come, Lee Chiu San, a former journalist who found a more fulfilling career as a car dealer, examines the relationship between a country and its citizens. Are the ties that bind them purely financial or more emotionally deep-rooted? How will Singaporeans change the course of world history?

Certain Exposure, ACertain Exposure, A by Tan, Jolene

Satirical and sympathetic, political and personal, A Certain Exposure traces the adolescences of twin brothers Andrew and Brian, culminating in the explosive events leading to Andrew's tragic death. This is a classic coming-of-age tale doubled across two vividly individual brothers, who struggle to navigate a complex tangle of relationships and coercive forces, cinematically interwoven with the yearnings and fears of an ensemble of mothers, fathers, cousins, friends and lovers both false and true. This wide-ranging debut beautifully presents the resonances and the ghosts of lost possibilities, as well as a gripping story of hope and betrayal.

Only The Best: The Ieat, Ishoot, Ipost Guide To Singapore's Shiokest Hawker FoodOnly The Best: The Ieat, Ishoot, Ipost Guide To Singapore's Shiokest Hawker Food by Tay, Leslie

From Bedok to Beo Crescent, Jalan Sultan to Joo Chiat, celebrity food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay and his merry band of ieat foodies have spread out across the island in search of the most drool-worthy hawker food Singapore has to offer. Their quest for hawker food paradise, plus Dr. Tay's stunning food photographs, is documented in this blogbuster, capturing more than half a decade's worth of eating, shooting and posting. This is Singapore's ultimate insider's guide to hawker food-the only one you'll ever need or want!

Singapore Sucks!Singapore Sucks! by Singa Crew (Ed.)

Through an eclectic collection of short stories, essays and poems, Singapore Sucks! Is a bouquet of sarcasm, humour, and insolent honesty and the discerning reader may even recognise a hint of patriotic fervour.

Beyond The Tea Dance: The Story Of Singapore Sixties Music - Vol. 2Beyond The Tea Dance: The Story Of Singapore Sixties Music - Vol. 2 by Pereira, Joseph C.

This is the second volume of Joseph Pereira's comprehensive survey of the Singapore pop music scene in the 1960s. The second half of the sixties saw seismic shifts in the global music scene. In Singapore, newer breed of bands was coming to the fore, many with outlandish names. Tea dances became increasingly popular. Discotheques started sprouting up to cater to a new hip crowd. Pop Yeh Yeh, which had always been active alongside the mainstream pop music scene, came into its own with many releases. Singapore bands were very active playing the British services circuit and in Vietnam. But, as the decade drew to a close, several pivotal events signalled the end of this glorious era for Singapore pop music. Beyond the Tea Dance examines in rich detail all the major bands and singers in this turbulent period.

Thinking Of Landscape: Paintings From The Yeap Lam Yang CollectionThinking Of Landscape: Paintings From The Yeap Lam Yang Collection by Yeap Lam Yang

Thinking of Landscape presents a visual expedition through place and time. It traces a collector's journey of over 25 years, bringing together a selection of sixty works by artists from Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan and Australia. It explores ways in which individual artists have drawn inspiration from the landscape subject, probing its formal, emotional, and conceptual potential. The painting traditions of East and West, and different generations of artists meet in this diverse collection, allowing us to map relationships between artistic practices, and between the collector and his collection.

Adventures Of Max And Ritchie, TheAdventures Of Max And Ritchie, The by Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme 2014 Team

Max is a self-centred boy who dislike the outdoors. One day, his parents bring him to the forest for a walk, where he finds himself separated from them and plunged into its very depth. He meets many different plants and animals and is shown the true beauty of nature. This book is centred around an actual trail in the MacRitchie forest, and will enrich children's knowledge of our local flora and fauna, and inspire a passion for nature and the outdoors.

Singapore Sucks! (Second Volume)Singapore Sucks! (Second Volume) by Singa Crew (Ed.)

This is a follow-up volume to a collection of short stories, essays and poems about Singapore and its idiosyncrasies.

Passion For Landscapes: The Watercolour Art Of Ong Kim SengPassion For Landscapes: The Watercolour Art Of Ong Kim Seng by

In an artistic journey spanning over five decades, Ong Kim Seng's evolution as an artist is gradual and confident, and the series of works dating to the different periods of his practice no doubt attest to that. Passion for Landscapes lends itself as a modest compilation of the tremendous life journey and aesthetic accomplishments made by this dedicated artist whose technical mastery and uncompromising passion for landscape painting has certainly inspired many, and will continue to inspire more art lovers in years to come.