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Teacher's Memoirs, ATeacher's Memoirs, A by Ang-Lee Lai Kuin

This book of memoirs, covering the author's years at Hwa Chong Junior College as a pioneer teacher from its very first year, shares the history and traditions of the College, whose deep rooted ethos and spirit help it to consistently deliver many top students and scholars into the best local and most prestigious universities overseas. These memoirs also record and share the travails and distressing times of the College, as it was forced to spend several years 'on the move' in temporary premises. The memoirs also share the triumphs of the College's students and student Councillors as they excel not only in their studies but also in various Co-Curricular Activities, and in leadership appointments - while enjoying their College life.

Library Of MystoryLibrary Of Mystory by Chern, Heroald

There was once a prince who was playful and cared little about what happened in his kingdom. However, as was tradition, he was to choose a girl to marry in a few months' time, when he would reach the age of twenty-one. His parents decided to send him to a school for nobles in hopes of him finding someone he fancied. Through a twist of fate, he met Ida, a studious girl from his class who wasn't even a noble, and together they discovered the Library of Mystory. There they uncovered a secret so big that it would change their fate and the fate of the kingdom forever.

National Gallery Singapore: Art SpacesNational Gallery Singapore: Art Spaces by Ang, Pauline

Situated in Singapore's two national monuments, the building of National Gallery Singapore balances the need to create a distinct identity for the art spaces with a simultaneous celebration of architectural, cultural and historical significance, telling a story of competition, challenges, preservation and innovation.

Iskandar Jalil: Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels)Iskandar Jalil: Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels) by Low Sze Wee; Seng Yu Jin

Iskandar Jalil is celebrated as one of Southeast Asia's most prominent ceramicists. Known for his high level of discipline, tenacity and dedication, this Colombo Plan scholar is a recipient of multiple accolades including the Cultural Medallion and the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette for his outstanding achievement in visual arts. Published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at National Gallery Singapore, this catalogue illuminates Iskandar Jalil's enduring relationship with clay, his journey to become a master in his craft and the pivotal role he plays in expanding the practice of ceramics.

Iskandar Jalil: Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels) (Collector's Edition) by Low Sze Wee; Seng Yu Jin

Iskandar Jalil is celebrated as one of Southeast Asia's most prominent ceramicists. Published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at National Gallery Singapore, this catalogue illuminates Iskandar Jalil's enduring relationship with clay, his journey to become a master in his craft and the pivotal role he plays in expanding the practice of ceramics. This slipcased collector's edition of the catalogue, bearing the artist's signature, has been produced to commemorate this landmark exhibition. Featuring exquisite hand-finished production techniques, no two covers in this numbered edition of 300 are alike.

Singapore Perspectives 2015 - ChoicesSingapore Perspectives 2015 - Choices by Soon, Carol; Su Fern Hoe (Eds.)

The book is a collection of papers presented at Singapore Perspectives 2015 by leading thought leaders and eminent speakers, reflecting on the critical decisions made in Singapore's past so as to envision strategic paths that the country should take in the future. In line with reflecting on Singapore's past, the book will include a full report on a survey of 1,500 Singaporeans' perceptions of 50 historical events from independence to now.

50 Years Of Technical Education In Singapore: How To Build A World Class Tvet System50 Years Of Technical Education In Singapore: How To Build A World Class Tvet System by N. Varaprasad

This book describes in vivid detail how a newly independent nation with neither a history of technical education nor industry, developed in a short period of time a world-class system of technical and vocational education that helped it make rapid progress in its manufacturing and industrial sector. The Singapore Technical Vocational Education and Training story demonstrates how governmental support helped changed the image of technical and vocational education to one equal with higher education, yet including bridges and ladders to allow everyone to maximize their potential.

50 Years Of Indian Community In Singapore by Pillai, Gopinath; K Kesavapany

From Tamils to Malayalees, from Bengalis to Punjabis, the diverse Indian community in Singapore has played a large part in building the country. This celebratory volume highlights the progress, contributions and challenges of the community for the past 50 years since Singapore's independence in 1965.

