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Say It With Poems: Remembering MiloSay It With Poems: Remembering Milo by Chong, Stella Vee

Say It with Poems is a light-hearted way of using poetry to perceive and feel what's happening around us. The first section - "All about Life" - has 26 poems that take you on a journey where you can identify with feelings of love, frustration, joy, and patriotism in uniquely Singaporean-style. The second section - "All about cats" - has 17 poems depicting the struggle of cats around Singapore. This is told through the rescuers' and fosterers' relationship with them and their aspirations for them. The third section - "Remembering Milo" - includes 7 poems dedicated to the author's beloved cat, Milo, who passed unexpectedly at the age of twelve.

Chronicler, The: One Man's Diary On LifeChronicler, The: One Man's Diary On Life by Koh Chye Hock

The unexamined life is not worth living," declared Socrates. In this collective journal, Koh Chye Hock opens the window of his mind as he distils for readers what he believes constitutes a purposeful, meaningful life, based on his 35 years of observing his own life, and others'. Succinct, perspicuous and provocative, the rich array of 225 aphorisms - on life valleys, plains and highlands - will set you thinking, contemplating and envisioning about your own life, and what it could potentially be. Readers will also be captivated by the life of Chye, who grew up as an orphan in the quiet town of Ipoh, Malaysia, to become a successful corporate lawyer in a multinational firm. Live an examined life. The Chronicler will unquestionably evoke your innermost voice, yearning for the profoundest human essence.

Crab, A Shell, And A Little Help, ACrab, A Shell, And A Little Help, A by Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme

Hershie the hermit crab has outgrown his shell. With great determination, he embarks on a journey to find a new shell. Along the way, he meets new animals and discovers more than he expected. Will his effort be rewarded? This book is part of a series of children's books based on Singapore's local wildlife and nature published by Raffles' Institution's Ecological Literacy Programme, and beautifully illustrated by their fellow schoolmates from the Raffles Art Institute.

Tale Of Two Cats, ATale Of Two Cats, A by Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme

It is the middle of the night, and Gus is fast asleep. Thump! Thump! Who could it be? Join in the adventure as two strangers meet, and learn more about each other and their homes. This book is part of a series of children's books based on Singapore's local wildlife and nature published by Raffles' Institution's Ecological Literacy Programme, and beautifully illustrated by their fellow schoolmates from the Raffles Art Institute.

Egrets' Estimated Time Of ArrivalEgrets' Estimated Time Of Arrival by Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme

Hello! We're Ellie, Timmy and Alex but you can call us ETA! We are cattle egrets and right now, we're getting ready to leave! Where are we going? We are heading south the for winter. Come join us as we take in the sights and sounds of Southeast Asia on our first-ever migration! This book is part of a series of children's books based on Singapore's local wildlife and nature published by Raffles' Institution's Ecological Literacy Programme, and beautifully illustrated by their fellow schoolmates from the Raffles Art Institute.

Nonya Heritage Kitchen Origins, Utensils And RecipesNonya Heritage Kitchen Origins, Utensils And Recipes by Ong Jin Teong

The Peranakan or Baba and Nonya culture is the result of intermarriage, from the 15th century, between Chinese immigrants and the local population of Indonesia and Malaya. The resulting fusion of cuisines, however, is not just of China and the Southeast Asian archipelago, but also from Portugal, the Netherlands and England, as well as the places they colonized. Nonya Heritage Kitchen brings together the stories of how popular food, cooking techniques, ingredients and utensils from these spheres of influence interacted to create Nonya cuisine. This telling is via the background and recipes of both well-known and rare dishes such as Bak Chang, Rempah Udang, Sugee Cake, Kiam Chai Ark, Kuih Bahulu, Cheek Bee Soh, Sesargon, and Kuih Koci.Also included is a list of stores and online shops for Nonya kitchen utensils. Here is an extraordinary and practical cookbook that reveals new information about the wide-spread and global roots of Nonya food.

Singapore Malay/Muslim Community, 1819-2015: A BibliographySingapore Malay/Muslim Community, 1819-2015: A Bibliography by Hussin Mutalib, Rokiah Mentol & S. Rosdi (Eds.)

