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Singapore Indian HeritageSingapore Indian Heritage by Rajesh Rai & A Mani (Eds.)

Singapore Indian Heritage is the Indian Heritage Centre's first publication since the centre's opening in 2015. It comprises essays by respected scholars and IHC's curators on different aspects of Indian heritage, as told through the centre's permanent galleries as well as catalogue entries featuring the centre's collection of over 300 artefacts, photographs and documents. Edited by Professors Rajesh Rai and A Mani, the publication is an important addition to the compilation of writings on Singapore's Indian community, and in particular on the community's cultural heritage.

Epic Tales From Ancient India: Paintings From The San Diego Museum Of ArtEpic Tales From Ancient India: Paintings From The San Diego Museum Of Art by Sardar, Marika (Ed.)

Exploring the topic of narrativity in Indian art, this beautiful and deeply researched book considers illustrations to the Bhagavata Purana, the Ramayana, the Ragamala, and a range of texts in the Persian language, notably the Shahnama. Featuring stunning reproductions of paintings made between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries from the Edwin Binney 3rd Collection at The San Diego Museum of Art, the publication includes thorough and fascinating explanations of the narrative of each text, including how that narrative is visually conveyed. Essays examine why these particular stories are so enduring, why patrons may have chosen to have a copy of a particular text made for their own collections, and how artists responded to the challenge of creating new versions of venerable classics.

Culture Shock! India - A Survival Guide To Customs And EtiquetteCulture Shock! India - A Survival Guide To Customs And Etiquette by Seow, Lynelle

CultureShock! India helps you understand this country that has more than 4,000 separate communities and where over 300 different languages are spoken. Learn to maneuver through the structure and varieties of Indian society, and appreciate the traditions and values that bind the people together despite their differences. Peppered with personal anecdotes, this book gives practical advice to avoid cultural misunderstandings as well as tips to facilitate your move to the country, including information on how to find a suitable home, how to get around, what schools and facilities are available for your family and what to expect from the work environment.

Homer: The OdysseyHomer: The Odyssey by Fagles, Robert (Tr.)

Here, one of the great modern translators presents us with The Odyssey, Homer's best-loved poem, recounting Odysseus' wanderings after the Trojan War. With wit and wile, the 'man of twists and turns' meets the challenges of the sea-god Poseidon, and monsters ranging from the many-headed Scylla to the cannibalistic Cyclops Polyphemus - only to return after twenty years to a home besieged by his wife Penelope's suitors. In the myths and legends retold in this immortal poem, Fagles has captured the energy of Homer's original in a bold, contemporary idiom.

IndiaIndia by Naipaul, V.S.

V.S. Naipaul first visited India in 1962 at twenty-nine. His most recent visit was in 2015 at eighty-two. The intervening years and visits sparked by an inquisitiveness about a country he had never seen but had been a dream of his since childhood have resulted in three books: India: An Area of Darkness, A Wounded Civilization and A Million Mutinies Now. India is the collection of all three, introduced by fellow traveller and writer Paul Theroux.

Indian Spa, The: Ayurveda, Yoga, Wellness, BeautyIndian Spa, The: Ayurveda, Yoga, Wellness, Beauty by Inglis, Kim; Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Photo.)

India is well known for its studies in the art of meditation, in yoga as well as natural medicines. Delving into India's rich history and culture of natural medicine, beauty and wellness, The Indian Spa is a must have guide to India's luxury spas and spa treatments. The Indian Spa is the first book of its kind to cover the plethora of wellness therapies that originated in the Indian subcontinent. The country's four healing systems -Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Tibetan traditional medicine are covered, along with yoga, meditation and more. A comprehensive chapter also highlights the exotic places where you can try the treatments, including luxury spas, resorts, Ayurvedic institutions, yoga retreats and more.