50 Years Of Environment: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental Sustainability50 Years Of Environment: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental Sustainability by Yong Soon Tan (Ed.)

This book takes the reader through Singapore's environmental journey over the past 50 years, to its present day challenges and solutions, and seeks to explore what lies ahead for Singapore's environmental future. This book is divided into three parts. The first will explore the historical developments in Singapore's environmental journey and the development of NEWater. The second part will be a collection of essays that examine the present environmental challenges that Singapore faces and the ways in which it is addressing those issues through community engagement, international engagement, research and technology, and industry solutions in order to develop sustainable strategies and solutions. Part Three will tie the historical and contemporary threads together and discusses the future challenges for Singapore's environment.

Singapore-China Relations: 50 YearsSingapore-China Relations: 50 Years by Zheng Yongnian & Liang Fook Lye (Eds.)

Showcasing the substantive and multi-faceted Singapore-China relationship, this book examines the political, economic, socio-cultural, people-to-people and even military exchanges between the two countries. It also highlights flagship projects and other key private sector-led projects that have become hallmarks of bilateral cooperation. The book argues that the current level of cooperation is built on the earlier foundation laid by Lee Kuan Yew and Deng Xiaoping. Rather than simply provide an overview of bilateral relations, the book highlights the unique or distinguishing features of the Singapore-China relationship.

Art In Transit: Circle Line Mrt - SingaporeArt In Transit: Circle Line Mrt - Singapore by Zhuang, Justin; Andrew Mead; Koh Hui Ting

The Land Transport Authority's Art in Transit programme is Singapore's largest public art programme, integrating artworks by the country's leading artists with the stations of its Mass Rapid Transit system. The Circle Line MRT features 32 artworks commissioned by the Land Transport Authority that are integrated into the fabric of the stations. Conceived and created by artists practicing across a variety of disciplines, the artworks connect people to local histories, geographies and communities. This book describes how each of the artworks on the Circle was conceived and produced, with insights and comments from the people who made it possible.

Art In Transit: North East Line Mrt - SingaporeArt In Transit: North East Line Mrt - Singapore by Tan Su Yen

The artworks that grace the stations and link ways of the North East Line represent a broad spectrum of artistic style and mediums created by the hands of the best and brightest of Singapore's art world. Unlike freestanding artworks in existing MRT stations, the artworks on the North East Line are fully integrated into the station's spaces to allow commuters to appreciate their rich colors, shapes and textures afresh each time they travel. Art in Transit tells the story of the creation of the artworks on the North East Line and the many outstanding individuals who made it possible.

Chinese Education In Singapore: An Untold Story Of Conflict And ChangeChinese Education In Singapore: An Untold Story Of Conflict And Change by Zhang Zhixiong

The story of the conflict in Singapore's Chinese community was always told from the viewpoint of the British colonizers. A coolie's perspective was never written down. Until now. Set between the founding of Singapore and the shuttering of Nanyang University, this narrative is a colorful account of secret societies and their wars, of Sinitic languages and dialects, and of suppressions by a colonial government in a free port. Its pages are not crammed with historical facts and dates, but filled with the experiences of Chinese migrants over a 200-year period. It is an impression of their achievement and a witness to their weakness of character.

Histories, Practices, Interventions: A Reader In Singapore Contemporary ArtHistories, Practices, Interventions: A Reader In Singapore Contemporary Art by Say, Jeffrey; Seng Yu Jin (Eds.)

What are the ideas, practices, issues and institutions that have shaped contemporary art in Singapore? Histories, Practices, Interventions: A Reader in Singapore Contemporary Art presents an anthology of writings on Singapore contemporary art since the 1970s. Editors Jeffrey Say and Seng Yu Jin have selected 33 wide-ranging essays by leading art historians, art critics, curators, artists, playwrights and academics. Comprising texts that reflect diverse writing styles and modes of expression-from personal narrative to theoretical texts to manifestos-this book is an essential resource for students, researchers and art lovers alike.

