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Nightmares Are Made Of This: A Bedtime Story For The Little OnesNightmares Are Made Of This: A Bedtime Story For The Little Ones by Goh, Trivia

Of karang gunis and monsters. This a children's book for adults. The graphic novel features a series of parental lies commonly told and heard here in Singapore. Light-hearted rhymes recall these nostalgic childhood fables while the illustrations exposes the lies for what they are. These illustrations depict the lies parents tell to gain behavioural compliance, a practice the book attempts to discourage. The book also serves as a reminder to grown ups to be more mindful of our words with the little ones.

Singaporelang - What The Singlish?Singaporelang - What The Singlish? by Aw Zinkie

This unique hardcover, handmade die-cut, "Photo-Language" collection consists of 40 photographs that depict Singlish scenarios. It also has a dictionary glossary of 100 Singlish in the 4 main languages - English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil. There are also 3 essays on Singlish, sticker pullouts for readers to caption their own photos to complete the scene. It encourages reader to fill in the blanks on provided stickers, for their own Singlish interpretations.

Ars Poetica For The DayArs Poetica For The Day by Lim, Geok-Lin Shirley

Lim's poems are penetrating accounts of a life lived as a poet devoted to her art.

Do You Live In?Do You Live In? by Lim, Geok-Lin Shirley

These poems are related to Lim's travels, and her having lived in various lands, including USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Clinical Psychology In Singapore: An Asian CasebookClinical Psychology In Singapore: An Asian Casebook by Lange, Gregor; John Davison (Eds.)

This casebook is a unique resource, offering never before documented insights into the practices and principles of clinical psychologists within local mental health services in Singapore. The 20 fascinating chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the assessment, formulation and treatment for clients across the lifespan. It includes accounts of clients with common mental health problems such as depression and panic disorder as well as more unusual problems like pyromania, exhibitionism and frontal-lobe epilepsy. This casebook is an ideal complement to abnormal, counseling or clinical psychology courses.

50+ Things To Love About Singapore50+ Things To Love About Singapore by Long, Susan (Ed.)

This intimate study of the things we know and love about Singapore is written by some of ST's most authoritative beat reporters. It is a dossier of modern Singapore halfway through her first century, an often surprising composite portrait of the little quirks, incongruities and rhythms of life in Singapore, which we chortle, ruminate and worry over, with familial affection but sometimes also exasperation. The writers do not flinch from looking at where Singapore is showing her age and what she has had to leave behind in the quest forher next edge.

Mosquitos And SingaporeMosquitos And Singapore by Wilkins, Ted

*** This book will be published in November 2015, but can be pre-ordered now. *** This memoir covers the three years in the 1950s during which a young RAF serviceman was called up for National Service and based in Singapore for a tour of duty in 81 Photographic Squadron at Seletar Airbase. Based on diaries, notes and letters, Ted Wilkins describes life in the Squadron and the aerial survey work concerning the "terrorists" during the Malayan Emergency. Through these pages, the author warmly describes how he embraced the customs and livelihoods of Singapore's pleasant, always-smiling people, bringing to life all the excitement of exploring a new and fascinating country, so far removed from the author's previous country life in the UK. The climate, the people, all the hustle and bustle, the flowers, the clothes and colours of this "magical glamorous island" are all lovingly captured.

From Walden To Woodlands: An Anthology Of Nature Poems by Ow Yeong Kit & Muzakkir Samat (Eds.)

From Walden to Woodlands is an interfaith anthology of poetry about nature in Singapore. Showcasing a diverse range of writings from a kaleidoscope of faith perspectives, this collection draws inspiration from native flora, fauna, and natural habitats, besides exploring humanity's relationship with the environment. Poets featured include familiar names in the Singapore literary landscape like Alfian Sa'at, Wena Poon, and Gilbert Koh. Accessible and compelling, this anthology is a timely and essential source text for individuals interested in faith, nature, or the environment, as well as students and teachers of literature. The writings provide a glimpse of the imaginative richness, penetrating insights, and haunting beauty that can be found in nature and spirituality.

