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3Rd Asean Reader, The3Rd Asean Reader, The by Ooi Kee Beng, Sanchita Basu Das Et Al (Comp.)

Over the past two decades, ISEAS has compiled abridged articles that analyse key aspects of Southeast Asia's development and the ASEAN process. The past decade has not been spared its share of intense changes, with the rise of China and India bringing new challenges to the region's power equation, and the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite this, the momentum towards an integrated ASEAN community has been maintained. The articles in The Third ASEAN Reader study the trends and events of recent years, and discuss the immediate future of Southeast Asia.

Security And Modernity In Southeast AsiaSecurity And Modernity In Southeast Asia by Rappa, Antonio L.

Security and Modernity in Southeast Asia is a basic text for university students researching Security Studies. The book contains the basics of Security Studies including the various Schools of thought: realism, liberalism, constructivism, and structuralism. It takes a global perspective as all security issues will impact on other states, nations, territories and territorial claims. Real life examples have been taken from Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia to illustrate the contemporary issues and themes.

Buddhist Dynamics In Premodern And Early Modern Southeast AsiaBuddhist Dynamics In Premodern And Early Modern Southeast Asia by Lammerts, D. Christian (Ed.)

The study of historical Buddhism in premodern and early modern Southeast Asia stands at an exciting and transformative juncture. The twelve essays in this collection, written by leading scholars in Buddhist Studies and Southeast Asian history, epigraphy, and archaeology, comprise the latest research in the field to deal with the dynamics of mainland and (pen)insular Buddhism between the sixth and nineteenth centuries C.E. Drawing on new manuscript sources, inscriptions, and archaeological data, they investigate the intellectual, ritual, institutional, sociopolitical, aesthetic, and literary diversity of local Buddhisms, and explore their connected histories and contributions to the production of intraregional and transregional Buddhist geographies.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #09: Managing Migration In Myanmar And Thailand: Economic Reforms, Policies, Practices And ChallengesTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #09: Managing Migration In Myanmar And Thailand: Economic Reforms, Policies, Practices And Challenges by Amporn Jirattikorn

The migrant workforce in Thailand, the majority of whom are from Myanmar, is an integral part of the economy. The changing economic and political landscapes in both Myanmar and Thailand demand an assessment of the impact these changes will have on the migration patterns of Myanmar nationals. The return of a large number of Myanmar migrants could result in labour shortage in Thailand, an increase in the cost of migrant labour, and an eventual increase in the cost of production. A large wave of returnees could make it difficult for Myanmar to provide enough jobs to accommodate them. Further, foreign remittance payments from Myanmar workers are a large source of revenue for the Myanmar government and the return of a large number of Myanmar migrants would result in significant financial losses for the government.

Chimes Of The Soul: Verses From The Deep WithinChimes Of The Soul: Verses From The Deep Within by Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal

In 2008, Shilpa was struck by Bell's Palsy, leaving her face paralyzed and limp over several agonizing months. This made her delve deeper into herself, beyond her physical appearance. She soon lost her father and missed her almost daily telephonic conversations with him. This had a great impact on her and one evening Shilpa found a sudden urge to write, and she has not stopped since then. Chimes of the Soul is written in simple easy-to-read language, portraying the writer's reflections and observations. The poems touch topics like life, resilience and inspiration. Each poem is beautifully illustrated by simple line artwork.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #08: Strategic Possibilities And Limitations For Abe's Japan In Southeast AsiaTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #08: Strategic Possibilities And Limitations For Abe's Japan In Southeast Asia by Lee, John

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's desire for Japan to play a more proactive role in strategic affairs stems largely from not just his concern about the nature of China's rise but the challenge to the post-war liberal regional order that the latter's rise and behaviour presents. Any disruption to that order is perceived to be extremely detrimental to Japan's core national interest. The concern with reinforcing and strengthening the existing regional order is causing Japan to take far greater strategic interest in Southeast Asia and also reflects lessons learnt from Abe's first time in office . The increased Japanese strategic interest in Southeast Asia is welcomed by all key states in Southeast Asia and the United States, meaning that the growing Japan-Southeast Asian strategic dynamic is mutually reinforcing. Japanese desire to play a more proactive strategic role in Southeast Asia needs to be understood alongside its post-war constitutional limitations.

