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Brave New World: Greatest Hits (With Free Cd)Brave New World: Greatest Hits (With Free Cd) by Azmi Sharon

Azmi Sharom may be best known for his law expertise and his intimate acquaintance with the Sedition Act, but as this collection shows, he has a lot more to talk about: faith, fear-mongering, football, and Flight of the Hamsters, for example. Drawn from selected newspaper columns published between 2007 and 2015, these essays cover Merdeka, mob rule, and the path from one to the other. Azmi clears up the question of whether Malaysia is a secular or Islamic state, explains the role of the monarchy as determined by the Constitution, and outlines how the introduction of simple concepts such as academic freedom and an independent police commission might actually be beneficial to everybody.

Culture, Identity & Foodways Of The Terengganu ChineseCulture, Identity & Foodways Of The Terengganu Chinese by Tan Tao Sua; Kamarudin Ngah

The Chinese minority in Terengganu, Malaysia, are struggling to maintain their Sinic culture, identity and community in the face of socio-political changes and Islamisation since the early 1970s. They are also facing problems due to population attrition from an outflow of the younger generation to larger cities in Malaysia for jobs and further education. The acculturated Terengganu Peranakan Chinese, descendants of the earliest settlers who arrived at least two centuries ago, face additional inter-generational tensions and challenges. This book is based on extensive interviews and fieldwork and includes: an overview of the role of the Kuala Terengganu Chinese associations in promoting traditional Chinese culture and identity; a study of the Peranakan Chinese in Tirok, to further examine issues of identity maintenance and identity shift; and a comparison between the foodways of the Tirok Peranakan Chinese with a similar rural Peranakan community in the neighbouring state of Kelantan to demonstrate the community's continual negotiation of Sino-Malay identity.

Merdeka For The Mind: Essays On Malaysian Struggles In The 21St CenturyMerdeka For The Mind: Essays On Malaysian Struggles In The 21St Century by Ooi Kee Beng

This selection of articles written over the last three years by Ooi Kee Beng is a succinct expression, not only of trends that the region and the world are experiencing, but more specifically of stubborn issues immediately affecting Malaysia. In essence, Malaysia has reached a crossroads. Ooi contends that the bankruptcy of racialist politics maintained for too long by race-based parties through racially-justified policies has become too obvious to deny. On the one hand, this has generated strong opposition from the depths of Malaysian society; and on the other hand, as a direct response to this challenge to the old order, there appears to be a disheartening rise in incoherent racism and Islamist zealotry.

Social Change In An Urban Neighbourhood In Klang: A Case StudySocial Change In An Urban Neighbourhood In Klang: A Case Study by Jayanath Appudurai; Lian Kwen Fee

Urbanisation has transformed the social structure of Malaysian society since the 1970s. The Malays, a rural and peasant-based society in the 1950s, are now an integral part of urban society and constitute significant parts of the middle and working classes. The Indians, semi-rural and semi-urban in the past, are now a full blown urban proletariat. This case study is the first attempt to examine the socio-economic and political consequences of two ethnic groups of rural origins - one peasant and the other a plantation economy - now incorporated into an industrial economy and constituting an urban proletariat. This urban working class, neglected by the government in the past, has gained in importance over the years and has emerged as a politically significant influence in Malaysian politics.

Emergence And Widening Of Ethnic Divide In The Malaysian Educational System, TheEmergence And Widening Of Ethnic Divide In The Malaysian Educational System, The by Tan Yao Sua; Sezali Md Darit

The existence of an ethnic divide is a common problem in multiethnic societies, more so when these societies are straddled with contradictions reflected in their socioeconomic and political composition and configuration. The existence of an ethnic divide in the educational sector is most unfortunate. While Malaysia has aspired to provide a common or uniform system of schooling for the different ethnic groups since Independence, such an aspiration was however compromised by the co-existence of alternative pathways of education that are divided along ethnic lines. There are four dimensions underpinning these ethnic divisions, namely linguistic, preferential, religious and class. This monograph explores the emergence and subsequent developments of these alternative pathways of education and their impact on Malaysia's nation-building process.

Bangsa Melayu: Malay Concepts Of Democracy And Community, 1945-1950Bangsa Melayu: Malay Concepts Of Democracy And Community, 1945-1950 by Ariffin Omar

The years immediately after the Second World War were critical in the remaking of Southeast Asian societies. Bangsa Melayu is an innovative study of political ideology in two related but distinct Malay communities in peninsular Malaya and East Sumatra at this time of tremendous political ferment. In this new edition of a classic book, Ariffin Omar focuses on the basic differences in thinking, temperament and attitude between the two groups of Malays which led to markedly different political outcomes. It will be of enormous appeal to all those interested in the history of ideas and the politics of ethnicity.

