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How Long Is Eternity?How Long Is Eternity? by Ni Chun; Ying Cheng Pei Yee

This book is loosely adapted from The Shepherd Boy, a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm. A clever shepherd boy's answer to the question of 'how long is eternity?' informs the philosophy behind this accordion book, with its unique four-direction text presentation serving to present a different aspect to the story each time. In this light, the concept of 'eternity' is introduced and reinforced through amusing readings and re-readings of the book.

Alcyone And CeyxAlcyone And Ceyx by Rayne Ngio

Ceyx, the son of the morning star, is about to make a voyage to consult the sacred oracle. His wife, Alcyone, haunted by nightly visions of storms and shipwrecks, pleads with him not to go. When the storm occurs, Alycone remains alone in the temples of the gods, unaware of her husband's demise even as she prays for his safe return. Will the gods take pity on them and rewrite their fate?

Cranes Of Ibycus, TheCranes Of Ibycus, The by Rayne Ngio

The famous musician and poet, Ibycus, travels alone to Corinth to take part in the grand festivities and poetry competition there. Unbeknownst to him, villainous robbers lurk in the dark forest along the way, and Ibycus' fate is bleak. Who will avenge Ibycus? How will the murderers be caught? This dark tale of crime, justice, and destiny will ensnare the senses and lead you on a thrilling ride through historical Greek myth.

Kuafu Chases The SunKuafu Chases The Sun by Rayne Ngio

In the northern wilderness, lives a hero named Kuafu, known throughout the land for his noble heart and prodigious strength. When the sun remains obstinately in the sun day after day, the animals of the forest beseech Kuafu for help. He chases after the sun, tracking its arc across the sky towards the west, where its home must surely lie.

Creepy CrampCreepy Cramp by Baek Mi Sook

The students of Monster Kindergarten are having fun at their camp when a sudden storm occurs. Soon, the entire area is flooded. But a little girl's family is trapped and have no way to get to safety… Can the students help them? By reading this story, children will learn about estimation and the importance of approximating quantities needed for various activities.

Spectre Ath The See-Saw, TheSpectre Ath The See-Saw, The by Baek Mi Sook

The little spectre, Breezy, is feeling very sad. All her friends have so much fun playing on the see-saw but she never gets to try it! Why wouldn't the see-saw move when Breezy sits on it? By reading this story, children will learn more about weight and how to compare two items to discover which is heavier.

Vampire VegetablesVampire Vegetables by Baek Mi Sook

Flappy the vampire has just learnt how to scare people at Monster Kindergarten! However, when he tries to scare a little girl, his plan backfires on him. Flappy is appalled to realise that she is braver and tougher than he is. Could it be due to her diet? By reading this story, children will learn more about area by using an object as a unit of measurement.

Magic Juice, TheMagic Juice, The by Baek Mi Sook

At Monster Kindergarten, Flappy is going to learn all about transformation! The little vampire and his monster friends each receive a ladleful of magical juice in their cups, but why does it seem as though some have more juice than the others? By reading this story, children will learn more about volume and means of comparison.

New Coffins For A Growing Vampire!New Coffins For A Growing Vampire! by Baek Mi Sook

The little vampire, Flappy, sleeps in a coffin just like his father. Much to his dismay however, he has outgrown his bed! Papa Dracula seeks out a skilful carpenter to make a new coffin for Flappy-but the size is always wrong! By reading this story, children will learn more about length and accuracy when using standardised tools of measurement.

EastwardEastward by Westlake, Martin

Martin Westlake is a British photographer who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 1988. His photographs have been published in magazines, newspapers and books worldwide. This book is a compilation of his works over 20 years of living and travelling in Asia.

Voices Under The Rising SunVoices Under The Rising Sun by Hodgkins, Fiona

Can you imagine how war might affect your life? This book tells the amazing story of how the lives of three children were changed by World War 2 in Malaya. Read their diaries, letters and other documents to work out what happened to them. Written in the form of both primary and secondary sources such as diaries, letters and discursive texts, this book will enable them to develop their skills of historical deduction but in addition to being an interesting and informative historical story, this book is also an educational resource for English writing.

