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Adult Learning Architecture: How A Technology Consultant Trained To Be An ArtistAdult Learning Architecture: How A Technology Consultant Trained To Be An Artist by Ong Whee Teck

It's never too late to start learning. It is often felt that learning ends the moment we graduate from the formal education system. This book challenges this notion by presenting techniques that anyone can use to learn any skill that intrigues them. It presents a model of adult learning based on the author's learning journey. By the end of the book, you will truly feel empowered to tap into your ability to learn the skills you need to pursue your passion. It will also present you with strategies to develop the motivation you need to learn even the most difficult of tasks.

Three Kisses Of The Cobra: A NovelThree Kisses Of The Cobra: A Novel by Balian, Z. T.

Set sail on an epic adventure packed with travel to exotic locations, pirates, unfailing love, ships, the trade of spice and precious stones, attempted murder, and tragic death. When the warden of the Armenian church in Singapore sends an e-mail to Nayri, a Lebanese-Armenian banker, offering fascinating details from her family's roots and to connect her with a relative she's never met, she jumps at the opportunity to learn more about her history. Set in the early nineteenth century, Three Kisses of the Cobra is the fictional account of the life of one of the first settlers in Singapore.

Hand To Heart: The Collective Spirit Of Malay/Muslim Organisations In SingaporeHand To Heart: The Collective Spirit Of Malay/Muslim Organisations In Singapore by Ibrahim Tahir (Ed.)

This book shows the endeavours of Malay/Muslim organisations, led by individuals with vision and buoyed by the community's collective spirit of commitment, selflessness and determination. Recorded in this book are stories that speak of personal sacrifice and public spiritedness that saw benefit delivered not only to their immediate communities but beyond to the wider society - Mercy Relief, a humanitarian organisation initiated by Perdaus, is one example. This book is written for those with an interest in the Malay/Muslim pioneers and organisations that have helped to make Singapore a nation of opportunity for all and which have contributed to the nation's success story.

Phenomena: Art Of AsuraPhenomena: Art Of Asura by

Enter the world of Asura with this magnificent new sourcebook for players and game designers alike. This popular online game, which incorporates aspects of classic Chinese mythology and literature such as Journey to the West to create a rich role-playing experience, also provides material inspiration for artists. The results are stunning, with incredible artwork by such legends as Yang Qi depicting the characters and landscapes of this immortal realm. More than just an art book, it includes a summary of the game's storyline, as well as descriptions of the heroes, geography, denizens and history of Asura complemented by personal stories from the creative team themselves.

Winning With Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership And LifeWinning With Honour: In Relationships, Family, Organisations, Leadership And Life by Siong Guan Lim; Joanne H. Lim

Singapore was the world's strongest nation brand in 2015. We believe that Honour is the essential quality that has enabled Singapore to come so far since its independence in 1965, and has distinguished Singapore from many nations in the world to become the world's strongest nation brand in 2015.

Tigers In The Park: The Wartime Heritage Of Adam ParkTigers In The Park: The Wartime Heritage Of Adam Park by Cooper, Jon

Adam Park is a very special place. It is a place where the membrane of time is at its thinnest, where you can reach out and touch history. This book unlocks that past. It prises out those memories from hidden places. It reveals the incredible, untold wartime heritage of the estate and the surrounding area. It is an uncompromising blow-by-blow account of a desperate battle told from the soldier's perspective. It is a day-by-day account of survival in a POW work camp, and a house-by-house account of life in Singapore before, during and after 1942. One estate, one year, one incredible wartime story. A snapshot of history as witnessed from the windows and porticos of each and every house on the Adam Park estate.

Me MigrantMe Migrant by Md Mukul Hossine; Cyril Wong

Me Migrant features the poems of Md Mukul Hossine - poems originally written in Bengali by Mukul, transcreated by Singapore poet Cyril Wong based on English translations by Fariha Imran and Farouk Ahammed. It represents the voice of hope and inclusiveness, of longing and dreaming, of service and heart. This collection was born of the friendship between volunteers of community clinic HealthServe and foreign construction workers.

Magical Mahogany: A Personal Encounter With One Of Singapore's Most Commonly Seen TreesMagical Mahogany: A Personal Encounter With One Of Singapore's Most Commonly Seen Trees by Francis Lim Leong Keng

Francis Lim weaves a fascinating story of the mahogany tree by blending together selected scientific facts with a rich concoction of medicinal folklore as well as elements like personal encounters, field studies and observations, experiments, and discoveries about the life and times of one of the world's best known tropical hardwood tree, the mahogany. The result is an endearing and engaging account of many aspects of this incredibly resilient and useful tree.

Balestiers, The: First American Residents Of SingaporeBalestiers, The: First American Residents Of Singapore by Hale, Richard E.

The Balestier family were the first Americans to take up residence in Singapore when they arrived in 1834 from Philadelphia. Joseph Balestier, aged 45, had secured an appointment as US Consul and sailed out to the East with his wife Maria and their teenage son Revere. A powerful, vivid picture of their lives in Singapore emerges in this narrative, in particular from a newly discovered trove of letters written by Maria to her relatives in America. Also covered in detail here are Joseph's foray into sugar cane planting - at the location that has come to bear his name - and his subsequent travels as US Presidential Envoy to various Southeast Asian states. Combining rigorous historical research with superb narrative skill, author R. E. Hale brings to life the fascinating story of this pioneering family.

