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Ancient Postcards On Rice In The Golden PeninsulaAncient Postcards On Rice In The Golden Peninsula by Poupon, Roland

Ancient Postcards on Rice in the Golden Peninsula focuses on rice cultivation in mainland Southeast Asia, encompassing Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Through the analysis of old postcards, this book shows all aspects of rice culture from landscaping to trading, including land preparation, irrigation, sowing and transplantation, harvesting and threshing, postharvest processes, transportation, sales and consumption, but it also speaks about people, their homes, and their rituals.

Asean Looks West: Asean And The Gulf RegionAsean Looks West: Asean And The Gulf Region by Hermann, Wifried A.; Peter Lehr

This is the first major study analyzing the relationship between ASEAN and the Gulf region. A newly formed international team of eleven scholars and experts from seven different countries under the umbrella of the Thai-registered nonprofit organization Human Development Forum Foundation provides some interesting insights in security and economic developments on both sides of the newly introduced Southern Asian Maritime Corridor stretching from Qatar to the Philippines. What are the major challenges and opportunities for the ASEAN Community and the Gulf region? The scholar team answers these questions by extensively analyzing the strategic framework from an ASEAN perspective, highlighting the three-pillar strategy of the ASEAN Community, and then addressing two major security issues: the maritime component and religious fanaticism.

Karen Language Phrasebook: Basics Of Sgaw DialectKaren Language Phrasebook: Basics Of Sgaw Dialect by Rhoden, T. F

Comprehensive guide to the basics of Sgaw dialect of Karen language. Learn key phrases and words to use with any Karen companion, whether they live in Myanmar, Thailand, or wherever in the world. Phrasebook is for more than just learning to survive in a Karen-speaking environment. The goal is also to help you make new friends.

Heat: A Southeast Asian Urban AnthologyHeat: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology by Khairani Barokka & Ng Yi-Sheng

This collection of stories is gathered from six different Southeast Asian nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore. As part of the selection process, the editors tried to select the more unexpected, thoughtful and risk-taking from the available pool of writing, forging from them a compendium of twisted, tender visions of the region.

Flesh: A Southeast Asian Urban AnthologyFlesh: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology by Khaw, Cassandra; Angeline Woon

This anthology comprises works of writers from all over Southeast Asia, exploring what it is like to be flesh in this urban environment, a situation akin to that of the tightly-fitted cellular bodies that make up organs. And from organs, bodies, people, echoes, cities ... on to galaxies.

Trash: A Southeast Asian Urban AnthologyTrash: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology by Alfar, Dean Francis; Marc De Faoite (Eds.)

TRASH is part of a threesome of Southeast Asian urban anthologies. The other two are called HEAT and FLESH. It features stories about Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. The writers have sorted through the 'trash' and found things that can be valued as still useful, things that deserve to be salvaged, and recycled, or reused, but they also point unflinchingly at structures, strictures, and modes of thought that have clearly served their time and must be discarded.

Early Mainland Southeast Asia: From First Humans To AngkorEarly Mainland Southeast Asia: From First Humans To Angkor by Higham, Charles

This synthesis of the latest archaeological discoveries in Southeast Asia begins with the early hunter gatherers and concludes with the early states, with particular reference to Angkor. In conjunction with his own excavations in Northeast Thailand, Charles Higham reviews the important culture of the Iron Age that gave rise to these early civilizations. This book is the only up-to-date account of the ancient cultures of a diverse and geographically expansive area and is a unique compendium, essential for all those interested in this region.

Visual Celebration Of Borneo's WildlifeVisual Celebration Of Borneo's Wildlife by Lai, Fanny; Bjorn Olesen

Illustrated with more than 350 images, taken by Bjorn Olesen and other wildlife photographers, this is a photographic tribute to the most spectacular wildlife species on the second-largest tropical island on Earth. It displays nature's beauty, revealing many private moments of the astonishing biodiversity of Borneo, where nature runs riot. It also describes the top 16 wildlife locations in Borneo, with a comprehensive list of recommended reading, websites and blogs provided.

Moving The Aec Beyond 2015: Managing Domestic Consensus For Community-BuildingMoving The Aec Beyond 2015: Managing Domestic Consensus For Community-Building by Tham Siew Yean & Sanchita Basu Das (Eds.)

The ten Southeast Asian economies reached a milestone on 31 December 2015, when they announced the formation of an ASEAN Community. The economic pillar, the ASEAN Economic Community, has generated immense debate, due to its expected quantifiable benefits to member countries. This book aims to explain the need for building domestic consensus within the member countries. It starts with an overview chapter describing the current achievements of the AEC. It then explores possible explanations for the achievements/non-achievements and offers a hypothesis on conflicting economic interests in a country as one possible explanation for gaps in implementation.

Southeast Asian Affairs 2016Southeast Asian Affairs 2016 by Cook, Malcolm; Daljit Singh

Southeast Asian Affairs is an annual volume that provides, without fear or favour, informed and in-depth annual analyses of the vibrant region and its component countries.

Quest For The Great Pearl, TheQuest For The Great Pearl, The by Chew, Patricia G. I

There is trouble brewing in the exotic Evergreen Forest. Rex the Lion and Rajah the Elephant are very concerned about it. To restore peace and order, the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl. A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as The Crystal Mountain and The Land of a Thousand Waters.