End Of Karma, The: Hope And Fury Among India's YoungEnd Of Karma, The: Hope And Fury Among India's Young by Sengupta, Somini

Somini Sengupta emigrated from Calcutta to California as a young child in 1975. Returning 30 years later as the bureau chief for The New York Times, she found a vastly different country: one defined as much by aspiration and possibility - at least by the illusion of possibility - as it is by the structures of sex and caste. This book is an exploration of this new India through the lens of young people from different worlds: a woman who becomes a Maoist rebel; a brother charged for the murder of his sister who had married the "wrong" man; and a woman who opposes her family and hopes to become a police officer. Driven by aspiration-and thwarted at every step by state and society-they are making new demands on India's democracy for equality of opportunity, dignity for girls, and civil liberties. Sengupta spotlights these stories of ordinary men and women, weaving together a groundbreaking portrait of a country in turmoil.

Short History Of British India, AShort History Of British India, A by Carlos, E. S.

Originally published in 1889 for use by the British middle and upper classes to prepare them for colonial administration, this book is a surprisingly sensitive description of India before and during British rule. Carlos, in conjunction with some 'old Indian friends', describes life under British rule, the geography and key religions of India and important historical moments both before and after the British conquest. This book is useful as a record of the colonial mindset near the turn of the twentieth century, and will be of value to anyone interested in the history of the British Empire and historical British attitudes to rule.

Global World Of Indian Merchants, 1750-1947: Traders Of Sind From Bukhara To PanamaGlobal World Of Indian Merchants, 1750-1947: Traders Of Sind From Bukhara To Panama by Markovits, Claude

Claude Markovits' book charts the development of two merchant communities in the province of Sind from the precolonial period, through colonial conquest and up to independence. Based on previously neglected archival sources, it describes how the communities came to control trading networks throughout the world, throwing light on the nature of these diasporas from South Asia in their interaction with the global economy. This is a sophisticated and accessible book that will appeal to students of South Asia, as well as to colonial historians and economic historians.

Portuguese In India, The (The New Cambridge History Of India)Portuguese In India, The (The New Cambridge History Of India) by Pearson, M. N.

The Portuguese were the first European imperial power in Asia. Dr. Pearson's volume of the History is a clear account of their activities in India and the Indian Ocean from the sixteenth century onwards that is written squarely from an Indian point of view. Laying particular stress on social, economic, and religious interaction between Portuguese and Indians, the author argues that the Portuguese had a more limited impact on everyday life in India than is sometimes supposed. Their imperial effort was characterized more by reciprocity and interaction than by an unilateral imposition of Portuguese mores and political structures.

Modi Effect, The: Inside Narendra Modi's Campaign To Transform IndiaModi Effect, The: Inside Narendra Modi's Campaign To Transform India by Price, Lance

How did a 'chai wallah' who sold tea on trains as a boy become Prime Minister of India? Former BBC correspondent and Downing Street communications expert Lance Price has been granted exclusive access to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team of advisers. With complete freedom to tell it as he finds it, he details Modi's rise to power, the extraordinary election victory and its aftermath.

India Rising: Fresh Hope, New Fears My Diary Of An Indian DecadeIndia Rising: Fresh Hope, New Fears My Diary Of An Indian Decade by Ravi Velloor

India Rising is a collection of anecdotes and observations of the significant events that marked the decade of Congress Party rule under Manmohan Singh, culminating in the rise of Modi. It is built around the access the writer enjoyed with some of the key decision-makers of the time.

Happy Long Life To YouHappy Long Life To You by Elangovan, Elimpirai; N. Sim & Y. Kaymond (Eds.)

How do the vulnerable love and live? In a HIV shelter for children in India, a group of medical students from Singapore meet Uma - a victim, a survivor, a mother. Drawing on Uma's life experiences, these students have written stories to expose the exploitation and discrimination she suffered as a victim of HIV, to give voice to her resilience in surmounting these trials, and to celebrate caretakers like herself who have dedicated their lives to the nurturing of children living with HIV.

Gates Of The Lord: The Tradition Of Krishna PaintingsGates Of The Lord: The Tradition Of Krishna Paintings by Ghose, Madhuvanti (Ed.)