Recollections Of Life In An Accidental NationRecollections Of Life In An Accidental Nation by Alfred Wong Hong Kwok; Lai Chee Kien (Eds.)

Alfred Wong Hong Kwok is an architect whose working career spanned more than half a century. He was deeply involved in the birth of our local architectural institutions, and was the President of the Singapore Institute of Architects for four years. He has designed many significant buildings that paralleled the physical and social developments of modern Singapore. From the SATA clinic in Changi and several parish churches, he subsequently designed the National Theatre, the Marco Polo Hotel, the Singapore Polytechnic campus, Saint Joseph's Institution, the PSA Keppel Distripark, and many other important buildings and building complexes. This book chronicles a lifelong passion for architecture and music, two themes that recur in the book chapters. It also details a life that has been interwoven into significant eras of Singapore's development beyond its status as an accidental nation.

Singapore, My Country: Biography Of M. Bala Subramanion by Nilanjana Sengupta

This book tells the story of M Bala Subramanion, a second-generation Indian who lost his father to the Death Railway, witnessed Subhas Chandra Bose at the Padang and later emerged as not only a senior civil servant but the man behind multiple social interventions, living in a fast evolving Singapore. The histories of the man and his nation remain seamlessly intertwined, each peppered with equal doses of endeavour, ingenuity and a sheer will to survive!

Simple Beginnings: Building A Life Of Integrity, Resilience And ServiceSimple Beginnings: Building A Life Of Integrity, Resilience And Service by Tan Eng Liang; Lynn Tan

This is the autobiography of Dr Tan Eng Liang, who was Singapore's first Rhodes Scholar, a former Senior Minister of State, an Olympian, and is the current Vice-President of the Singapore National Olympic Council.

Kampung Tempe: Voices From A Malay VillageKampung Tempe: Voices From A Malay Village by Yahaya Sanusi & Hidayah Amin

The product of primary oral history research that spanned several years, this book captures glimpses of Kampung Tempe's varied history and records stories of life in the kampong, and of how the villagers produced tempe or fermented soya bean cakes. Kampung Tempe was a Javanese/Malay kampong located at Jalan Haji Alias in Bukit Timah. The only remaining trace of the kampung is the presence of the kampung's mosque, Masjid Al-Huda, which was in the past referred to as Masjid Kampung Tempe.

Say It With Poems: Remembering MiloSay It With Poems: Remembering Milo by Chong, Stella Vee

Say It with Poems is a light-hearted way of using poetry to perceive and feel what's happening around us. The first section - "All about Life" - has 26 poems that take you on a journey where you can identify with feelings of love, frustration, joy, and patriotism in uniquely Singaporean-style. The second section - "All about cats" - has 17 poems depicting the struggle of cats around Singapore. This is told through the rescuers' and fosterers' relationship with them and their aspirations for them. The third section - "Remembering Milo" - includes 7 poems dedicated to the author's beloved cat, Milo, who passed unexpectedly at the age of twelve.

Chronicler, The: One Man's Diary On LifeChronicler, The: One Man's Diary On Life by Koh Chye Hock

The unexamined life is not worth living," declared Socrates. In this collective journal, Koh Chye Hock opens the window of his mind as he distils for readers what he believes constitutes a purposeful, meaningful life, based on his 35 years of observing his own life, and others'. Succinct, perspicuous and provocative, the rich array of 225 aphorisms - on life valleys, plains and highlands - will set you thinking, contemplating and envisioning about your own life, and what it could potentially be. Readers will also be captivated by the life of Chye, who grew up as an orphan in the quiet town of Ipoh, Malaysia, to become a successful corporate lawyer in a multinational firm. Live an examined life. The Chronicler will unquestionably evoke your innermost voice, yearning for the profoundest human essence.