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Image & Illusion: Video Works From The Yokohama Museum Of ArtImage & Illusion: Video Works From The Yokohama Museum Of Art by

Image & Illusion: Video Works from the Yokohama Museum of Art explores this very contradictory nature of image-making through the works of five artists: Peter Coffin, Takashi Ishida, Lyota Yagi, Tadasu Takamine and Tsai Charwei. While their practices span across a diverse range of concerns, their works reveal how they negotiate with the subtleties of image-making and their reception, each seeking to expand possibilities of representation form the very structures of the image itself. The discipline of animation, film, painting, performance, sound and multimedia coverage in this selection of video works, and here, the medium of video is a critical channel for the artists to articulate new dimensions of thinking about the complexities o the contemporary global condition today. Image & Illusion is a co-curatorial partnership with the Yokohama Museum of Art. This exhibition catalogue features the highlighted artists' works in the museum collection and two curatorial essays.

Afterimage: Contemporary Photography In Southeast AsiaAfterimage: Contemporary Photography In Southeast Asia by

Afterimage: Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia is a survey of the photographic practices of thirteen artists that expand the medium's field of operations as art, visual language and social practice. Using the photographic image to articulate a range of concerns related to the idiosyncratic cultural, social, political and alternative histories of Southeast Asia, these artists trace links to national and transnational iconographic legacies and shared aspects of the physical landscape. The critical essays and detailed artworks commentaries in this publication explore the commonalities and antimonies between artists, and map the ways geographic proximity informs contemporary photographic narratives produced in the region. Afterimage is an essential tool for scholars of Southeast Asian contemporary art and photography.

Time Present: Photography From The Deutsche Bank CollectionTime Present: Photography From The Deutsche Bank Collection by

Time Present: Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection is the first Deutsche Bank exhibition on international photography and features works from the 1970s to the present day by 28 renowned photographers from regions such as Japan, China, India, Europe, and North and South America. Shedding light on the relationship between photography and time, the exhibition explores the myriad ways that photography has made sense of a changing world while highlighting the various technical, formal, and conceptual methods undertaken to expand the artistic potential of the medium. This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue includes artwork captions and essays by the exhibition curators that address the complexities of seeing, and making images, through the photographic medium.

Still Moving: A Triple Bill On The Image Box SetStill Moving: A Triple Bill On The Image Box Set by

Still Moving: A Triple Bill on the Image is a compendium of three publications, focusing on the nature of the image as explored in the art of photography and new media, seen through three co-curated exhibitions at the Singapore Art Museum. In Afterimage: Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia, artists use non-traditional photographic techniques to articulate concerns about the cultural, political and social landscapes of the region. In Time Present: Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection, renowned international artists show the multiple possibilities of photography in history over time. Image & Illusion: Video Works from the Yokohama Museum of Art features new media works that expand their subject matter beyond the limits of the medium and representation. This compendium offers an illuminating perspective on both emerging and established photographic practices internationally. It features over 40 photographers and artists such as Andreas Gursky, Cai Guo-Qiang, Dinh Q Le, Gerhard Richter, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Hiroshi Sugimoto, John Clang, Takashi Ishida, Tadasu Takamine and Yee I-Lann.

Sarong Kebaya: Peranakan Fashion In An Interconnected World 1500-1950Sarong Kebaya: Peranakan Fashion In An Interconnected World 1500-1950 by Lee, Peter

This book traces the history of the costume of Peranakan women; specifically, the sarong, kebaya, and baju panjang. The sarong kebaya is only a starting point, however, for a rich history of language, women, trade, slavery, community formation, and education. Profusely illustrated with a wealth of historical photographs and beautiful images of sarongs and kebayas from a large donation to the Peranakan Museum, as well as those in a private collection, the book will become a valuable reference. Independent scholar Peter Lee has amassed impressive documentation from primary and secondary sources in this highly readable, visually stunning book.

Singapore 365: A Restrospective On 2013Singapore 365: A Restrospective On 2013 by Husken-Ulbrich, Dominique; Amin Zainotdini

Singapore 365 is essential reading for anyone interested in Singapore. Based on interviews, illustrations, maps, articles, pictures, and infographics, this first annual edition of Singapore 365 looks back at the main events of 2013, and thereby witnesses history in the making on the eve of Singapore’s 50th birthday. Singapore 365 is designed to give a comprehensive view of the city-state’s dynamism on politics, society, business, culture, sports, and sustainable development. It aims to provide an up-to-date image of Singapore today in a way that will both inform and entertain.