Rubber Manufacturing In Malaysia: Resource-Based Industrialization In PracticeRubber Manufacturing In Malaysia: Resource-Based Industrialization In Practice by Goldthorpe, C. C.

Malaysia is a major rubber producing country, and the country's rubber manufacturing sector is a prime example of an industry based on a locally produced agricultural resource. Goldthorpe draws on industrial policy theory along with many years of practical experience to examine the growth of rubber manufacturing in Malaysia. Over the past century, a series of technological discoveries resulted in the worldwide rise of a rubber production industry that manufactures tyres for motor vehicles, engineering components, household gloves and medical products. Goldthorpe argues that the production of rubber goods has played a significant part in the transformation of the country from primary commodity producer to newly industrialized economy, a position he supports by tracing the historical development of rubber-based industrial production and the effects of government policies promoting industrialization.

Lim Kit Siang: Defying The OddsLim Kit Siang: Defying The Odds by Ooi Kee Beng

Lim Kit Siang has been fighting on the forefront of Malaysian politics since the late 1960s. Uncompromising in his mission to pull the country away from systemic race-based politics and all the ills that stem from the sustainment over five decades of these, he was jailed twice without trial. Since 2008, his Democratic Action Party has grown greatly in strength, and together with its allies, has been able seriously to challenge the ruling coalition. This book captures the spirit of Lim's life, and describes the grim yet gratifying journey that his refusal to compromise on his political convictions forced him to take.

Concept Of A Hero In Malay SocietyConcept Of A Hero In Malay Society by Shaharuddin Maaruf

This book attempts to study the Malay conception of the hero as projected by the ruling class in Malaysia. It provides readers with a better understanding of Malay politics and cultural life.

Seeds Of Dissent: Selected Essays On Political Reforms And Social ChangeSeeds Of Dissent: Selected Essays On Political Reforms And Social Change by Khoo Ying Hooi

Seeds of Dissent is a collection of 55 essays by Khoo Ying Hooi. It engages a variety of political questions rooted within the contentious terrain of culture and power in Malaysia. These essays critically speak to the multiple ways in which the dominant political power shapes and perpetuates widespread social injustice. Spanning 2012-2014, this timely collection not only provides deeply unique and thought-provoking political insights into understanding Malaysian politics and society but also guides the reader to rethinking the role of dissenting voices in shaping the future of the country.

Melayu Singapura: Sebagai Kaum Minoriti Dan Muslim Dalam Sebuah Negeri BlobalMelayu Singapura: Sebagai Kaum Minoriti Dan Muslim Dalam Sebuah Negeri Blobal by Hussin Mutalib

Orang Melayu merupakan antara tiga kaum terbesar di Republik ini. Buku ini mengetengahkan permasalahan dan analisis menyeluruh mengenai 'cerita orang Melayu Singapura'. Dibentang dan dibahaskan secara menyakinkan, penulis menganalisis kesemua aspek penting dan mencabar yang dilalui masyarakat Melayu - merangkumi isu-isu politik, pendidikan, ekonomi, sosial, agama dan kepimpinan. Buku ini adalah sumbangan amat penting dalam usaha kita memahami orang Islam Singapura dan liku-liku hidup yang mereka alami sebagai rakyat sebuah negeri global. Buku ini amat berguna kepada para pengkaji dan penyelidik serta golongan pelajar dan pembaca umum yang berminat dalam bidang-bidang Pengajian Singapura, Pengajian Asia Tenggara, Permasalahan Kaum Minoriti, Dunia Melayu dan Islam di Asia.

Taming The Wild: Aborigines And Racial Knowledge In Colonial MalayaTaming The Wild: Aborigines And Racial Knowledge In Colonial Malaya by Manickam, Sandra Khor

With concepts of race being an influential factor in politics and many other aspects of life in present day Malaysia, the author seeks to uncover how these concepts originated. A significant factor obviously has been the colonial attitudes to race, many of which have been taken on in various forms by Malaysians today. By concentrating her focus on attitudes to the people now known as Orang Asli, the aboriginal people of the country, she seeks to extract more general evidence for the development of racial concepts in the country generally.

