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Comet In Our Sky: Lim Chin Siong In History (New Edition)Comet In Our Sky: Lim Chin Siong In History (New Edition) by Poh Soo Kai (Ed.)

Lim Chim Siong was the most prominent left-wing leader in Singapore for a decade until he was eliminated from the political scene by the infamous Operation Coldstore on February 2, 1963. This book is an account of Lim's significance in Singapore's political developments in the decade preceding. It also contains tributes by his friends and colleagues in Singapore and Malaysia. This new edition features an essay by Dr Poh Soo Kai and an extract from Lim's posthumous manuscripts. It will redefine the debate on the post-war history of both countries and the legacy of continuing political repression in them.

Story Of Cheong Soo Pieng, TheStory Of Cheong Soo Pieng, The by Ho Sou Ping

This is the first bilingual publication on the life and art of revered art master, Cheong Soo Pieng. A pioneer of the Nanyang art movement and an eminent figure in the development of fine art in Singapore, Cheong Soo Pieng (b. 1917 - 1983) is widely regarded as one of the most prolific artists of his generation. The book contains up to 200 artwork illustrations, including a large number of never-been-seen works in various private collections. Apart from discussing Soo Pieng's multifaceted practice, the content has been chronologically outlined to help readers understand the diverse styles that emerged and were synthesized during the different periods of the artist's career.

Singapore's Heritage Through Places Of Historical Interest (Revised And Updated)Singapore's Heritage Through Places Of Historical Interest (Revised And Updated) by Samuel, Dhoraisingam S.

Updated edition of the 1991 illustrated commentary on selected buildings and sites of historical interest to Singaporeans and visitors. Photographs with historical notes and informal comments or anecdotes are given for some 180 of Singapore's well known or less-noticed buildings, monuments and sites. This is the hardcover version.

Eden's Adventure At The Forgotten FortEden's Adventure At The Forgotten Fort by

Eden thinks Labrador Park is going to be a boring place - a quiet, lonely and abandoned space. However, the more time she spends there, the more she wants to know. What creatures can grow in this forgotten glade? The park hides many untold stories, with its battered old guns blazing past victories and glories. With newfound friends, Eden sets off to explore, crossing hill and dale to reach sea and shore.

Walking In Great-Grandpa's TracksWalking In Great-Grandpa's Tracks by

This is a story about the old railway line that ran from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands and then onwards to Malaysia. Ethan travels back in time, and goes on a magical journey with his great-grandfather, who was the Station Master at Bukit Timah Railway Station. Through his great-grandfather, Ethan learns about the history of the railway and the many creatures which have long called Singapore home. Ethan discovers that many of these animals, such as birds, butterflies, snakes and other insects, can still be found all around him.

Boar At My Door, ABoar At My Door, A by

In this book, we follow the journey of Finn - a young boy whose love for his beloved pet wild boar, Billy, led him to return it to its home in the forests. While they are rarely sighted today, wild boars are actually native to tropical Singapore. They were spotted around our island from as far back as the late 19th century. Journey with him as he tries to find his family, meeting awesome new friends and also a fearsome foe along his way.

Corridor: 12 Short Stories by Alfian Sa'at

Corridor is a collection of short stories all set in present-day Singapore. With unsentimental clarity and heartbreaking honesty, Alfian Sa'at writes about HDB dwellers - students, housewives and factory workers, whose lives begin to unravel once they discover that happiness is a fragile thing in a country obsessed with progress and success. The characters in each story find themselves in situations that offer them a ticket to hope and change: A video camera transforms the way a resentful daughter sees her widowed mother. A married couple receives free holiday tickets just when their luck seems to have run out. A girl encounters a transvestite on an MRT train ride who tells her that she looks like a famous singer. And a man enters a discotheque after a bitter divorce and re-learns the terror of falling in love all over again. Rich in authentic detail, with a sensitive ear for the vernacular, Corridor paints an elegiac, revealing portrait of contemporary Singaporeans who exist along the city's corridors - haunted by lost loves, irrevocable childhoods and a deep longing to be free. Corridor won the Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award in 1998.

Conversations With Lee Kuan Yew: Citizen Singapore - How To Build A Nation (New Foreword & Epilogue)Conversations With Lee Kuan Yew: Citizen Singapore - How To Build A Nation (New Foreword & Epilogue) by Plate, Tom

Lee Kuan Yew was anything but a coaster, giving it all he had until the very end. And when his long and exceptional life came to its natural end in March 2015, at 91, the outpouring of respect was worldwide. Drawing on interviews with LKY in the 1990s and 2000s, author, journalist and professor Tom Plate pieces together the driven personality and relentless pragmatism of one of the most outstanding leaders of the last half of the 20th century.

Rainforest In A CityRainforest In A City by Chua Ee Kiam

This book showcases the habitats and unique biodiversity of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve . Featuring 477 images, it provides interesting details of more than 200 species of animals and more than 80 species of plants. The book highlights many species that have rarely, if ever, been photographed before.

Animal CityAnimal City by Nair, Marc

Step into a magical world of poems written by Marc Nair with extraordinary illustrations by Vanessa Chan. Animal City is a celebration of little stories from animals commonly found in Singapore, from ubiquitious pigeons and frogs to 'sotongs' (squid) and even the Merlion.