Remains: A Singapore Journey by Ikonomopoulos, Kostas

The mausoleum of a Muslim saint stands next to an elevated coastal expressway. The Latin inscribed tombstones of Christian missionaries lay half-buried and forgotten between bungalows and a childcare centre. A quarantine station and detention facility is turned into a series of dormitories for tourists. And then there is the improbable shrine to a German girl turned goddess of luck. Remains is an unorthodox travelogue, a journey through graveyards, stations, and assorted remnants of Singapore's past. It is also an effort to document locations and preserve stories in an island-city that shape-shifted from colonial backwater to glistening business hub at breakneck speed. The book attempts a look at another Singapore, which is almost a neglected twin to the one everyone knows. It reconstructs a cultural past which is falling victim to a unique, if unavoidable, vanishing act; a past barely preserved in the form of faded gravestones, crumbling aluminium watchtowers, repainted barracks, barricaded hospitals, neglected theme parks and dismantled rail tracks. At the same time, Remains is a meditation on the policies of development and heritage preservation and a deeply personal account of the history and the aesthetic appeal of the decayed, the forsaken and the bizarre in Singapore.

Under A Shadow by Puthucheary, Rosaly

When Singapore surrendered to Japan in 1942, Rosaly Puthucheary was only six years old. Under A Shadow offers her personal account of what it was like growing up during those precarious years under the Japanese occupation. Despite the hardships of war, her childhood, as seen through the eyes of a precocious child, was not entirely marred and remained a relatively happy one. She still enjoyed the fun of pretend play with her sister Hazie and the excitement of witnessing her father's latest procurement of a new farm animal. Unfortunately, as the occupation dragged on, it became inevitable for her family's living conditions to deteriorate. After an unpleasant incident with a Japanese officer, her family sold off almost all the farm animals and moved to a different home. The fortune of her family runs a similar parallel to the difficulties which the people experienced during the fall of Singapore. With this memoir, Rosaly shares intimate details of her childhood and how it was affected living under an ever.

Wrong/Wrung Side Of Love, The by Kon Zhicheng-Mingde, Desmond

If Desmond Kon's earlier collection The Arbitrary Sign invoked continental philosophers like Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze, The Wrong/Wrung Side of Love dialogues with some of Desmond's favourite writers. These dialogic imports range from Franz Kafka to Jean-Paul Sartre, Dan Chiasson to John Wilkinson, all perambulating against the pivotal epigraph by Paul Celan. The same playful architecture of an alphabet book is present, eschewing a simple read to elevate each letter into moments of aphoristic epiphany, underscored by poems which are at once intimate, urgent, funny, dreamy, and robust. The book has been described by Lily Hoang as "a confabulation of desire and a prognosis of tender passion".

Perspectives On The Security Of Singapore: The First 50 YearsPerspectives On The Security Of Singapore: The First 50 Years by Desker, Barry; Cheng Guan Ang (Eds.)

This book explores the security of Singapore in the last 50 years and its possible trajectories into the future. This volume brings together the diverse perspectives of a team of academics with different expertise, ranging from history to political science to security studies with a common interest in Singapore. The book is further boosted by the recollections of key civil servants involved with foreign affairs and defence, such as S R Nathan, Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Philip Yeo.

50 Years Of Singapore-Europe Relations: Celebrating Singapore's Connections With Europe50 Years Of Singapore-Europe Relations: Celebrating Singapore's Connections With Europe by Yeo Lay Hwee, Barnard Turner (Eds.)

The essays and articles in this edited volume capture historical moments, reveal the heartfelt wishes and thoughtful comments of Europeans who have made Singapore their home, chronicle some of the long-standing partnerships and ponder the future challenges of Singapore. This unique book contains a wide range of essays and articles reflecting on the strong connections that Singapore enjoys with Europe, not only at the official level, but also through the contributions that Europeans and European companies have made - and continue to make - which enrich Singaporean society.