The Pushtimarg, a Hindu sect established in India in the fifteenth century, possesses a unique culture - reaching back centuries and still vital today - in which art and devotion are deeply intertwined. This important volume, illustrated with more than one hundred vivid images, offers a new, in-depth look at the Pushtimarg and its rich aesthetic traditions, which are largely unknown outside of South Asia. Original essays by eminent scholars of Indian art focus on the style of worship, patterns of patronage, and artistic heritage that generated pichvais, large paintings on cloth designed to hang in temples, as well as other paintings for the Pushtimarg. In this expansive study, the authors deftly examine howpichvais were and still are used in the seasonal and daily veneration of Shrinathji, an aspect of Krishna as a child who is the chief deity of the temple town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan.

Tiger HeartTiger Heart by Christie, Katrell; Shannon Mccaffrey

Katrell Christie was a 30-something artist turned roller-derby rebel who opened a tea shop in Atlanta. Barely two years later, her life would make a drastic change - and so would the lives of a group of girls half a world away in India. By selling tea, cupcakes, scones, and other treats, Katrell raised enough funds to provide life necessities for the girls - safe housing, uniforms, medical care, tutoring, and ultimately, a college education for each of them. To date, The Learning Tea has helped 11 young girls who once faced the bleakest of futures. Tiger Heart recounts Katrell's riveting adventures back to India, through the chaotic streets of Mumbai, to tiny villages with roadside tea huts and hot samosas - an unexpected backdrop where she fell in love with a country that was gorgeous and heartbreaking all at once, where tragedy, humor, resilience and kindness were inextricably bound.

Life Of Mahatma Gandhi, TheLife Of Mahatma Gandhi, The by Fischer, Louis

This is a biography of Mahatma Gandhi. He led the fight for Indian independence from British rule, tirelessly pursued a strategy of passive resistance, and was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic only a few months after independence was achieved.

Made In India: Recipes From An Indian Family KitchenMade In India: Recipes From An Indian Family Kitchen by Sodha, Meera

Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in Made in India, Meera Sodha introduces readers to the food she grew up eating every day. Unlike the stuff you get at your local curry house, her food is fresh, vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make. In this collection, Meera serves up a feast of over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of her family.

India: Living In An Ornate WorldIndia: Living In An Ornate World by Wellings, James

India, Living in an Ornate World explores as to why India is so rich in colour and ornamentation and why it has such a diversity of culture and architecture. There is still a large part of the population who prefer to continue living their traditional life in old-world settings. Their buildings reflect their long artistic and creative history. This can be seen in all levels of society. A large part of this life is carried out on the streets and is often shared with many different animals due to the Hindu love of them. The photographs in this book aimed to catch many of these scenes.

Origins Of LoveOrigins Of Love by Kishwar Desai

In Delhi a small baby lies alone and abandoned. The product of IVF and surrogacy, she had been so coveted - until she was born with a fatal illness. No one knows how the infection could have been transferred to the child, but one thing is certain: no one wants her now. Thousands of miles away in London, Kate and Ben are desperate for a baby. But, despite all their efforts, fate seems to be skewed against them. But will her desire for a baby stop at nothing...? And between the two, feisty social worker Simran Singh is determined to uncover the truth behind the shadowy facade of the multi-million dollar surrogacy industry. Women and children are being exploited, their lives thrown away like so much dust. Is she is the only person prepared to stand up for what is right?

Dharma Expedient, TheDharma Expedient, The by Sarony, Neville

Max Devlin is an ex-Gurkha officer down on his luck. When his livelihood and business are expropriated by a corrupt government, he finds himself accepting an unlikely proposal: to lead a mysterious group of foreign academics into the remotest valleys of Nepal. But it soon becomes apparent these are no ordinary academics - high in the majestic mountains, tensions escalate when Devlin realizes his clients are in fact conducting a clandestine operation. At the heart of the expedition lies a shocking secret that will rock the spiritual and geopolitical foundations of the Himalayas.