You'll Die In Singapore: The True Account Of One Of The Most Amazing Pow Escapes In WwiiYou'll Die In Singapore: The True Account Of One Of The Most Amazing Pow Escapes In Wwii by Mccormac, Charles

Weakened by hunger, thirst and ill-treatment, author Charles McCormac, then a World War Two prisoner-of-war in Japanese-occupied Singapore, knew that if he did not escape he would die. With sixteen others he broke out of Pasir Panjang camp and began an epic two-thousand-mile escape from the island of Singapore, through the jungles of Indonesia to Australia. With no compass and no map, and only the goodwill of villagers and their own wits to rely on, the British and Australian POWs' escape took a staggering five months and only two out of the original seventeen men survived. This is McCormac's compelling true account of one of the most horrifying and amazing escapes in World War Two.

Memories Of A NyonyaMemories Of A Nyonya by Chang, Queeny

The late Queeny Chang led an extraordinary life. Her autobiography, first published in 1981, introduces readers to a time when ladies led a genteel way of life. In this book, Queeny Chang presents a vision of a way of life that has long since vanished. Her tender memoir opens the windows of time and allows the images of the old world charm of the early 1900s to be seen again. She paints colourful portraits of her family, relatives, and many friends, particularly of her strong-minded but fastidious and flamboyant mother. What she had to say to her life with her famous father, the late Mr. Tjong A Fie, a prominent businessman and leader of the Chinese community in Medan, Indonesia, is both fascinating and touching.

Loka Made :Artbook #01Loka Made :Artbook #01 by Feigiap

Loka made :artbook is a series of illustrations that started in 2011. Its inception came when FeiGiap had a chance to visit Kuala Pilah. The rustic landscape and architecture inspired him to produce artworks with local influences. Also included in the book are the different stages of his artworks upon the completion of his illustrations.

Sticky Presentations: A Uniquely Different Approach To Presentation Design And Delivery Discover The Journey That Will Change The Way You Present ForeverSticky Presentations: A Uniquely Different Approach To Presentation Design And Delivery Discover The Journey That Will Change The Way You Present Forever by Ang Tian Teck

This book explores ideas for developing Amazing Sticky Presentations. It's all about effective presentation design that creates lasting impressions. It shows you how to design presentations without using any bullet points. And why you should think differently to deliver insanely great presentations.

Sticky Presentations Spinning I.D.E.A.S. Integrated Design Expolarion For Applied Stickiness - Exciting Visual Design Ideas For Business PresentationsSticky Presentations Spinning I.D.E.A.S. Integrated Design Expolarion For Applied Stickiness - Exciting Visual Design Ideas For Business Presentations by Ang Tian Teck

Spinning I.D.E.A.S. (Integrated Design Exploration for Applied Stickiness) is a book that provides practical solutions for designing high impact results orientated presentation visuals that are tastefully simple and exciting. Based on the unique S.P.Y. principles, this book extends the simple, persuasive and youthful design ideas to everyday business presentations.

River Transformed, A: Singapore River And Marina BayRiver Transformed, A: Singapore River And Marina Bay by Auger, Timothy

The story of the Singapore River, the other rivers flowing into the Kallang Basin, and Marina Bay. It covers their commercial role over the centuries; victory over pollution, including mass dispersal of people and businesses clustered around the waterways into new towns around the island; the role of planners and the planning system in reclamation, and the creation of Marina Bay and the New Downtown; the role of Marina Bay as a water reservoir and the that of the rivers in Singapore's water supply; the transformation of the rivers and Marina Bay into a lifestyle setting, Singapore's "new Padang".

Singapore's Health Care System: What 50 Years Have AchievedSingapore's Health Care System: What 50 Years Have Achieved by Chien Earn Lee & K. Satku (Eds.)

How did Singapore's health care system transform itself into one of the best in the world? It not only provides easy access, but its standards of health care, not only in curative medicine but also in prevention, are exemplary.

Singapore's Real Estate: 50 Years Of TransformationSingapore's Real Estate: 50 Years Of Transformation by Ngee Huat Seek, Tien Foo Sing & Shi Ming Yu (Eds.)

This book documents the transformation and development of the real estate market in Singapore over the past 50 years. It is organised around two major themes, and covers issues from the "bricks and mortar" to the capital markets; and from local to international real estate markets. The themes aptly describe how real estate has played an important role in the economic development and growth of Singapore from a third world to a first world country. Written by well-renowned experts with deep academic and practical knowledge of the progress of real estate in Singapore, this book highlights the uniqueness of real estate markets and institutions in Singapore, which have constantly been replicated and adopted in other markets.

Board Risk Committee GuideBoard Risk Committee Guide by Singapore Institute Of Directors

Different companies have different committees for risk management. How should a company best structure its governance of risk? How can a company express its risk tolerance or appetite and communicate that internally and externally? The answers to these questions, and more, are found in this definitive guide to risk management and internal controls for Boards. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the regulatory and practical aspects of risk management. It is aimed especially at listed companies in Singapore.

Eat. Muse. Love! Food For ThoughtEat. Muse. Love! Food For Thought by Chua Foo Yong & Toh Mu Qin

Catch the duet from an 'actively ageing' mother and her daughter in this unique collection of 50 musings on foodie haunts that comes with a twist. Featuring 100 Chinese idioms and 50 eating places, veteran broadcaster Madam Chua Foo Yong waxes lyrical as she loses her way from foodie talk into the world of Chinese culture and shares insights of her own family folks and well-known personalities in the entertainment industry in her time.

Human Resource Case StudiesHuman Resource Case Studies by Gabriel, Martin

This book recounts 15 cases that Martin personally handled as a HR consultant. Each case mirrors the thoughts and strategies employed by Martin, and demonstrates how one can be flexible in dealing with complex HR issues.