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Colours Of Ageing: 30 Years Of Research On The Mental Health Of The Singapore ElderlyColours Of Ageing: 30 Years Of Research On The Mental Health Of The Singapore Elderly by

Ageing is not all grey. This book explores the minds of a generation who survived the Second World War and witnessed the dramatic rise of Singapore from third world to first. The 30 years of research on the mental health of the Singapore elderly is a tapestry of myriad colours of people from different ethnicities, cultures and social hierarchies. This book documents the social transformation of medical research, from epidemiological surveys to interventional studies of translational relevance, with the tagline "preventive medicine in the community by the community for the community". This book, a distillate of five epidemiological studies, is written from a longitudinal perspective, viewed through the lens of time by a doctor who conducted the research with his team. It will interest not only health professionals and policy makers but also the elderly, family caregivers and young people - just about everyone!

Faith Ng: Plays Volume OneFaith Ng: Plays Volume One by Ng, Faith; Ho, Lucas (Ed.)

This collection gathers together eight compelling plays by Checkpoint Theatre's Associate Artist Faith Ng. This includes Normal (2015), a stark look at the education system which played to a sold-out audience, and For Better or for Worse (2013) and wo(men) (2010), critically acclaimed plays which offer unflinching portraits of how families can build up and break down individuals. Shorter plays and collaborations with a diverse range of theatre-makers are featured as well, including You are My Needle, I am Your Thread (2015). Deeply affecting and sensitively crafted, these plays firmly establish Faith Ng as a vital Singapore playwright.

Payoh: A NovelPayoh: A Novel by Tan, Jim

In a writing workshop at Changi Prison, retired professor JG Chan encounters a story written by inmate Alphonsus Goh. 'Payoh' tells the adventures of a sulphur-crested cockatoo named Lucky who finds his way to a protected bird sanctuary. Conflict soon ensues, and the sanctuary birds decide it's time to gain autonomy from their human-watchers. They assemble a small team of leaders to govern their newly independent sanctuary. However, skeptics and detractors also exist within.

Furrie And Shortie - Issue #1: To Be The Most Wonderful YouFurrie And Shortie - Issue #1: To Be The Most Wonderful You by Teo, James

Furrie and Shortie - Issue #1 : To be the most wonderful you, is about these 2 characters - one's shortcoming is being furry (therefore, not too good for weather in Singapore), while the other too short in the world in love with everything big and tall. Furrie is usually the pessimistic one, while Shortie became the ultimate optimist. They are old skool comic oddballs who stick out a little from everyone else. That's why Furrie in one chapter has an identity crisis and wanders into the jungle! And in another, they encounter some troubling behaviors in society today, and in their own small and hopefully funny ways, they act - for good! One thing for sure, we wanted people who read our book to believe that life - no matter how dark - can still get better if you allow yourself to be the most wonderful you. The book has very few text and is dual language.

Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Danh VoNg Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Danh Vo by Toh, Charmaine

From November 2016 to August 2017, Vietnamese-born Danish artist Danh Vo presents a series of compelling new sculptures at National Gallery Singapore as part of his first outdoor installation in Singapore. Vo's work often draws upon personal experience to explore broader historical, social or political themes, particularly those relating to the history of Vietnam at the close of the 20th century. A continuation of his existing practice, this installation explores issues of cross-cultural identity and the definition of cultural values. This is the inaugural exhibition of the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission series, which invites leading international artists to create site-specific installations at the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery, made possible by a gift from the family of Ng Teng Fong. Published to accompany this exhibition, this catalogue delves deeper into Danh's practice and broader discussions surrounding cross-cultural identity through essays by leading scholar Professor Nora Taylor and National Gallery Singapore curator Charmaine Toh alongside full-colour images of the commissioned work.

Differentiation: How To Win In A Discruptive MarketDifferentiation: How To Win In A Discruptive Market by Chew, Wilson

The age of disruption has arrived fast and furious. Technological advances have revolutionised the global economy in ways not envisaged, engendering major established and traditional industries to wobble and slide. 'Is it too late to do anything?' According to Dr Wilson Chew, author and leading corporate strategist, the answer is an affirmative 'No'. A market that is being fiercely tested by disruptions is also a world bathed with opportunities. What is pivotal for leaders of enterprises big and small to ask is: 'What will the future global economy be driven by, where will it take place, and how do I get a piece of the action?' In Differentiation: How to Win in a Disruptive Market, Dr Chew underlines the imperatives for companies to differentiate in order to create value and win through a series of compelling strategies, bold innovation and perceptive branding. Peppered with case studies and infused with Dr Chew's insights gleaned from advising 250 fast-growing enterprises, this book aims to inspire enterprise leaders and readers to believe that it is possible to reap the fruits of differentiation in a disruptive market when you're determined to do so.

