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Color In Ancient And Medieval East AsiaColor In Ancient And Medieval East Asia by Dusenbury, Mary M.

Color was a critical element in East Asian life and thought, but its importance has been largely overlooked in Western scholarship. This interdisciplinary volume explores the fascinating roles that color played in the society, politics, thought, art, and ritual practices of ancient and medieval East Asia. While the Western world has always linked color with the spectrum of light, in East Asian civilizations colors were associated with the specific plant or mineral substances from which they were derived. Many of these substances served as potent medicines and elixirs, and their transformative powers were extended to the dyes and pigments they produced. Generously illustrated, this groundbreaking publication constitutes the first inclusive study of color in East Asia. It is the outcome of years of collaboration between chemists, conservators, archaeologists, historians of art and literature, and scholars of Buddhism and Daoism from the United States, East Asia, and Europe.

SulaimanSulaiman by Pocock, Melanie

This is the first monograph on the work of Shooshie Sulaiman. Recognised as one of Malaysia's most important contemporary artists, Shooshie draws on personal experience, emotions and memories to explore the cultural, social and spiritual frameworks that shape human understanding and experience. It charts Shooshie's journey as an artist, organizer and curator from the late 90s to the present, featuring written contributions by friends, writers and curators and illustrations of key works and projects.

Tides Of Capital, The: How Asia Surmounted Financial Crisis And Is Guiding World RecoveryTides Of Capital, The: How Asia Surmounted Financial Crisis And Is Guiding World Recovery by Leung, Julia

The Tides of Capital details how Asia surmounted two spells of financial crisis with measures that are increasingly setting standards in the US and Europe. Hong Kong-born Leung has been a public servant in the financial sphere for two decades. She was executive director (external) of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and worked on crisis prevention with international financial organisations and central banks. Her book is the first account by a senior Asian policy-maker of financial manoeuvrings with the west.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #14: Indonesia-China Energy And Mineral Ties BroadenTrends In Southeast Asia 2015 #14: Indonesia-China Energy And Mineral Ties Broaden by Zhao Hong; Maxensius Tri Sambodo

Bilateral energy cooperation between China and Indonesia is not new. Although the share of Chinese overseas oil and gas upstream acquisitions in Indonesia and the inflow of investment from China were minor, China's recent investment flow to Indonesia's mining sector has been increasing rapidly. The reason for the increase of China's FDI in the mining sector is mainly China's increased demand for coal. Indonesia-China energy cooperation is far from smooth. Viewed through China's lens, Indonesia's bountiful mineral wealth has elevated relations between Jakarta and Beijing to a position of strategic importance.

Jaffna BoyJaffna Boy by Sinniah, Bernard

Jaffna Boy is the engaging true story of a young boy\'s life at a sri lankan boarding school in the 1970s,as recalled during one fateful train ride and the advice from an unexpected source that would change the course of his life forever.

Short & SweetShort & Sweet by Hattotuwa, Sanjana

Curated by Sanjana Hattotuwa, there are 160 stories in this book, each no more than 25 words. Many will recognize the stories as their own. Some may know family, friends and colleagues whose stories mirror those within. 'Short & Sweet' is above all an invitation, through the words of others, to imagine and remember the marginal and oft forgotten. Unlike with most books, this doubles up as a notebook. Own it, write on it and pass it on.

Tail End, The: Three Cricketing StoriesTail End, The: Three Cricketing Stories by Moon, Pierre

Louis M and Kiran are crazy about cricket! One weekend, practice brings an unexpected invitation to join a cricket match with the big boys. Louis is determined to make a good impression but will he drop a catch? Will Kiran be better than him? And will Louis ruin his chances in cricket forever? Not if he can help it!

Vampire Umpire, The: And Other Stories For ChildrenVampire Umpire, The: And Other Stories For Children by Hussein, Ameena (Ed.)

Uh-oh, here comes trouble in all its shapes and forms. First, there is the scarecrow who wants to see the world and finds more than he bargained for. Then, there is Frederico who is crazy about cricket but has a small problem to solve before he can play. What about Minnie who dreams of being a spy? And I can't even tell you enough about the blue stone should you find it, or the Blink Fairy or the Chena Cultivator. Oh dear! Don't get me started.

How The Squirrel Got His StripesHow The Squirrel Got His Stripes by Perera, Sam (Text); Alex Stewart (Illus.)

