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Kappa Quartet: A NovelKappa Quartet: A Novel by Yam Qilin, Daryl

Kevin is a young man without a soul, holidaying in Tokyo; Mr Five, the enigmatic kappa, is the man he so happens to meet. Little does Kevin know that kappas-the river demons of Japanese folklore-desire nothing more than the souls of other humans. Set between Singapore and Japan, Kappa Quartet is split into eight discrete sections, tracing the rippling effects of this chance encounter across a host of other characters, connected and bound to one another in ways both strange and serendipitous. Together they ask one another: what does it mean to be in possession of something nobody has seen before?

We Contain Multitudes: Twelve Years Of SoftblowWe Contain Multitudes: Twelve Years Of Softblow by Wee, Jason; Cyril Wong (Eds.)

Softblow poetry journal celebrates twelve years of publishing poetry in English, from the widely acclaimed and deeply experienced, to the freshly youthful and urgent. Curated by Cyril Wong and Jason Wee, two of the founding editors, We Contain Multitudes reflects the poet-editors' omnivorous literary appetites and interests, and includes poems especially included for this anthology by Lawrence Lacambra Ypil, Michelle Cahill, Yasmin Belkhyr, Sharlene Teo, among others. Featuring Singaporean talents such as Boey Kim Cheng, Christine Chia, Tania De Rozario, Joshua Ip, Jee Leong Koh, Chandran Nair, Pooja Nansi, Ng Yi-Sheng, Alvin Pang, Tse Hao Guang, Daryl Qilin Yam, Jerrold Yam, Arthur Yap and Yong Shu Hoong; and international voices such as Aazam Abidov, Sherman Alexie, Kimberly Blaeser, Ingrid de Kok, Kristine Ong Muslim, Mariko Nagai, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Laksmi Pamuntjak, Simon Perchik, Marge Piercy, Jeet Thayil, Tim Tomlinson and Ocean Vuong.

Never Leave Home Without Your Chilli Sauce: Stories Of Food, Family And Travel by Singam, Constance

Constance Singam's love affair with food began with her mother's Keralan cooking. For Constance and her family, a good meal is evocative. After decades of social activism, travel and kitchen mishaps, food is still able to transport her back to a time of street hawkers, wet markets and when spaghetti was considered strange and foreign. In this memoir, Constance recounts the evolution of food against a backdrop of Singapore's social fabric over the last 70 years.

Singapore House And Residential Life, 1819-1939, TheSingapore House And Residential Life, 1819-1939, The by Edwards, Norman

The Singapore House is not just a building; it is a cultural phenomenon. Culture means ordinary everyday values?attitudes, beliefs, ideas and heritage. These apply to the cultural landscape of which the house forms a part and is particularly applicable to a fast-growing metropolis like Singapore that has changed immeasurably in recent years. This newly presented edition of The Singapore House & Residential Life 1819-1939 addresses the houses unique nature in the context of its colonial past. Architecture, the house plan, landscape, societal norms, recreation and more are presented in a book where the past resonates on every page.

PilgrimagePilgrimage by Isa Kamari; Harry Aveling (Trans.)

In 2001, prolific Singapore author Isa Kamari undertook the pilgrimage to Mecca. Two years later, he wrote a series of 100 poems based on this experience which was published in Malay as Munajat Sukma. The collection was subsequently republished as a triptych of chapbooks in 2006. Pilgrimage is a translation of a selection of these poems. Arranged by Isa to form a sequential narrative of his journey, Harry Aveling's English translations are a conduit for new readers into the deep recesses of the pilgrim's mind and soul as they complete the Hajj. Through the poet's inner responses to his faith, this collection opens up for English readers an awareness and understanding of a practising faith of a people from a different language.

Sg Poems 2015-2016Sg Poems 2015-2016 by Valles, Eric Tinsay; Tan Chee Lay Et Al (Eds.)

This anthology showcases a representative sample of Singapore poetry written in or translated into English in 2015 and 2016. Several poets who published collections during that period or were featured in the National Poetry Festival 2015 were invited to contribute to this anthology. The emerging poets in this volume have been winners or finalists in NPF's National Poetry Competition over the past two years. Some poems are originally in English and others translated from Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

This Is Not A Safety Barrier: An Anthology Of Poetry & PhotographyThis Is Not A Safety Barrier: An Anthology Of Poetry & Photography by Nair, Marc; Yen Phang (Eds.)

Singapore is a city constantly under construction, both physically and ideologically. Construction sites everywhere spot the ubiquitous red and white barriers demarcating that area as a no-go zone. Each one has a sign proclaiming, 'This is not a safety barrier'. Taking a leaf from this absolute phrase, the anthology presents a collection of poems and photographs that question and challenge the barriers in our country - whether physical, ideological or imagined. It is an artistic social commentary of what is defined and/or undefined, with questions, comments, and explorations into the journey of how one reacts in response to rethinking monolithic national narratives.

Heaven Has Eyes: StoriesHeaven Has Eyes: Stories by Holden, Philip

A teacher and his wife get caught up in the drama of election politics and a Channel 8 soap opera. An invalid house-sits for his sister and has to care for his nephew's pampered pet pig. A daughter travels overseas to convince her elderly father to move home with her. An academic must navigate an opaque bureaucracy to renew his Re-Entry Permit. A young Lee Kuan Yew finds camaraderie with a future Canadian Prime Minister in England, and relentless tenacity from a British student in Canada desperate for an interview. Heaven Has Eyes dramatises these small moments of transcendence in everyday life, and more.