Electoral Reforms: Facts & FallaciesElectoral Reforms: Facts & Fallacies by Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman

Ever since his retirement, after 27 years of service at the Election Commission, former chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has been very vocal about the weaknesses in the system and what needs to be done to fix them. A veteran of seven general elections, Abdul Rashid believes it is the EC, and not other bodies, that should be in control during the campaign period to help in the furtherance of democracy and fairness in elections. In this book, he elaborates at length about the current electoral system in Malaysia, explains the historical context by which it emerged, and articulates what needs to be done to keep up with the times.

History Of Christianity In MalaysiaHistory Of Christianity In Malaysia by Roxborogh, John

Groups of people in Malaysia have long made Christianity part of who they are. This book seeks to tell their story from the earliest churches to recent events. It is a story of streams of language, ethnicity, faith and culture, and courage. Today, Christianity in Malaysia is marked by a sense of belonging and a commitment to prayer which engages with the whole of life. John Roxborogh tells the story of how they have reached this point through the experiences of colonialism, war, independence and nation-building over more than 500 years.

Coalitions In Collision: Malaysia's 13Th General ElectionsCoalitions In Collision: Malaysia's 13Th General Elections by Saravanamuttu, Johan; Lee Hock Guan Et Al (Eds.)

After the watershed 2008 election when the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition lost its customary two-thirds control of parliamentary seats, there was the not unreasonable expectation that BN would slip even further in the much-anticipated Thirteenth General Election of 2013, which is the subject of this book. In the event, the BN lost the popular vote to the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) but still retained the reins of government. In this book, prominent Malaysian specialists and experts will provide the reader with fresh insights into the evolving character of electoral politics by delving into its failing model of consociationalism, the extent of malapportionment in the electoral system and its effects on outcomes, how 'new politics' continue to meet the resistance of old modes of political behaviour, the path-dependence analysis of twin-coalition politics, the significance of the FELDA vote bank, the issues animating electoral politics in Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu and Johor, why the PR continues to command urban support, the role of the biased mainstream media, and details of the campaign strategies of both coalitions.

Racism & Racial Discrimination In Malaysia: A Historical & Class PerspectiveRacism & Racial Discrimination In Malaysia: A Historical & Class Perspective by Kua Kia Soong

This is the first in-depth expose of racism & racial discrimination in Malaysia, written from a historical and class perspective. It is about the politics of race and class in Malaysia, highlighting the structural conditions that enable the manipulation of race to serve the economic interests of the ruling elite. The author offers alternatives that are needs based and thus race-free by doing away with such discriminatory policies, rent-seeking activities and patronage politics.

Just For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'SJust For The Love Of It: Popular Music In Penang, 1930'S-1960'S by Augustin, Paul; James Lochhead

Just for the Love of It celebrates the musicians and bands who are such a part of Penang's rich musical heritage and highlights how this music has been so integrally woven into the wider tapestry of Penang's growth. It tells of the factors that influenced the popularisation of music in the 1930s to 1960s, including the role of radio, cinema, TV, venues, commerce and fashions. Vibrantly illustrated, beautifully designed with a free CD, Just for the Love of It presents this fascinating story of Penang in a creative, lively, and utterly engaging style.

Alamak! All In God's NameAlamak! All In God's Name by K.J. John

Since the onset of the reformasi movement in the late 1990s Malaysia has had a lively alternative media - one that exposes the evident injustices, wrongdoing and, above all, the abuse of power in the country. As one of the most prominent voices in the media, K.J. John has selected forty articles he has written for Malaysiakini over the past decade that cut through the facade of official silence to reveal important and disturbing truths. The collection features many of the critical events, scandals and struggles that have beset Malaysia. Supported by contributions from four leading social activists - Zainah Anwar, Marina Mahathir, Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz and Azmi Sharom - this book is essential reading for all those who want to understand what is at stake in the making of Malaysia's future.

Iban JourneyIban Journey by Mowe, Golda

A curse hangs over Nuing's life. He may be the youngest son of the great headhunter Bujang Maias, but he is rejected by his longhouse community. When the people's fear of him becomes unbearable, Nuing leaves them together with his best friend Gunggu. Follow this Iban traveller as he experiences the hidden world of Iban spirits and gods in his quest to find a way to defeat an army of Antu Gerasi hell-bent on revenge.

Malay Ideas On Development: From Feudal Lord To CapitalistMalay Ideas On Development: From Feudal Lord To Capitalist by Shaharuddin Maaruf

This book provides an overview of the history of Malaysia's political ideas and economic policies.