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Incubus Of Intervention, The: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies Of John F. Kennedy And Allen DullesIncubus Of Intervention, The: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies Of John F. Kennedy And Allen Dulles by Poulgrain, Greg

Sukarno was at the centre of the conflict between John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles. With the intention of removing Sukarno from power, Dulles' strategy of 'regime change' was well-advanced before Kennedy became president. When Kennedy and Sukarno in 1963 resolved to work together, US foreign policy threatened to disrupt - unwittingly - Dulles' own Cold War strategy which was focused on Indonesia.

Pesona Hulu Keris: The Beauty Of Kris Hilt From The Collection Of Aswin WirjadiPesona Hulu Keris: The Beauty Of Kris Hilt From The Collection Of Aswin Wirjadi by

The various shapes of kris hilts are an art manifestation, often with mythological contents and background stories. This beautifully illustrated book, bilingual in English and Bahasa Indonesia, showcases the beauty of a range of kris hilts. Includes bibliographical references in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Bromo: A Perpetual ReminderBromo: A Perpetual Reminder by Sigit Pramono

One of Sigit Pramono's collections of photography, the photos in this book were taken over a time span of more or less six years, and also contains poems from a prominent poet and senior journalist Goenawan Mohamad.

Bromo: The Majestic Mystical MountainBromo: The Majestic Mystical Mountain by Sigit Pramono

Bromo has become the icon that represents the entire Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Sigit Pramono's choice using the panoramic format in creating material for this BROMO photography book is an optimal choice for presenting the astonishing soul of the Tengger area.

Dunia Batik: Seorang JultinDunia Batik: Seorang Jultin by E.A Natanegara: Judi Knight Achjadi

Sejak Dahulu berbagai peristiwa ekonomi, sosial, politik, budaya telah membuat Jawa Barat menjadi belanga pencampuran berbagai budaya. Ini semua terlihat dari kain yang diproduksi, terutama pengaruh dari provinsi tetangga (Jawa Tengah), sebagai salah satu pengaruh tebesar yang jejak-jejaknya begitu jelas selain pengaruh bangsa asing yang kental mewarnai batik di pesisir Pantai Utara Provinsi Jawa Barat. Buku ini bukan saja membahas perkembangan batik Jawa Barat, tetapi juga memperkenalkan secara singkat budaya tekstil/kain di Tatar Sunda. Koleksi pribadi Jultin H. Kartasasmita yang ada didalam buku ini menjadi cerminan kayanya budaya batik di Provinsi Jawa Barat.

Images Of Indonesia by Von Holzen, Heinz; Fabian Von Holzen

The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago comprising over 17,508 islands. Indonesia was the centre of early international trade routes and since the 7th century, locals have absorbed foreign cultural, religious and political beliefs. The country also has a rich cultural history being home to many distinct ethnic groups. Covering a vast sprawling area, Indonesia boasts amazing natural beauty with volcanoes, waterfalls and many other natural features. Images of Indonesia visits the key attractions of the country and captures its people and their lifestyles. It is the perfect introduction for visitors, and an excellent keepsake for tourists, locals and anyone with an eye for culture brought to life through the camera lens.

Krakatau: The Tale Of Lampung Submerged - Syair Lampung KaramKrakatau: The Tale Of Lampung Submerged - Syair Lampung Karam by Saleh, Muhammad; John H Mcglynn (Trans.)

In 1883, massive volcanic eruptions destroyed two-thirds of the island Krakatau. It was the day the world exploded. Since that time Krakatau has been the subject of many reports and publications, both scholarly and literary but the only surviving account of the event written by an indigenous eyewitness has only now found its way into English translation. Written in the form of a syair, a classical Malay rhymed poem, this account sheds light on local responses to the disaster in the region.