Seasons by Lim, Thomas

Thomas Lim, one of Singapore's premier florists and interior designers, presents the highlights of his stellar 30-year flower arrangement career. Stunning full-colour photography captures the intricacies of his work, from elegant fresh flower bouquets to silk floral creations. Personal photographs of weddings, interiors and festive celebrations are testament to his infectious desire to breathe life and warmth into his surroundings-an inspiration to aspiring florists, amateur hobbyists and industry professionals alike.

Habit?At by Atelier Hoko

HABIT?AT is an inquiry into how street cats in Singapore inhabit the man-made spaces of the suburban landscapes. This publication explores the intrinsic relationship between cats and their surrounding, encouraging the viewing of our urban landscape not simply as public space but one charged with possibilities through the cats' adaptive appropriation. Their ability to discern subtle qualities and identify 'gifts' from the surrounding is a wisdom that human beings can humbly learn from and apply to our own approach towards dwelling.

Singpowrimo: The Anthology by Ann Ang, Joshua Ip & Pooja Nansi (Eds.)

Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or as we affectionately call it,SingPoWriMo. Write one poem a day for thirty days in the cruel month of April: that was the challenge thrown open to the wilderness of the interwebz. This anthology brings together the best of the hundreds of poems that were submitted, from verses written in response to fiendish "include-all-these-six-words-in-your-poem" challenges, to impromptu poems written on whim. In the spirit of the democratic process of poetry, we feature first-time poets beside established ones, and blackout poems besides long-forgotten forms such as the liwuli.

Powering Your Property Tree: Perspectives From A Seasoned Mortgage Professional by Yip Woon Lye

Powering Your Property Tree is a rich collection of thoughts, insights and practical applications into Singapore's bludgeoning property market by one of the industry's most experienced players and observers. From selecting a property, property prices, affordability, sustainability and property investment returns, Woon Lye has dissected the Singapore property market for both the man-in-the-street as well as savvy property investors. Written in a highly accessible language, this book is a must for those who are planning their first property purchase, as well as those who have chosen to invest in this asset class.

Tapestries: A Teaching Life by Toh Kah Beng

Mrs Toh Kah Beng - a teacher's name which brought both fear and respect into the hearts of generations of students from one of Singapore's top schools. Growing up in the early years of post-war Singapore, Mrs Toh experienced hardship and poverty, but also learnt discipline and perseverance, which she brought to the classroom when she became a teacher; she sought to imbibe in her students at that stage of their young lives. Tapestries is a collection of reflections by Mrs Toh on her life, her principles, her (at times) harsh actions and outlook on dealing with life and young lives in a country coping with the throes of change. Whether in the area of politics, public service, medicine, engineering, real estate or others; students from the schools where she taught never forgot the stern discipline or quiet compassion which she demonstrated as a teacher. Many are now top political leaders, policy makers, leading professionals and leaders in their industries. Arguably, the lessons they learnt from those years have been formative in shaping their own careers and attitudes to a life of service.

Riot Recollections by Zakaria Zainal & Prabhu Silvam

The riot that struck Little India on 8 December 2013 was the worst outbreak of violence Singapore had experienced in four decades. Within minutes, updates-and judgments-poured in thick and fast from netizens around the island and beyond. Both mainstream and alternative media issued their own explanations of the events that unfolded that night. Issues of class, the treatment of migrant workers and the efficiency of the riot force, amongst others, were brought to light for scrutiny in the conversations that followed. When rioters were often simply referred to as a mob-whether unruly and inebriated or as victims of xenophobia and slack legislation-it is easy to forget that individuals were involved. Riot Recollections brings us back to the ground and to the individuals who were in the thick of events at Race Course Road. As the noise from disgruntled and shocked Singaporeans die down, the witnesses now speak, offering a glimpse into a place that still carries the trauma of the riot long after all debris has been cleared.

Quaint Quarterly Issue #01: NostalgiaQuaint Quarterly Issue #01: Nostalgia by Gonzalez, Jonathan (Ed.)

Quaint Quarterly is an independent print journal curating curiosities from the four corners of the web. Primarily focused on long-form articles and eye-catching illustrations, all the content is handpicked for readers who want to read challenging and insightful materials in a well-crafted format. This issue, number 01, features the work of thinkers, writers, and artists whose work is heavily influenced by the idea of Nostalgia. From personal blogs to international publications, from opinion pieces to academic papers, from amateur photographers to award-winning painters, the work gathered is a snapshot of all the incredibly thought-provoking content that can be found online and yet does not necessarily reach all constantly-connected people.

