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In VitroIn Vitro by Solomon, Laura

In Vitro is the debut poetry collection of prize-winning poet, Laura Solomon. It covers a wide range of topics: the prophetess Pythia, England's Guy Fawkes, an alternative reality for New Zealand writer Janet Frame, earthquakes, in vitro experiments, spiders, tigers, vampire bats. The themes are universal. Several of the poems have been placed in UK literary competitions and some have appeared in a number of international literary magazines, including Aesthetica, Broadsheet, Frost Writing, Sentinel, The Shop, Landfall, and the London Poetry Festival Anthology.

Paper Tigress: A Life In The Hong Kong GovernmentPaper Tigress: A Life In The Hong Kong Government by Cartland, Rachel

Rachel Cartland came to Hong Kong in 1972 as one of just two female expatriates in the Hong Kong Government's elite administrative grade. Before she retired in 2006, her life was shaped by the momentous events that rocked Hong Kong during those years. The backdrop to her story ranges from Kowloon's infamous Walled City to Government House to the rural New Territories. Paper Tigress is full of humour and incident and, at the same time, an accessible account of modern Hong Kong and the forces that shaped it.

Taste Of Old Hong Kong, The: Recipes And Memories From 30 Years On The China CoastTaste Of Old Hong Kong, The: Recipes And Memories From 30 Years On The China Coast by Schneiter, Fred

Reminiscences and recipes of favourite international and regional dishes from households, fancy restaurants and back lanes which you can enjoy today in Hong Kong, that classy old gal who will forever reign as the Queen of Cuisine for all who knew her when she was the jewel of the British Empire. The tantalizing cuisines and tempting cookpot scents of that earlier time remain. Bestselling author Fred Schneiter shares a nostalgic romp back into that earlier era which has faded into treasured memories and photos.

Mila The MagicianMila The Magician by Zhang Jian

Bilingual historical fiction for young adults, set in Tibet. Mila the Magician tells the adventures of a young man, Mila, who leaves home to learn black magic. After overcoming many difficulties, he becomes a powerful sorcerer. An adventure story; it is also a tale of revenge, as it delves into the psychology and ramifications of vengeance. But successful revenge does not make Mila happy. He is deeply remorseful as he has harmed many innocent people. In penitence, he turns to Buddhsim, and eventually he becomes a great saint.

Red Bird SummerRed Bird Summer by Pearson, Jan

Pearl Green and Karen Henderson are two successful Hong Kong women, whose old friendship brings them back together after many years to set up an archaeological project for Pearl's philanthropic organisation. Karen, an archaeologist acclaimed for her work in Southeast Asia, is injured during a robbery at the Hong Kong Archaeological Museum. The lives of Pearl and her friends come under threat. Pearl seeks help from three men: her father, the powerful Sir James Gates; the mysterious Hong Kong businessman, Yip Yee Koon and the former British China Watcher, Peter Benson. Together, they masterfully untangle the many threads of murder and intrigue that run through this story.

Odds And SodsOdds And Sods by Gray, Lawrence

This is a collection of short stories and essays from Lawrence Gray, a much-loved screenplay-writer. The work is unpredictable and varied. The items range from straightforward tales in classic short story format to work that are more experimental in nature.

Rain On The Pacific CoastRain On The Pacific Coast by Elbert Siu Ping Lee

Rain on the Pacific Coast is a tapestry of human experience in which desires and passing worlds criss-cross, collude, and collide. Each poem is a tiny spark that flies off in various types of encounter, giving significance and illumination to seemingly brief and mundane moments of daily existence.

Shadows In DefermentShadows In Deferment by Linder, Birgit Bunzel

A distinguished single-author poetry collection in free verse. The poet is serious in understanding people, relationships, languages, cultures, religions and the meaning of existence. The poems are lyrical and analytical, showing great skill in language. They refer to international and local events and personalities, ideas and philosophies

Chasing Light: A Collection Of PoemsChasing Light: A Collection Of Poems by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

This is Patricia's third book of poetry. A challenging and controversial complexitity of opinion pervades the collection, accurately signalled by the double-entendre of the title.

In Time Of War: Lt. Cmdr. Henry C.S. Collingwood-Selby, R.N. (1898-1992) And OthersIn Time Of War: Lt. Cmdr. Henry C.S. Collingwood-Selby, R.N. (1898-1992) And Others by Collingwood-Selby, Richard; Gillian Bickley (Eds.)

In Time of War shows how a British naval officer, confined during World War 2 as a POW in Hong Kong, engaged his mind during those three and a half years. There are talks he gave to other POWs, drawings and essays, transcripts from his diary for the year immediately leading up to his wounding and imprisonment, some correspondence with family and friends, and official documents; both those relating to his recall to naval service in 1939 and those retiring him from naval service in 1945 after the war.

ResidueResidue by Heijnen, Marcel

This is photography. No double exposures or Photoshopping; just pure photography. Asia-based Dutch artist Marcel Heijnen has developed a simple yet unique method to capture and present an alternate visual reality of our world using just a camera and an untreated clear glass panel. He roams Asia's urban centres to find weathered walls, places a large glass pane in front of them, and then waits for the light to hit nearby buildings just so. For a fleeting moment, he can capture their reflections while the patina of the wall behind it steals through. Two realities collapsed into one in a single moment.

Transpose: Contemporary Ink Paintings By Koon Wai BongTranspose: Contemporary Ink Paintings By Koon Wai Bong by Ting Wing Yan, Vivian (Ed.)