Singapore's Malay (Muslim) community, constituting about 15 per cent of the total population and constitutionally enshrined as the indigenous people of Singapore, have had its fair share of progress and problems in the history of this country. While different aspects of the vicissitudes of life of the community have been written over the years, there has not been a singularly substantive published compendium specifically about the community - in the form of a Bibliography - available. This academic initiative fills this obvious literature gap. The scope and coverage of this Bibliography is manifestly comprehensive, encompassing the different sources of information (print or non-print) about the many facets of life of the Republic's Malays/Muslims - such as education, economy, politics, culture, history, health, language, religion, arts, and more.

Population Policies And Programmes In Singapore (2Nd Ed.)Population Policies And Programmes In Singapore (2Nd Ed.) by Saw Swee Hock

The second edition of Population Policies and Programmes in Singapore presents an up-to-date and comprehensive account of the government's initiatives to influence the course of fertility, and hence the rate of population growth in the island-state of Singapore since the 1960s. The varied population issues and consequences associated with the prolonged below-replacement fertility are discussed in detail. The strength of the book lies in the author's intimate familiarity with the subject acquired through some personal involvement in the formulation of population policies for the country.

From Bukit Larangan To Borobudur: Recent Drawings By Jimmy Ong 2000 - 2015From Bukit Larangan To Borobudur: Recent Drawings By Jimmy Ong 2000 - 2015 by T.K. Sabapathy

This is the first detailed study of Jimmy Ong's art by renowned art historian T. K. Sabapathy. It springs from lengthy, intense conversations between the artist and the writer, excerpts of which are included. Borobudur and Bukit Larangan are thematic drives for examining his recent pictures. Images of 14 drawings from the period will be reproduced on double-spread pages, in addition to 21 illustrations. Jimmy Ong's creative practice is defined by the human figure and by drawing. Whereas figures in earlier works are autonomously dominant, now they dramatise events and encounters between individuals derived from history and mythology; these representations require elaborate depictions of landscape. When we examine these aspects, Jimmy Ong's pictures may be connected with the historical art traditions in Southeast Asia in which narrative is predominant. In looking at these aspects too, Jimmy Ong's works may be related to modern and contemporary representations of narrative in Southeast Asia which have yet to be explored. Intimations of these connections are proposed here.

B For Bear: A Change In Perspective Involves Our ChoicesB For Bear: A Change In Perspective Involves Our Choices by Michelle C; Laura Uy (Illus.)

Will we let our fears define the way we thing? Follow this bear on an adventure as he learns how to see things in a new perspective, with the help of a mythical friend. This charming story is accompanied by dazzling, hand-painted illustrations for all to enjoy!

Our City, Our Home: Singapore Eurasians 1965-2015Our City, Our Home: Singapore Eurasians 1965-2015 by

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday, the Eurasian Association published this SG50 book which features 50 Eurasians from diverse fields of expertise who have contributed in one way or another to Singapore's nation-building over the last fifty years.

Footprints On An Island: Rediscovering Pulau UbinFootprints On An Island: Rediscovering Pulau Ubin by Chua Ee Kiam; Chii Mui Eng; Wong Tuan Wah

This book documents the natural and cultural heritage of one of Singapore's best kept secrets, Pulau Ubin. The story of Pulau Ubin's evolution over the years is a fascinating yet often overlooked part of SG's history. The island is now at the crossroads of how much of its rustic charm to retain and to what extent modernity and development should take place. Due to these challenges, there is a greater urgency to protect its perecious heritage. Contained within these pages are untold stories of some of the island's pioneering residents. inhabitants. Through images and oral histories, readers will be taken through time, through forests unexplored, over idyllic shores and to sites long-forgotten. This book attempts to add to the understanding of Pulau Ubin's past, present and future and so enable more Singaporeans to rediscover and better appreciate the island.

Franchising And Licensing Icons Of Singapore 2015-2016Franchising And Licensing Icons Of Singapore 2015-2016 by

Published by the Franchising and Licensing Association, this coffee-table book provides meaningful and inspirational insight into the franchising and licensing industry. It features various iconic brands and also provides many useful references such as a members' directory, a survey done on the industry and numerous success stories shared exclusively by its members. It is a book that provides a panoramic view of the franchising and licensing landscape in Singapore.

Majulah! 50 Years Of Malay/Muslim Community In SingaporeMajulah! 50 Years Of Malay/Muslim Community In Singapore by Zainul Abidin Rasheed & Norshahril Saat (Eds.)