Founding Fathers: Great Singapore StoriesFounding Fathers: Great Singapore Stories by

What do we know of the Singapore story today? We often tend to dismiss the past as dry history, a list of dates or milestones of events. How many people actually know: the huge effort to relocate our people from farms to flats; the secretive efforts to build Singapore's defence force; Singapore's industrialisation drive - once called "Goh's folly"? Founding Fathers is a handy series featuring 10 must-know individuals who were at the beginning of the Great Adventure of Independent Singapore. It offers a comprehensive guide for busy readers. Hear their words. Read insiders' comments. Get a glimpse of their lives through pictures and cartoons. Understand their legacy

Our Modern Past: A Visual Survey Of Singapore Architecture 1920S-1970S by Ho Weng Hin; Dinesh Naidu; Tan Kar Lin

It is not obvious to many that Singapore boasts an exemplary modernist architectural legacy. Built during the mid-twentieth century, these structures were the result of progressive, even utopic, impulses to shape a new society - a vision of the future, built to last. But that future turned out to be startlingly short-lived. Relentless development is rapidly depleting the built heritage of the nation-building period in particular, which is relatively less well studied or protected. The Singapore Heritage Society's decade-long project, Our Modern Past, constitutes a sustained effort to document the city-state's modern heritage, promote appreciation of this architecture, and present a case for its selective conservation. The first of two volumes, Our Modern Past: A Visual Survey of Singapore Architecture 1920s-1970s provides a photographic guide organised into three parts: interwar period (1919-1942), post-war years (1945-1965), and post-independence (1966-1980). Each part begins with a survey of that period's architectural elements, illustrating how locally typical modern expressions of form, type, materiality, and detail have been shaped by their contexts. feature buildings then complete each part, providing a closer look at definitive works that capture the times. The book contains a total of 649 photographs, 34 elements, and 44 feature buildings, including several that have since been demolished.

Quaint Quarterly Issue #02: ProgressQuaint Quarterly Issue #02: Progress by Gonzalez, Jonathan (Ed.)

Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal curating curiosities from the four corners of the web. Primarily focused on long-form articles and eye-catching illustrations, all the content is handpicked for readers who want to read challenging and insightful materials in a well-crafted format. Issue #02 includes the work of writers and visual artists who greatly contributed to imagining the future, be it from a literary standpoint - science fiction - or from an institutional perspective. From new modes of transport and communication machines to transformed social norms, these thinkers defied the unwritten laws of academia and the known limitations of technology to envision countless advances that would, for better or for worse, completely change the way we live.

Luminous Depths: A Contemporary Project On The MuseumLuminous Depths: A Contemporary Project On The Museum by Lee Mingwei; Alan Chong

This book chronicles, through photographs and an extended interview with the artist, an installation at the Peranakan Museum. Artist Lee Mingwei that explored issues of archaeology, memory, connoisseurship, and rebirth in this work of art that invited visitor participation. Lee's creation was inspired by his first visit to the museum: upon entering, he recalled his grandparents' home, where light cascading from the skylight, sounds, and aromas coming from different floors, "became a sort of multisensory symphony in my mind".

Grinn Brothers: Oh God, Father And MoreGrinn Brothers: Oh God, Father And More by Alagan, Eric

In this collection of stories, the Grinn twins proffer their words of wisdom on children's fairy tales, marriage, sex and fidelity. The Godfather and Lord of the Rings legends suffer the Brothers' brand of humour. Besides the original stories, the Brothers Grinn also review and respond to comments from all over the world. The responses are often tongue-in-cheek and irreverent.

Brothers Grinn: Humour, Parody And SatireBrothers Grinn: Humour, Parody And Satire by Alagan, Eric

This is the second book in the Brothers Grinn series of collection of stories. The twins proffer their unique brand of humour on issues such as family values and children's fairy tales. They also offer their words of wisdom - nothing offensive or distasteful - on animal welfare, love, sex, marriage and the environment. Safety helmets and seat belts on - enjoy the ride - and enjoy the laughs.

Journey In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao HuaJourney In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao Hua by

To record the artist's 40 years' journey in painting, this book is published on the occasion of Journey in Art: Retrospective Exhibition by Fan Shao Hua, organised by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, from 21 March - 8 April 2015. This richly illustrated publication contains extensive writing from art critics, and includes many pages of artworks from the artist's early works as well as his sketches and paintings in various mediums and themes.

Journey In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao HuaJourney In Art: Retrospective Exhibition By Fan Shao Hua by

To record the artist's 40 years' journey in painting, this book is published on the occasion of Journey in Art: Retrospective Exhibition by Fan Shao Hua, organised by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, from 21 March - 8 April 2015. This richly illustrated publication contains extensive writing from art critics, and includes many pages of artworks from the artist's early works as well as his sketches and paintings in various mediums and themes.

Teacher Thinker Rebel Why? Portraits Of Chee Soon JuanTeacher Thinker Rebel Why? Portraits Of Chee Soon Juan by

This book attempts to present the real side of the SDP leader the Singaporean public seldom reads and hears about. Ten contributors, including Joshua Chiang, Joshua Chiang, Constance Singam, Sir Graham Watson and Wong Souk Yee, have come together to tell us the Dr Chee they know.

Singapore Business Gurus Volume 3Singapore Business Gurus Volume 3 by Ali, Liana (Ed.)

This third book in the Singapore Business Gurus series features another era of new-breed entrepreneurs - bosses of small and medium-sized enterprises. The life journeys and success stories that they share in this volume will be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs young and old.