Man With A Mission, The: A Life Well-Lived Ron Chandran-Dudley 1934-2015Man With A Mission, The: A Life Well-Lived Ron Chandran-Dudley 1934-2015 by

Enter the world of Ron Chandran-Dudley (1934-2015), an only child born into a Ceylonese immigrant family who had to shelve his dreams of becoming a brain surgeon when he found out that he would not be able to see again. He kept on walking, sometimes quitting, sometimes camping and sometimes climbing. He overcame the challenges his disability presented and found love and the drive to fulfil his mission of helping others with disabilities in Singapore and overseas.

Netherlands, Singapore, Our Regions, Our World, The: Connecting Our Common FutureNetherlands, Singapore, Our Regions, Our World, The: Connecting Our Common Future by Rutte, Mark

The Singapore Lecture is designed to provide an opportunity for distinguished statesmen and leaders of thought and knowledge to reach a wider audience in Singapore. The presence of such eminent personalities allows Singaporeans, especially younger executives and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors, the benefit of exposure to leading world figures who address topics of international and regional interest.The 39th Singapore Lecture was delivered by His Excellency Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, on 24 November 2016 under the distinguished Chairmanship of Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies, Singapore.

Taking Flight: A Photo Journey Of Birds Across SingaporeTaking Flight: A Photo Journey Of Birds Across Singapore by Yong, James (Photo); Melvin Yong (Text)

Taking Flight is a personal look at some of the diverse species of birds we have in Singapore by 82-year-old James Yong, who only picked up his first digital camera at the age of 78. From dainty kingfishers to soaring eagles, this collection of over 250 photographs leads you on a journey not just through green reserves like Sungei Buloh but also takes a look at those feathered friends with homes closer to our own urban dwellings.

Singpowrimo 2016: The AnthologySingpowrimo 2016: The Anthology by Qilin Yam, Daryl; Joshua Lp; Ruth Tang (Eds.)

Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or as we affectionately call it, SingPoWriMo. Write one poem a day for thirty days in the cruel month of April: that was the challenge we first gave the Internet in 2014. In its third year, our anthology gathers the best of the 5,110 poems that were submitted in 2016. Daily challenging prompts reflected on the Singaporean condition, with verses written for every MRT and LRT station, poems that upgraded other poems that upgraded other poems and so on. We are proud to feature first-time poets beside established bards, a wide swath of language -with poems in Minion next to poems in HTML - and the recently-revived form of the udaiyaathathu alongside the ground-breaking twin cinema and asingbol.

Every Moving Thing That Lives Shall Be FoodEvery Moving Thing That Lives Shall Be Food by Chia, Grace

A Singapore emigrant muses about the HDB heartlands and her adopted British lifestyle. An undergrad gets culture shock travelling abroad to Canada for the first time. A vegetarian Western tourist finds a meatier version of Asia in a massage palour. A desperate male sniffs around a lone cougar. An expat wife seeks solace in a Kundera-quoting freelance artist. And a workaholic widower gets enlightened in his last days. Grace Chia's Every Moving Thing That Lives Shall Be Food is a smorgasbord of short stories that tells of individuals whose appetite for a spicier taste of life is driven by hunger, human folly and unhealthy cravings.

PerfectionPerfection by Lee, Debbie

Growing up in Singapore wasn't as easy as it seemed. It was competitive yet conservative at the same time. In this personal memoir, Debbie Lee recounts how she survived self-doubt, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide and the struggles she faced during recovery. Debbie shares how reverse psychology and being competitive can cause emotional damage to your child. How girls should treasure their body and sexuality. How she picked herself up from the mess she was in when she was sexually abused. How she was suddenly at the top of the world and her life was perfect. How she couldn't keep up with perfection and fell. How she struggled during the lowest point of her life when she was depressed and suicidal. How she tamed her demon.

Desire For Elsewhere, TheDesire For Elsewhere, The by Chew, Agnes

A girl who nearly meets with death while on board a plane from Paris to Marrakech; a boy who fills her arms with paper animals under the open skies of rural China; her doppelg?nger whom she meets in the Middle East; a question she was once asked, and the answer she only finds three years after. The Desire For Elsewhere takes you on an intimate journey to explore the interiors of the museum of the narrator's being, where otherwise ordinary artefacts reveal the stories they contain within. Travelling to the past, parallel planets, and the future, it tells a story of stories that explores the universal themes of love and loss, time and transience, and travel and wanderlust. Enchanting and evocative, the tales of Agnes Chew transport you to places that run on lost time, missed opportunities, and deep-rooted aspirations. These are voyages fuelled by a sense of nostalgia, possibility, and hope. Ultimately, this debut collection raises fundamental questions on the ways in which we live our lives.