Hakka Woman's Singapore Stories, AHakka Woman's Singapore Stories, A by Lee Wei Ling

Dr Lee Wei Ling, scion of Singapore's first family, writes about her life as a daughter, doctor and diehard Singaporean. This book addresses a range of matters affecting Singaporeans in a personal way. It reflects her personality, profession, relationships, passions and perspective of life, Singapore and the world, and her loved ones. The chapters are grouped thematically and are capped by an epilogue of six articles which encapsulate the two events that had a major impact on the writer, and resonated deeply with Singaporeans: the passing of her parents.

Poor Thing by Sharma, Haresh

Another day in Singapore. Another minor road accident. Another incident of road rage? Typical Singaporeans. Poor Thing, The Necessary Stage's latest production by Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma, grapples with the issue of road rage.

How My 8 Year-Old Son Scored An A For Igcse PhysicsHow My 8 Year-Old Son Scored An A For Igcse Physics by Sim Lim Onn

The author's son sat for the IGCSE O level physics in November 2014 when he was 8 years and 3 months old. The result which was released on 21 January 2015 saw him score an 'A'. The author wrote this book with the aim of sharing the importance of the alignment of mind-sets to turn a boy of ostensibly average intelligence to one who holds a Singapore record.

Singapore At 50: The Business Of Nation-BuildingSingapore At 50: The Business Of Nation-Building by Centre For Management Practice, Singapore Manageme

Published by SMU's Centre for Management Practice, this 300-page coffee-table book chronicles the journey and key milestones of 17 major Singapore organisations and industries that were integral in shaping modern Singapore. It is the culmination of many months of field research and interviews with key people in business, government and academia. The book pays tribute to both industry stalwarts and ordinary folks who have made a difference. It seeks to learn from the past in order to embrace the future - thereby providing a legacy for many generations to come.

Battle For Hearts And Minds: New Media And Elections In SingaporeBattle For Hearts And Minds: New Media And Elections In Singapore by Tan Tarn How, Arun Mahizhnan Et Al (Eds.)

The Singapore 2011 General Election was dubbed by some as the first "Internet" election. How far is this true and to what extent did old and new media influence voting behaviour and political participation? What was the role of Facebook, Twitter, party political websites, political discussion and the alternative and conflicting information offered online? This edited volume provides an in-depth analysis of these questions through a first-ever survey of media use, political traits, political participation and attitudes towards media, and through experiments, content analysis and interviews.

Fascinating VisionsFascinating Visions by Ang Ah Tee

Ang Ah Tee is a second-generation Singaporean artist who was accorded the Cultural Medallion in 2009 by the government of Singapore. Under the tutelage of Cheong Soo Pieng and Georgette Chen, Ang has since created numerous paintings of different mediums. Amongst all, he is known for his acrylics works which allows him to paint spontaneously with speed. Coupled with the use of a knife palette, it creates a textural art form that is unique to Ang. Fascinating Visions was published in conjunction with his 10th solo exhibition, in 2010, at the Nafa Academy of Fine Arts. Featuring over 70 works all painted in different parts of the world from Ang's travels, this book bring about not only a painting but also the artist's travel experiences.

White Rose At Midnight, A: A Play By Lim Chor PeeWhite Rose At Midnight, A: A Play By Lim Chor Pee by Lim Chor Pee

On the cusp of independence, cultures collide in a bedroom in Singapore. The English-educated scholar Hua Min is disillusioned until he meets the Chinese-educated ex-nightclub singer Ching Mei. When Su-Ling, Hua Min's ex-classmate, returns from London, Hua Min is torn between the women's advances. Humorous, witty and prescient, A White Rose at Midnight is a pithy portrait of a soul-and nation-divided. A White Rose at Midnight was first staged to critical acclaim by the Experimental Theatre Club in 1964. It was Lim Chor Pee's second and final play after the landmark Mimi Fan.