From Syonan To Fuji-Go: The Story Of The Catholic Settlement Of Bahau In Wwii MalayaFrom Syonan To Fuji-Go: The Story Of The Catholic Settlement Of Bahau In Wwii Malaya by Hodgkins, Fiona

During the Japanese Occupation in World War II, some 3,000 men, women and children left Singapore to form a Catholic settlement in the jungles of Malaya, near the town of Bahau. Based on extensive interviews and access to private manuscripts, this book provides a vivid account of life in Bahau, and presents new insights into those who were there, why they went, and the lasting legacy of Bahau on their lives. It is also a moving account of the author’s journey of discovery about her mother, who was interned at Bahau. Fitting memory to those who died, honourable recognition of those who survived, and an important resource for future generations, this is essential reading for those who seek an understanding of an important part of Singapore’s history.

Second Chance: A Runner's Story Of Heart Attack And StrokeSecond Chance: A Runner's Story Of Heart Attack And Stroke by Goh Chor Boon

Each year, a few thousands of Singaporeans had the unfortunate encounter with heart attacks and strokes. Increasingly, younger adults below 50 years are adding to the statistics. The alarming matter is that a good number of these folks are people who exercise regularly, or at least they claimed to do so. This book is about a runner's story of his experience with heart attack and stroke. Readers can learn about his trials and tribulations in facing up with the odds and eventually to be running again.

Sound Of Sch, The: A Mental Breakdown, A Life Journey by Lim, Danielle

Can a life weave along through the same notes and yet come to play forth different sounds? The Sound of Sch (pronounced S-C-H) is the true story of a journey with mental illness, beautifully told by Danielle Lim from a time when she grew up witnessing her uncle's untold struggle with a crippling mental and social disease, and her mother's difficult role as caregiver. The story takes place between 1961 and 1994, backdropped by a fast globalising Singapore where stigmatisation of persons afflicted with mental illness nevertheless remains deep-seated. Unflinchingly raw and honest in its portrayal of living with schizophrenia, The Sound of Sch is a moving account of human resiliency and sacrifice in the face of brokenness.

Happiness At The End Of The WorldHappiness At The End Of The World by Happy Smiley And Friends

This collection of eight science fiction stories is about finding happiness on a post-apocalypse Earth!

Bubble G.U.M. - Happy SmileyBubble G.U.M. - Happy Smiley by

What happens when the seas rise? You blow bubbles. Add a few jellyfish and you get G.U.M. Prix is about to enter national service. Her biggest worry isn't whether her combat bikini fits but whether there'll be a Green Underwater Metropolis (G.U.M.) to go back to. This is a humorous science fiction novel.

Steampowered Globe, TheSteampowered Globe, The by Lim, Rosemary; Maisarah Bte Abu Samah

Robots, airships, blatant tea drinking, and, um, steam horses! Ripping yarns set around the globe, not just in Victorian London and an alternate Singapore. These are the best of steampunk stories from creative Singaporeans.

Forgotten Names Recalled: Stories From The Singapore CenotaphForgotten Names Recalled: Stories From The Singapore Cenotaph by Lim, Rosemary

Sitting on the Esplanade in modern Singapore is an elegant National Monument, the cenotopah, built as a tribute to the men from the Straits Settlements of Singapore, Penang and Malacca who gave their lieves to the Great War of 1914 to 1918. Of the 124 names on the bronze plaques, 112 have been recalled in this book. Through newspaper articles, letters, military and civil records, this book pieces together a collection of insights into the lives and times of these men.

My Home (Activity Book) English/ ChineseMy Home (Activity Book) English/ Chinese by Ni Chunying; Zeng Pei Yu

This bilingual activity book complements the picture book, My Home, and aids the learning of children between the ages of 3 to 7. Set in a Singaporean background, the familiar environments depicted in the book help children to learn new vocabulary terms with ease. In this way, children are encouraged to read and write in both English and Chinese with ease. Contents include vocabulary exercises, DIY handicrafts, flash cards, stickers and games.

My Home (Picture Book)My Home (Picture Book) by Ni Chunying; Zeng Pei Yu

My Home is the first bilingual picture book which includes local content and lift-the-flaps games. All the content is presented in a pleasing bilingual format in both English and Mandarin Chinese and includes Hanyu Pinyin as a complementary reading aid. Set in a Singaporean flat, everyday family life as well as common neighbourhood settings are depicted with comical flair.