Tombois And Femmes: Defying Gender Labels In IndonesiaTombois And Femmes: Defying Gender Labels In Indonesia by Blackwood, Evelyn

This book offers a compelling view of sexual and gender difference through the everyday lives of tombois and their girlfriends ("femmes") in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. Tombois are masculine females who identify as men and desire women; their girlfriends view themselves as normal women who desire men. Through rich, in-depth, and provocative stories, author Evelyn Blackwood shows how these same-sex Indonesian couples negotiate transgressive identities and desires and how their experiences speak to the struggles and desires of sexual and gender minorities everywhere.

Anxiety MythsAnxiety Myths by Afrizal Malna

In a writing career that has now spanned more than thirty years, Afrizal has published several major collections of poetry. His poems have been translated into Dutch, German, and English, of which this is the first full length collection. Afrizal's poems, through drawing on practices of montage, precise diction and curious grammar, maintain a fine balance between consistency of style and variation in theme and subject which asserts his distinctive poetic voice. These are poems that trace the quickly changing urban trajectory of present day Indonesia.

Morphology Of DesireMorphology Of Desire by Herliany, Dorothea Rosa

Morphology of Desire gives a generous introduction to the full range of writing by the internationally acclaimed Indonesian poet, Dorothea Rosa Herliany, from the 1980s to the present day. Through a distinctive mix of striking imagery and boldness of voice, the poet sets out to destroy many of the common assumptions about everyday life and human relationships. As a woman and a poet, she is doubly an outsider. Her blatant departure, in form as well as content, from the accepted conventions of society is remarkable, not only in its personal and political ramifications, but in its emotional and imaginative tenor, as well.

Twilight In JakartaTwilight In Jakarta by Mochtar Lubis

Half a century ago when Mochtar Lubis' Twilight in Jakarta was secreted out of Indonesia and published in London, it was the first Indonesian novel ever to be published in English translation. The novel, a depiction of social and political events in the capital during the run up to a national election, contains a grim cast of characters: corrupt politicians, impotent intellectuals, unprincipled journalists, manipulative Leftists, and impetuous Muslims to name but a few. Although the novel represents a condemnation of political practices prevalent in Indonesia in the 1950s, readers today will find much in this novel that resonates still.

Fireflies In ManhattanFireflies In Manhattan by Umar Kayam

Born in Ngawi, East Java, in 1932, Umar Kayam obtained his masters degree from New York University and his doctoral degree from Cornell University. It was there, in New York, where he began to hone his literary skills. The publication of his first collection of short stories, A Thousand Fireflies in Manhattan, in 1972, gained him national fame as a short story writer.

DroughtDrought by Iwan Simatupang

Drought is a joyous celebration of life and human commitment. Its hero is an ex-student, ex-soldier and ex-bandit, who decides to transmigrate to one of the outer islands of Indonesia in order to start life again as a farmer. He almost fails, but so in so doing he is involved with a wonderful range of inspired madmen - bureaucrats, bandits, psychiatrists, religious teachers, and the beautiful woman known simply as the V.I.P. The outsiders humorously combine to question the normality of conventional society.

Rape Of Sukreni, TheRape Of Sukreni, The by Anak Agung Pandji Tisna

Violence, money, and melodrama-these are the volatile ingredients of The Rape of Sukreni. Written in the 1930s by A.A. Panji Tisna, a prince of the Balinese state of Buleleng, the novel is the author's best-known work and is still in print today. Sukreni is a modern Indonesian classic that draws on the melodramatic conventions of Balinese theater to present a powerful indictment of the commercialization of Balinese society. Even more telling today than it was when it was written, The Rape of Sukreni offers a unique and dark insider's view of the island's future that violently challenges the conventional image of Bali as a honeyed paradise filled with artists and happy tourists.