In collaboration with the Museum of East Asian Art, Koon Wai Bong, the Hong Kong ink artist, establishes an introspective exploration that presents his unique vision of contemporary ink art. The well-established artist, Koon, has been immersed in the tradition of brush and ink, while remaining open to artistic media and notions from various cultures. To mediate different notions about aesthetics and creative practices, Koon builds an interesting dialogue with the museum collection and looks into traditional aesthetics, literati values, and formal expressions of Chinese art. The dialogues enable the artist to review his own notion of contemporary ink works and how one might become enriched by the repository of Chinese cultures. This illustrated book explores Koon's artistic reflections on the museum collection and his artistic achievements in the wider context of contemporary ink painting through essay and text by local art historians, curators, and critics.

Harmony: Synergy Between Tradition & The Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy And Seal EngravingHarmony: Synergy Between Tradition & The Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy And Seal Engraving by Lau, Daniel C.K.

The concept of harmony has always resonated through every aspect of China's long cultural history. In this collection, Dr Daniel CK Lau continues and extends the tradition in an innovative, contemporary vein. The large-scale calligraphic installation 'Harmony (cat. no. 1)' provides the vehicle for an exploration of script styles ranging from ancient to modern times. Through this work and others from the past decade, Lau strives to integrate past and present to create a fresh aesthetic with its roots in tradition.

Cubicle LifeCubicle Life by Wai, Chun (Photos)

In the gutters of Hong Kong, it's not only down-and-outs who evoke sympathy, but also those who dwell crammed into cubicle apartments. In his latest feature photography project, Chun Wai - the author behind Under Heaven - 'puts flesh' on the everyday lives of Hong Kong's disenfranchised. In the process of documenting cubicle-dwellers' lives, Chun challenges mainstream ideology and the doctrine of elitism. Unlike the subtle poetic style of Chun's previous works, Cubicle Life presents readers with a highly cohesive collection with dynamic colour for a hard-hitting translation of life and existence.

My Hong KongMy Hong Kong by Roberts, Mark J.

Watercolour artist Mark J. Roberts has lived in Hong Kong for more than 30 years; for 10 of those years, he has worked on a single project that has culminated in My Hong Kong. A collection of pastoral landscapes and coastal scenes from around Hong Kong, each of the works is imbued with a sense of movement rarely seen in traditional Western watercolours. Setting Roberts further apart is his use of layered washes and varied tonal values, which bring a hint of Far Eastern culture and history to the works - and add poignancy to their views of a city's fading vistas.

HomeboundHomebound by Kwan, Kc

Homebound takes you on a journey through the veins of the 'dark side' of Kowloon as seen through KC Kwan's lens. The journey starts on the bus from Chai Wan, takes you along the busy markets in Mong Kok, invites you to dine at a dai pai dong, peeps into the lives of the girls of the night and encounters the junkies. Then there is the blue moment - a silence when the creatures of the night go quiet but the day ones haven't awoken yet. Eventually the sun bursts through the darkness and energises the streets back to the hustling and bustling life again.

Hong Kong WatersHong Kong Waters by Andreas Muller-Pohle

Hong Kong Waters, the most recent completed work by Berlin-based media artist Andreas Müller-Pohle, represents an entirely new approach to depicting the essence of the city. Working over a two-year period, Müller-Pohle captured Hong Kong in photographs and video from the perspective of its surrounding waters half below and half above the water s surface. The result is a fresh, hitherto unseen depiction of an Asian megalopolis. Müller-Pohle manages to show the complex personalities of this seaside city, and leads the viewer from the dense, concrete forest of the high-rises of Central, across the exotic Hollywood seascape of Aberdeen, to the wilderness of the remote islands unknown to most.

Parallel Visions: Japan And Korea Contemporary PhotographyParallel Visions: Japan And Korea Contemporary Photography by Lam, Bigi (Ed.)

Five female Japanese photographers each finds her own way to come to terms with oneself and drifts between personal realities and the crude reality of the world - a reflection of the state of mind of the younger generation of Japan today. Eight Korean photographer s showcase the unique 'literariness' in contemporary Korean photography - paradoxical ideas, poetic but contradictory semiotics, and sometimes fictional literary style, leading the audience to contemplate upon the truth underlying the apparent truths.

Huang Rui: The Stars Period 1977-1984Huang Rui: The Stars Period 1977-1984 by Huang Rui (Ed.)

Huang Rui: The Stars Period is one of a very few books to be published about late-1970s avant garde art in China - and it certainly stands as one of the most extensive and insightful statements on this important genre ever attempted. Illustrated with images of more than 200 works by Huang Rui plus more than 200 archival photographs, the book goes on to describe the Stars Group, which pioneered many of the themes and techniques in Chinese contemporary art. Essays by important scholars and critics such as Wu Hung, Lü Peng and Shu Yang give additional context for this exciting period in Chinese artistic and cultural history spanning from 1977 to 1984. A number of the pictures, invitations, and magazines related to the exhibitions and events discussed in this book are newly rediscovered archival materials and are republished here for the first time.

Negotiating Autonomy In Greater China: Hong Kong And Its Sovereign Before And After 1997Negotiating Autonomy In Greater China: Hong Kong And Its Sovereign Before And After 1997 by Yep, Ray

Local autonomy is a complex and often contentious issue in many countries, not least because the situation often involves a process of continuous (re)negotiation. Moreover, the actual power relationship is defined not only by legal permissibility but also by such other factors as varying political perceptions, economic interests and previous encounters between the centre and periphery. This volume demonstrates that Hong Kong is a good illustration of the intricacies of the dynamic relationship in a Chinese context. The territory has a long history of pursuing its own path, both in colonial times and since 1997. With essays spanning both periods, the volume offers an understanding of the mind-set and actions of both Beijing and Hong Kong in pursuing their goals. It also provides a nuanced framework for evaluating central - local interaction in general.