Rain Tree: A NovelRain Tree: A Novel by Mahita Vas

Singapore, on the cusp of Independence. In the midst of fear and uncertainty, a spirited young woman must choose between an education and her baby. When Ani is forcibly married, her dreams of becoming a teacher are shattered. Employed as a servant at Rain Tree, a colonial home, she indulges in English novels in her spare time. When Ani is widowed soon after, she befriends her Chinese colleagues who shield her from her bigoted mistress. Ani learns that her husband has left her a horrifying debt, one she must keep secret to safeguard her job and dignity. Falling in love with a house guest brings temporary respite. And ramifications - Ani bears his child after he returns to England. To keep her baby, Ani must leave the security of Rain Tree. With chronic unemployment, a housing shortage and impending Independence, Ani realises that without an education, life will be unbearable. With an illegitimate baby, life will be impossible. To alter her destiny, sacrifices must be made. But at what price? Rain Tree weaves a story of loyalty and hope with lessons on love unlike what Ani has learnt from English novels.

Wanderlusters, The: A NovelWanderlusters, The: A Novel by Chia, Grace

Delilah has her dream job working as a diva for the globe-trotting and glamorous Cirque Obélisque, the world's most famous modern circus. When her husband abandons her and their daughter, her life turns upside down until Richard, a charismatic and charming performer, enters her life. But in this close-knit village where everyone knows everyone, does she dare love another? The Wanderlusters is a backstage pass for a sneak peek at life behind the curtains of a travelling circus community, and how life on the road can make one stronger or tear one apart.

Spaces: People/PlacesSpaces: People/Places by Tay, Verena

From a man with a hair fetish to a younger sister fighting to accept her elder sister's marriage, from a retiree downgrading from the terrace house where he raised his family to a fantastical history of a local neighbourhood, from a security guard's relationship with a Filipino maid to an encounter with a building too avant-garde and high tech in design, from a taxi driver bumping into his ex-wife within his cab to an imagined retelling of the life and times of Mimi Wong (the first woman executed for murder after Singapore's independence): each story within Spaces: People/Places explores the interior landscapes of the various protagonists and/or the exterior settings amidst which each protagonist functions through various experiments with form, point of view, mood and tone.

Capital Misfits: Seven Exercises In Economical FictionCapital Misfits: Seven Exercises In Economical Fiction by Koh, Julie

A young girl sees ghosts from her third eye, located where her belly button should be. A one-dimensional yellow man steps out of a cinema screen, hoping to lead a three-dimensional life. A journalist goes on assignment to report the latest food trend, which turns ice-cream eating into an extreme sport. In Portable Curiosities, Julie Koh re-imagines our world with a dark, satirical twist. These twelve stories combine absurd humour with searing critiques on contemporary society: the rampant consumerism, the casual misogyny, the insidious fear of those who are different. Brilliantly clever and brimming with heart, this unforgettable collection is the work of a significant new talent.

We R Family: An AnthologyWe R Family: An Anthology by Chia, Grace (Ed.)

Families come packaged in all shapes and sizes. At the heart of every family unit is love - or what passes off as love. A father and son bond over a loss - with wool. A myopic daughter sees her parents clearly for the first time. Two mental patients learn to coexist under the same roof. An American biracial dad finds moorings with his African adoptee. And a Kiwi mum in a mixed family grows roots in multicultural Singapore. An anthology of eight unforgettable tales, We R Family celebrates the family in its colourful diversity from the whispers of homes in nameless cities to the metropolises of Singapore, New York, Mumbai and Addis Ababa to the suburbs of Indiana and Connecticut.

In Transit: An AnthologyIn Transit: An Anthology by Zhang Ruihe & Yu-Mei Balasingamchow (Eds.)

The city-state of Singapore is small enough to fly over in three minutes, yet is also home to two of the "world's best", Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines. In Transit: An Anthology from Singapore on Airports and Air Travel presents poetry, short stories and essays inspired by that distinctly modern experience of coming and going by air, written by some of the most exciting voices in Singapore literature today. This collection takes readers from the depths of Changi Airport up to cruising altitudes half a world away, in the process exploring questions about travel, aspiration, belonging and home.

Booksactually's Gold Standard 2016Booksactually's Gold Standard 2016 by Koh, Julie (Eds.)

BooksActually's Gold Standard 2016 is a highly anticipated new annual anthology from indie bookstore BooksActually, comprising short fiction by the best cult writers of East Asia, Southeast Asia and the diaspora. Showcasing some of the most compelling and original voices of the moment, this year's all-star collection features stories from nineteen writers.