Kajian Perbandingan Pantun Melayu Dengan Nyanyian Rakyat CinaKajian Perbandingan Pantun Melayu Dengan Nyanyian Rakyat Cina by Xu You Nian

Buku ini bukan sahaja adalah hasil penyemakan dan penambahbaikan secara menyeluruh dengan mengintegrasikan bahan kajian yang terbaharu dengan sudut pandangan serta kaedah kajian yang terbaharu setelah mengambil masa setengah hayat hidup saya, tetapi juga mengajukan model kajian terhadap pantun yang baru dengan melibatkan banyak negara. Oleh sebab itu, buku ini diharap dapat membawa pembaikan dan peningkatan kepada kajian terhadap pantun tidak kira sama ada dari segi ruang lingkup kajian (yang luas dan mendalam), sudut pandangan, cara kajian dan bahan kajian yang kaya ataupun ketepatan hujah - berasaskan bahan yang digunakan sebagai bukti. Nilai kajian ini juga terletak pada ia bukan sahaja boleh mengisi kekosongan dalam kajian seumpama ini di China, malah juga membantu menambah satu lagi lapisan kebudayaan ke atas batu asas hubungan dan pertukaran kebudayaan, selain perkembangan ekonomi dan politik antara China dengan negara-negara di Alam Melayu pada masa sekarang.

Southeast Asian Affairs 2015Southeast Asian Affairs 2015 by Daljit Singh (Ed.)

Southeast Asian Affairs is an annual volume that provides, without fear or favour, informed and in-depth annual analyses of the vibrant region and its component countries.

Southeast Asian Affairs 2015Southeast Asian Affairs 2015 by Daljit Singh (Ed.)

Southeast Asian Affairs is an annual volume that provides, without fear or favour, informed and in-depth annual analyses of the vibrant region and its component countries.

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable LivesGreat Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives by

A profusely illustrated, hard-bound catalogue to accompany the exhibition. Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives presents historical essays on Peranakan culture and entries on each of the fifty men and women selected for the exhibition.

Lontar #4: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative FictionLontar #4: The Journal Of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction by Lundberg, Jason Erik (Ed.)

This fourth issue presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Inside these pages, you'll find: the harsh realities of living as a refugee within a calorie-based economy by acclaimed award-winner Paolo Bacigalupi; the uneasy combination of domestic troubles and virtual reality from Palanca Prize winner Kate Osias; the unexpected and complete disappearance of Singapore itself from Singapore Literature Prize winner Ng Yi-Sheng; a surreal trip through alternate worlds from Philippines Free Press Literary Prize winner Eliza Victoria; an eerie meeting with chanteuse Faye Wong during a Malaysian holiday from Andrew Cheah; and speculative poetry from Michael Gray, Joses Ho, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Cyril Wong and Jerrold Yam.

Global Economic Uncertainties And Southeast Asian EconomiesGlobal Economic Uncertainties And Southeast Asian Economies by Suthiphand Chirathivat, C. Sabhasri Et Al (Eds.)

The aftermath of the global economic breakdown in 2008-9 underscores the risks facing Southeast Asia's growth prospects. Although the region has demonstrated exceptional resilience to external shocks emanating from economic powerhouses around the globe, Southeast Asia is in dire need of an optimal policy mix of macroeconomic and trade policy measures that differ by country, underpin domestic demand, and revive domestic economies. This book offers in-depth, region-specific economic policy discourse that illuminates how a policy push is at work in the region, and sheds light on room for strengthening regional cooperation.

Templer And The Road To Malayan Independence: The Man And His TimeTempler And The Road To Malayan Independence: The Man And His Time by Comber, Leon

Dr Comber's account of General Templer's administration in Malaya as High Commissioner and Director of Operations during the Malayan Emergency departs from the usually accepted orthodox assessment of his time in Malaya by focusing on the political and socio-economic aspects of his governance rather than the military. The evidence and facts that Dr Comber marshals in this study reflect well the reservations that were often felt about General Templer's authoritarian form of government. While he was a good general and had an impressive military record, his administration in Malaya was marred by a lack of understanding of the background to Malaya's history and the subtleties that are inherent in its culture and way of life which would have enabled him to come to terms more easily with the aspirations of the Malayan people for self-government and independence.

Mirror Images In Different Frames? Johor, The Riau Islands, And Competition For Investment From SingaporeMirror Images In Different Frames? Johor, The Riau Islands, And Competition For Investment From Singapore by Hutchinson, Francis E.