Mystery Of The Missing Tapirs, TheMystery Of The Missing Tapirs, The by Chew, Patricia G. I

Evergreen Forest is once again abuzz with activity. Someone has kidnapped the young tapirs and Duke Duck. Who is the wicked mastermind behind these kidnappings? What is his motive? Join Tony Tapir and his friends as they crack secret passwords and uncover the identity of the mysterious Purple Peril.

Asean + 3: People, Business, TravelAsean + 3: People, Business, Travel by Horton, Chris; Chris Taylor

In 1997, leaders of the 10 member countries of the ASEAN plus China, Japan and South Korea attended an informal summit which began the ASEAN+3 cooperation. Since then, the extent of this cooperation has expanded to include a wide range of political, social and economic areas.This special set of three books begins by introducing the organisation, key principles and functions of ASEAN and ASEAN+3. Each book in the set is essentially a guide to a different aspect of the ASEAN+3 member countries - people, business and travel - and provides a useful profile for each of those 13 states.

Asean Economic Community And Beyond, The: Myths And RealitiesAsean Economic Community And Beyond, The: Myths And Realities by Sanchita Basu Das

The ASEAN Community, integrating the political, economic and social aspects of regional cooperation, will complete its first milestone by December 2015. This collection of 22 essays offers a rich analysis of ASEAN's own economic integration and other related initiatives proliferating in the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Seeing The Kites Again: The Wu Guanzhong Donation CollectionSeeing The Kites Again: The Wu Guanzhong Donation Collection by Siew, Sara (Ed.)

This book features all 128 Wu Guanzhong works in the National Collection of Singapore. It is complemented by four essays which contextualise the artist's life and practice, as well as a biographical timeline.

Chua Ek Kay: After The RainChua Ek Kay: After The Rain by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

Chua Ek Kay is one of Singapore's leading ink practitioners. This National Gallery Singapore exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Chua's artistic development as well as pivotal milestones in his career. It features key works, ranging from 1975 to 2007, including some of his final works. This is the first time such a comprehensive survey has been carried out. This publication documents the artist family's generous donation to the national collection and provides an overview of Chua's career through his key works and major thematic series. It also contains newly commissioned essays and a detailed biographical timeline.

Between Declarations And Dreams: Art Of Southeast Asia Since The 19Th CenturyBetween Declarations And Dreams: Art Of Southeast Asia Since The 19Th Century by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

The National Gallery Singapore's opening exhibition "Between Declarations and Dreams: Art of Southeast Asia since the 19th Century", featuring more than 300 artworks, aims to provide a regional narrative of the modern art of Southeast Asia from the 19th century to the present. This exhibition catalogue, which includes a number of important essays, was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Siapa Nama Kamu? Art In Singapore Since The 19Th CenturySiapa Nama Kamu? Art In Singapore Since The 19Th Century by Low Sze Wee (Ed.)

The National Gallery's exhibition "Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore since the 19th Century" aims to provide visitors with an understanding and appreciation of Singapore art, its development and links with Southeast Asia, Asia and other parts of the word. It features more than 400 artworks, each significant in it own respect. This exhibition catalogue, which includes a number of important essays, was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

Banana Punk Rawk Trails: A Euro-Fool's Metal Punk Journeys In Malaysia, Borneo And IndonesiaBanana Punk Rawk Trails: A Euro-Fool's Metal Punk Journeys In Malaysia, Borneo And Indonesia by Ferrarese, Marco

Between 2010 and 2015, travel writer, author and metal punk guitarist Marco Ferrarese was the one and only "white elephant in the room" of the Malaysian metal punk scene. A European inbred metal punk fool stranded in a globalised world of transnational extreme music chop suey. In this highly electric and graphic memoir, Ferrarese tells you how it was to play lead guitar in Penang's thrashcore band WEOT SKAM, negotiating flimsy stage set-ups and shady promoters in order to gel into a developing world's music scene. He chases down long-haired metal punk descendants of Iban headhunting tribes, scrawny Bidayuh anarcho-punk rockers, Kadazan-Dusun activist artists, skullcap-toting Muslim death metallers, and gets you a seat in WEOT SKAM's rickety van for a DIY sleigh ride through the bowels of Jakarta and the vulgar, bogan-filled streets of Bali.

Rainforest Hero: The Life And Death Of Bruno ManserRainforest Hero: The Life And Death Of Bruno Manser by Suter, Ruedi

In 1984 Swiss shepherd Bruno Manser trekked through the virgin rainforests of Borneo to live among the jungle's last nomads. In six years among the Penan people, Manser witnessed the wholesale destruction of one of the world's most diverse ecosystems through rapid deforestation. He swore to do everything he could to stop it. Manser's globetrotting campaign brought the world's attention to tropical deforestation. It also made him an enemy of Asia's timber barons. In 2000 he disappeared without a trace. Ruedi Suter's engrossing biography charts Manser's extraordinary journey from a young man who sought to escape civilization for the peace of the jungle to a campaigner who would stand up to oligarchs, lead protests around the globe, and, ultimately, give his life for the forests that he loved.