The Malay/Muslim community, comprising approximately 13% of Singapore's population, is an integral part of modern Singapore's formative years. The community has come a long way and accomplished plenty. This book highlights the progress, the contributions and the challenges of the community for the past 50 years since Singapore's independence in 1965. While progress is significant, challenges remain an uphill battle towards a comprehensive community development.

Death Of A Perm SecDeath Of A Perm Sec by Wong Souk Yee

Death of a Perm Sec is a mystery about the demise of the permanent-secretary of the housing ministry, Chow Sze Teck, accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes over his career. Set in 1980's Singapore, the novel examines the civil servant's death, which first appears to be suicide by a cocktail of alcohol, morphine and Valium. But upon investigation by a CID inspector who might not be what he seems, the family discovers there may be far more sinister circumstances behind his death, that reach to the very top of government. The novel exposes the dark heart of power politics, from the country's tumultuous post-independence days to the socio-political landscape of the 1980s.

At Home From Pot To Pot: Bringing The Joy And Health Benefits Of Plants Into The HomeAt Home From Pot To Pot: Bringing The Joy And Health Benefits Of Plants Into The Home by Menezes, Pauline

Discover the joy planting your own herbs and spices, and cooking with them! Take your cooking to the next level by incorporating fresh home-grown herbs and spices! At Home From Pot to Pot is a fully illustrated guide on how to grow 16 different herbs and spices and using them to prepare 30 healthy and wholesome dishes with exciting flavours that are sure to delight.

Herbalicious: Contemporary Cooking With Chinese HerbsHerbalicious: Contemporary Cooking With Chinese Herbs by Wong, Joanna

In this collection of more than 50 original recipes, Chinese herbal cuisine specialist Joanna Wong introduces readers to a contemporary approach to cooking with Chinese herbs. In collaboration with a team of garlanded chefs from around the world, Joanna brings together a unique and ambitious collection of recipes that prove that Chinese herbs are far more flexible ingredients than you could ever have thought. Herbalicious contains a diversity of international recipes, from east to west; and for all occasions, including salads and soups, main courses, desserts and drinks. Complete with a comprehensive illustrated guide to Chinese herbs, and complemented with Joanna's insights to the properties, health benefits and taste profiles of the herbs used in each recipe, Herbalicious charts a new path to contemporary cooking with Chinese herbs for the modern table.

Leap: Journey Of A Young Global Leader From SingaporeLeap: Journey Of A Young Global Leader From Singapore by Yap Kwong Weng

Yap Kwong Weng makes a compelling case for the need to adapt in today's world. From extreme experiences in US Navy Seal training to trekking 100 km across the Taklamakan Desert in China to doing business in a leading Oil & Gas company in Myanmar, the author shares his insights into what he has learnt and suggests ways to strengthen your purpose and how to keep going when the odds are stacked against you. To raise awareness for the UN Millennium Goals, he trekked across the Taklamakan Desert in 2010. This book tells his story.

Long Long Time Ago (Part 2): Some Endings Are New BeginningsLong Long Time Ago (Part 2): Some Endings Are New Beginnings by Neo, Jack; James Teo (Illus.)

Set in the early years of Singapore's independence, this sequel to Long Long Time Ago traces the journey of a typical Singaporean family living in a kampong. The story revolves around the life of widow Zhao Di as she struggles to provide for her family amid the rapid changes in the country. She inadvertently inherits her father's farmland after her two brothers reject it in favour of better jobs. She takes on the back-breaking work of rearing pigs and labouring in a coal factory to make ends meet. In spite of events that threaten to break her down and tear her family apart, Zhao Di remains indomitable, and the bonds that the family forged with friends and neighbours in the kampong enables them to make the most out of the government's expropriation of their land for development. Relive the many challenging moments Singapore faced as it emerged from being an underdeveloped nation and transformed itself into the city it is today through this beautifully illustrated book.

Yi Shou Shi De Shi Jian 2015 (In The Space Of A Poem)Yi Shou Shi De Shi Jian 2015 (In The Space Of A Poem) by Hu Xingzi (Ed.)

Co-published by TrendLit and Ethos Books, In the Space of a Poem 2015 is an anthology of Chinese poems that were submitted over a month-long open call on Facebook, from 1 to 30 June 2015. A theme would be introduced every morning and poets would write a piece in response to it. This book is a collection of their responses and they give an indication of the diverse voices in the next generation of Singapore Chinese poets.