In the early 1990s, Singapore, the Malaysian state of Johor, and the Riau Islands in Indonesia sought to leverage their proximity, differing factor endowments, and good logistics connections to market themselves as an integrated unit. Now, however, the situation is markedly different. The provincial government of the Riau Islands has turned away from export-oriented industrialization, preferring instead to promote cultural sub-nationalism and traditional economic activities such as fishing and small-scale farming. This development is counter-intuitive. Traditional fiscal federalism theory argues that decentralization encourages competition between provinces for investment, jobs, and growth. While Indonesia has undergone one of the world's most far-reaching decentralization reforms, Malaysia has pursued a consistent centralization campaign at the expense of state governments. Thus, we would expect the Riau Islands entrepreneurial drive to be unleashed, and Johor's to be smothered. However, Johor's drive for capital is undiminished, while the Riau Islands pursuit of investment has dissipated. This monograph will explore the reasons for this paradox.

History Of Southeast Asia: Critical CrossroadsHistory Of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads by Reid, Anthony

This volume presents a comprehensive history of Southeast Asia from our earliest knowledge of its civilizations and religious patterns up to the present day. It incorporates environmental, social, economic, and gender issues to tell a multi-dimensional story of Southeast Asian history from earliest times to the present. It argues that while the region remains a highly diverse mix of religions, ethnicities, and political systems, it demands more attention for how it manages such diversity while being receptive to new ideas and technologies. It demonstrates how Southeast Asia can offer alternatives to state-centric models of history more broadly

Chinese Houses Of Southeast Asia: The Eclectic Architecture Of Sojourners And SettlersChinese Houses Of Southeast Asia: The Eclectic Architecture Of Sojourners And Settlers by Knapp, Ronald G.

This is an authoritative book on the subject of hybrid architecture built by successful Chinese immigrants and their descendents in Southeast Asia. It includes hundreds of photographs and information on the historical contexts of the buildings.

25 Tropical Houses In Singapore And Malaysia25 Tropical Houses In Singapore And Malaysia by Mcgillick, Paul; Patrick Bingham-Hall (Photo)

This book is at its heart about buildings that share a common spirit: structures that are home to a diverse cross-section of families around Singapore and Malaysia. The luxury homes in this book illustrate how architects work with, rather than against, the singular landscape to generate beautiful tropical homes embellished with modern Asian decor.

Swiftlets Of Borneo: Builders Of Edible Nests by Lim Chan Koon & Earl Of Cranbrook

Since the close of the 16th century AD, the edible nests of swiftlets have aroused the perplexed curiosity of European travellers to South-east Asia, while at the same time providing one of the most important constituents of traditional Chinese medicine. For both cultures — western and eastern — this book clarifies the nature of these nests, the troglodytic lives of the birds that build them, and the exploitation of this highly valuable natural resource. Successively, and together, the two authors have studied these matters for 55 years, from Sarawak through the length and breadth of Borneo and beyond. Borneo is now the world’s most important source of wild edible nests. These are built by four species of swiftlets, three of which echolocate while the fourth does not. This significant difference is reflected in details of the birds’ breeding cycles, elucidated in full for the first time in these pages. With this clear understanding, it is at last possible to recommend procedures, now proven by the lead author’s work to be effective, for the sustainable management of this unique wildlife resource. There is, at last, real hope for successful programmes of sustainable management. The advice is contained within these pages!

Kristang Family Cookbook, AKristang Family Cookbook, A by Nunis, Melba

Melba Majella Nunis, known affectionately to her family and friends as Mel, is of Malacca-Portuguese descent. She has been cooking all of her life, and recently opened her own restaurant, Simply Mel's, that serves up home-cooked Kristang cuisine. In this book, you'll find over 60 delicious and uncomplicated recipes: from fiery favourites like Debal Curry to family recipes like Black Sotong Sambal; you will find festive dishes like Kristang Pie, traditional desserts such as Sago Biji Gula Melaka, and Kristang tea-time treats like Pang Su See. Every recipe is accompanied by at least one beautiful, full-colour photograph.

Written In BlackWritten In Black by Lim, Kh

A darkly humorous coming-of-age novel set in Brunei on the island of Borneo, Written in Black offers a snapshot of a few days in the life of ten-year-old Jonathan Lee, attending the funeral of his Ah Kong, or grandfather, and still reeling from the drama of his mother leaving for Australia and his brother getting kicked out of the house and joining a rock band. Annoyed at being the brunt of his father's pent-up anger, Jonathan escapes his grandfather's wake in an empty coffin and embarks on a journey through the backwaters of Brunei to bring his disowned brother back for the funeral and to learn the truth about his absent mother. On a quest that takes him across the little-known Sultanate, past gangs of glue-sniffing poklans (Brunei's teenage delinquents), cursed houses and weird shopkeepers, Jonathan discovers adventure, courage, friendship and, finally, himself.