Mdm Kwa: The Life Of Mrs Lee Kuan YewMdm Kwa: The Life Of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew by Chua, Morgan

Kwa Geok Choo was most famously known as the woman behind the man who shaped Singapore. But more than just the wife of the late PM Lee Kuan Yew, she was also a brilliant scholar, a Peranakan doyenne, a successful lawyer and the mother of Singapore's current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, all of which she accomplished quietly, modestly and behind the scenes. Morgan Chua chronicles, in his unique, droll style, the untold life of the one whom LKY lovingly called "Choo".

Makansutra Singapore 2017Makansutra Singapore 2017 by Seetoh, K. F. (Ed.)

Makansutra Singapore 2017 marks the tenth edition of the ever-popular food guide book in Singapore. It has been and still is the voice of traditional and heritage street food since 1997, when the first edition was inked. Despite rapid changes, the affinity for comfort heritage food remain. In this edition, there are over 600 street food and heritage restaurant reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings.

Kawaii Sweet Treats: Little Miss BentoKawaii Sweet Treats: Little Miss Bento by Wong, Shirley

Award-winning cookbook author and food blogger Shirley Wong, better known as Little Miss Bento, returns with even more kawaii creations in her third cookbook Kawaii Sweet Treats. Featuring more than 30 recipes from cookies and snacks to cakes, tarts and pudding, with many utilizing aromatic tea flavours such as matcha, houjicha and earl grey, this collection of unique and flavourful treats promises endless hours of baking fun!

Culture Shock! Singapore - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! Singapore - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Jackson-Nash, Kelly

CultureShock! Singapore is essential reading for any foreigner who is going to live and work in the city. It is packed full of practical information as well as interesting trivia on the colourful customs and culture of the people. Learn how to get around the city effectively by public transport like the locals and how to assimilate quickly and shop for groceries.

Elim Chew Story, The: Driven By Purpose, Destined For ChangeElim Chew Story, The: Driven By Purpose, Destined For Change by Chen, Loretta

This is a heartwarming, candid and frank biography of one of Singapore's most prominent entrepreneurs and multi-hyphenate, Elim Chew. Elim shares her lesser known familial histories, pangs of growing up, days of being wild, and the history and subsequent closure of retail icon 77th Street. In addition, she talks about her love for social enterprise, youth mentorships, recent ventures into F&B, logistics and technology, as well as her latest passion, fishing.

Seduction Of The Simple, The: Insights On Singapore's Future DirectionsSeduction Of The Simple, The: Insights On Singapore's Future Directions by Devadas Krishnadas

At the crossroads of Singapore history, noted public intellectual and entrepreneur Devadas Krishnadas shares his insights on the intersecting realms of the social, political and economic spheres of Singapore, and where he thinks the country is headed.

I Found A Bone And Other PoemsI Found A Bone And Other Poems by Teo Kah Leng

This is a historically significant collection of poetry by Teo Kah Leng: an educator whose love for art and literature preceded his name. He served as teacher, principal, brother, and friend in Montfort school for 43 years. Teo's poetry bears distinct cadence and lyrical qualities of another age, of which readers of literature today can appreciate for its technical aptitude, its depth of emotions, and its beauty. The collection captures the vividness of life in pre-independence Singapore; reimagines folklores and tales; paints and personifies creatures big and small; and ruminates on a life nobly lived, nobly died.

Singapore Siu Dai 3: The Sg Conversation Dabao!Singapore Siu Dai 3: The Sg Conversation Dabao! by Cheong, Felix; Pman (Illus.)

Two years and a 2kg weight gain later, Felix Cheong is back with more Siu Daistories. So much has happened, from SG50 to GE2015, as Singapore matures into a weirder society. And these short, short stories capture those funny moments. Just remember not to laugh too loudly when you read them on the train!

Birthday Book, The: What Is Singapore's Next Big ThingBirthday Book, The: What Is Singapore's Next Big Thing by Malminderjit Singh (Ed.)

An intellectual salvo from young and passionate Singaporeans inhabiting different slices of Singapore society, The Birthday Book is a collection of 51 essays presented as a birthday gift to the nation and its people. What are the milestones that Singapore is headed into - the next big things - in the view of this inaugural group of contributors? These individuals, younger than 45, will inherit leadership roles in their respective domains of expertise. Their essays come together as a compact and essential digest of introspections and outward projections, drawing on a shared past and projecting forward into our collective future.

Teacher's Memoirs, ATeacher's Memoirs, A by Ang-Lee Lai Kuin

This book of memoirs, covering the author's years at Hwa Chong Junior College as a pioneer teacher from its very first year, shares the history and traditions of the College, whose deep rooted ethos and spirit help it to consistently deliver many top students and scholars into the best local and most prestigious universities overseas. These memoirs also record and share the travails and distressing times of the College, as it was forced to spend several years 'on the move' in temporary premises. The memoirs also share the triumphs of the College's students and student Councillors as they excel not only in their studies but also in various Co-Curricular Activities, and in leadership appointments - while enjoying their College life.

Library Of MystoryLibrary Of Mystory by Chern, Heroald

There was once a prince who was playful and cared little about what happened in his kingdom. However, as was tradition, he was to choose a girl to marry in a few months' time, when he would reach the age of twenty-one. His parents decided to send him to a school for nobles in hopes of him finding someone he fancied. Through a twist of fate, he met Ida, a studious girl from his class who wasn't even a noble, and together they discovered the Library of Mystory. There they uncovered a secret so big that it would change their fate and the fate of the kingdom forever.

Urban Land Rent: Singapore As A Property StateUrban Land Rent: Singapore As A Property State by Halia, Anne

This book develops an original theory of urban land rent with important implications for urban studies and urban theory. It analyzes land, rent theory, and the modern city, using Singapore as a case study. It examines the question of land from a variety of perspectives and incorporates discussion of the modern real estate market.