50 Things To Love About Singapore by Leong, Susan

As Singapore marks 50 years of independence, The Straits Times (ST) has put together a book about love. This intimate study of the things we know and love about Singapore is written by some of ST's most authoritative beat reporters. It is a dossier of modern Singapore halfway through her first century, an often surprising composite portrait of the little quirks, incongruities and rhythms of life in Singapore, which we chortle, ruminate and worry over, with familial affection but sometimes also exasperation. It delves into the ironies of nanny state policies and political instincts that die hard among rulers and ruled alike, pricey cars and real estate, a land-scarce city which prizes greenery to the point of fashioning vertical gardens, Singapore's prowess at the most oddball sports and penchant for setting all manner of world records, her own brand of guided multi-racialism, her citizens' preference to complain rather than protest, the fast-growing global cult that is Singapore maths, and the skilful codeswitching that makes it so natural for Singaporeans to eat across many cultural and culinary cost divides. But enduring love is not blind. The writers do not flinch from looking at where Singapore is showing her age and what she has had to leave behind in the quest for her next edge. There is much to love about Singapore at 50. But this has been no easy, ask-no-questions, take-her-as-she-is love.

Eos Art Projects 2010-2013, The by Kerlow, Isaac (Ed.)

The Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) ART Projects presents the six projects produced under the sponsorship of the artists' residencies at the Earth Observatory of Singapore between 2010 and 2013. The projects were showcased at the Singapore Art Museum as part of the Unearthed exhibition from March to July 2014. These contemporary artworks are inspired by Earth, earth hazards, and humans living in hazardous areas. The projects were created within an interdisciplinary collaboration between seven artists and Earth scientists. The EOS artists' residencies started in 2010 as an experiment in interdisciplinary collaboration, and were formalized as a program in 2011. The primary motivations behind the EOS artists' residencies were to encourage the active engagement of regional artists interested in sustainable societies, to provide complementary points of view on scientific research, and to explore innovative methods for Earth science outreach.

Influential Brands: A Documentary Of Their Heroic Rise by

How did the humble curry puff become a public-listed company? How did seaweed move from the dining table to become a popular snack? How was Asia's first network born? How does a 140-year old brand continue its legacy? What is the story behind China's richest man? These questions are starting points and the answers can be discovered in the book. The 200page book features 10 CEOs across six countries with a chapter dedicated to each brand, covering 20 pages in full colour, documenting the Founder's beginning, Brand origin, Brand evolution, Brand model, Brand DNA, Business & brand challenges and Brand performance. The book includes: wisdom from founders; fundamentals of building influential brands in Asia; the brands' evolution and growth across the years; traits, characteristics and peculiarities of top Asian brands; branding and business issues; how these were managed; an appreciation for the value of good branding, and planning and managing brand continuity for the future

Sherlock Sam And The Stolen Script In Balestier (Book 7)Sherlock Sam And The Stolen Script In Balestier (Book 7) by Low, A. J.; Drewscape (Illus.)

After getting in trouble with his parents over the mayhem in MacRitchie, Sherlock Sam was forced to disband the Supper Club. However, his arch-nemesis continues to taunt him. This time, the top secret final script of Singapore's most popular television series is stolen! Can Sherlock Sam, Watson and their friends resolve the dastardly plot twists in their way?

Space Between The Raindrops, TheSpace Between The Raindrops, The by Ker, Justin

Contemplative and filled with possibility, each evanescent story inhabits the fleeting, unrepeatable place between the falling droplets on our island of rain. The Space Between the Raindrops is a remarkable collection of short stories told by a startling new voice.

Trivialities About Me And MyselfTrivialities About Me And Myself by Yeng Pway Ngon; Howard Goldblatt (Trans.)

The Chinese protagonist of Trivialities about Me and Myself, a journalist turned entrepreneur, possesses a split personality. "Me" is a figure consumed by greed and sexual desire, two impulses that undermine his careers, his two marriages, and his relationship with his son. Throughout the novel he engages in a dialogue with his other identity, the moralistic "Myself", whose principled stances try but usually fail to win over his other half.

Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me And Other StoriesTen Things My Father Never Taught Me And Other Stories by Wong, Cyril

A woman learns of a friend's illness and wonders if she ever truly knew him. A boy who sees ghosts heeds the advice of a fortune-teller, with surprising consequences. A girl wakes up and realises everybody in her Bedok neighbourhood has vanished.