Redheads: A Comic Eco-ThrillerRedheads: A Comic Eco-Thriller by Sochaczewski, Paul Spencer

In the middle of a Borneo rainforest a band of near-naked Penan tribesmen, encouraged by an equally clothes-challenged renegade Swiss shepherd, hesitantly blockade a logging truck, testing their commitment to protect their forest home. Nearby, a researcher studying orangutans is threatened with being thrown out of her study site unless she can reach a delicate compromise with the powerful minister of the environment. Meanwhile, loggers are busy at work, devastating the rainforest. At the heart of Redheads black-humoured fictional action lies the very real problem of rainforest destruction and the philosophical question of where the real boundaries lie.

Old Man's Rules For Hitchhiking, AnOld Man's Rules For Hitchhiking, An by Mcglynn, John Jr.

Populated with characters Mark Twain would have appreciated, McGlynn's tales of travels to Mexico, Indonesia, and other exotic ports of call are those of a modern-day Everyman, and are as recognizable to an American as they would be to an Indonesian about the common nature of man. His guide to hitchhiking, written after more than fifty years of experience on the road, displays a singular sense of wit and irony and provides remarkable insights into the foibles of mankind.

Identity And Pleasure: The Politics Of Indonesian Screen CultureIdentity And Pleasure: The Politics Of Indonesian Screen Culture by Heryanto, Ariel

Identity and Pleasure: The Politics of Indonesian Screen Culture critically examines what media and screen culture reveal about the ways urban-based Indonesians attempted to redefine their identity in the first decade of this century. Through a richly nuanced analysis of expressions and representations found in screen culture (cinema, television and social media), it analyses the waves of energy and optimism, and the disillusionment, disorientation and despair, that arose in the power vacuum that followed the dramatic collapse of the militaristic New Order government. While in-depth analyses of identity and political contestation within the nation are the focus of the book, trans-national engagements and global dimensions are a significant part of the story in each chapter. The author focuses on contemporary cultural politics in Indonesia, but each chapter contextualizes current circumstances by setting them within a broader historical perspective.

Nias Sculpture: Mandala CollectionNias Sculpture: Mandala Collection by Sibeth, Achim; Bruce Carpenter

The first book solely dedicated to the Art and Culture of Nias in 25 years, Nias Sculpture features a broad array of unpublished masterpieces from the collection of the Mandala Foundation. For countless centuries, the isolated island of Nias, located far off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, developed a unique culture and stunning art little influenced by the outside world. Descendants of the Austronesians, the ancient peoples who explored and settled insular Southeast Asia beginning some 5000 years ago, their art has been acclaimed for more than a century, Nias has achieved legendary status in the pantheon of Indonesian tribal art.

Stories From Serat Centhini: Understanding The Javanese Journey Of Life by Santoso, Soewito

This book is based on The Centhini Story, the condensed, English-language translation of the original 12-volume Serat Centhini, one of Indonesia's oldest surviving manuscripts dating back to 1814. It tells of the flight and reunion of three royal children from the Kingdom of Giri when their father went to war. Tales of place origins like How the Progo River Got Its Name, of moral lessons like The Case of the Diamond Beads, and The Three Evil Monarchs, and stories that teach the Javanese art of love like Secrets of Sex Play and Secrets to the Heart of a Woman are threaded into this rich tapestry of Javanese culture, legends and mysticism.

Snowing In Bali: The Incredible Inside Account Of Bali's Hidden Drug WorldSnowing In Bali: The Incredible Inside Account Of Bali's Hidden Drug World by Bonella, Kathryn

'It's snowing in Bali.' Among Bali's drug dealers it's code that the paradise island is full of cocaine. For the men who run the country's drug empires, it's time to get rich and party hard. Snowing in Bali is the story of the drug trafficking and dealing scene that's made Bali one of the world's most important destinations in the global distribution of narcotics. Kathryn Bonella, bestselling author of Hotel K, has been given extraordinary access into the lives of some of the biggest players in Bali's drug world. She charts their rise to incredible wealth and power, and their drugfuelled lifestyles: filled with orgies, outrageous extravagance and surfing. From the highs of multi-million dollar deals to the desperate lows of death row in an Indonesian high security jail, Snowing in Bali is a unique, uncensored insight into a hidden world.