You've always wondered how squirrels got their distinctive stripes. Well, once upon a time, clever little squirrels joined a legendary battle that took place in the land of Lanka. As reward for their valour they received a sign of affection that they carry even today! Read all about it with your children, from this beautifully illustrated collectible book.

Sunday Fair, TheSunday Fair, The by Amarasuriya, Shari

There was more excitement in the air as it was finally the Sunday of the village fair. Aarya couldn't wait to take Malli there it was his first time at this kind of affair. Who would they meet on their venture today? Perhaps Mr.Yo Yo man who yoyoed all day. Come on inside and take a look inside this magical and wonderful book.

Ravana & The Temple Of ShivaRavana & The Temple Of Shiva by Perera, Sam (Text); Stewart, Alex (Illus.)

Once upon a time, the legendary king Ravana displeased Lord Shiva who unleashed nature's fury on the land of Lanka. To save his land and people, this resourceful king hit upon an ingenious solution. If you have read How the Squirrel got his Stripes, it is time to add to your collection. Immerse yourself in legend and be captivated by the illustrations of this book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Frangipani Year, The: Love And Aid Work In Post-Tsunami AcehFrangipani Year, The: Love And Aid Work In Post-Tsunami Aceh by Harris, Alexandra

One year after the Indian Ocean tsunami, Angela finds herself flying into the devastated region of Banda Aceh as a researcher for the UN. Enthusiastic and committed, the young American woman arrives at a place swarming with aid workers, and she soon enters a world that is nothing like what she has known.

Softly As I Leave YouSoftly As I Leave You by Lokuge, Chandani

Turning back, she saw his blurred figure through the lace curtain, an abstract pattern of their intense criss-crossed liaison. He was looking at her. What was he seeing? How isolated we are, she thought, how unconnected...One late spring morning, Uma awakens to a life in which her relationships - to lover, to husband, to son - seem unbearably tangled. In capturing its searing and intimate moments, the story transcends into a meditation on love and betrayal, grief and redemption.

Bilateral Legacies In East And Southeast AsiaBilateral Legacies In East And Southeast Asia by Ganesan, E. (Ed.)

This edited volume examines the concept of overhangs or legacies or negative stereotypical images in international relations and their impact on bilateral relations between geographically proximate states in East Asia. The case studies chosen demonstrate conclusively that bilateral overhangs or legacies have a significant impact on contemporary international relations. Such images are regularly replicated and stoked by a variety of constituencies, including state agencies, for their own selfish interests. The evidence also points to the fact that such bilateral relationships are relatively self-contained and often operate with their own dynamics.

Asian Management Insights, V.1(3) July 2015Asian Management Insights, V.1(3) July 2015 by Singapore Management University

Asian Management Insights aims to develop a body of knowledge and a narrative of innovation and creativity for trends in Asian management. It brings together some of the best and brightest of Asia's thought leaders and their solutions to address current Asian challenges. This is Issue 1 of Volume 2, published in July 2015.

Business Strategy In Asia: A Casebook (4Th Edition)Business Strategy In Asia: A Casebook (4Th Edition) by Singh, Kulwant; Nitin Pangarkar

This book fills an important underserved niche in the strategy arena. Written by expert researchers on Asian business, it presents a broad selection of cases addressing a range of current and important issues in business strategy. The cases present an array of large and small firms, high-technology and new-economy firms, and those in emerging as well as mature industries, achieving success and suffering failure in a variety of business environments. The diversity of cases, firms, and strategy situations in this book makes it an invaluable resource for teachers, students, and strategists.

Principles Of Singapore Business LawPrinciples Of Singapore Business Law by Shenoy,George Tl; Loo Wee Ling (Eds.)

Since the publication of the first edition of Principles of Singapore Business Law in 2009, there have been significant changes in the local legal landscape relating to Business Law. This revised volume provides an update of the law as stated on 30 June 2012. It follows the format and approach of the first edition including the use of layman's language and the use of pedagogical features to summarise, illustrate and provide mind-maps of basic concepts.

Panorama 01/2015: From The Desert To World Cities: The New TerrorismPanorama 01/2015: From The Desert To World Cities: The New Terrorism by Hofmeister, Wilhelm (Ed.)

In this issue, authors from Asia and Europe analyse the factors that have contributed to the recent development of fundamentalism and terrorism in the Middle East and to discuss the implications of terrorism on societies in Asia and Europe. Special attention are given to the recruitment of young people, the attractiveness of terrorist groups to the youth, the role of religion and social media, and preventive de-radicalization measures.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #10: The Politics Of The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Aiib)Trends In Southeast Asia 2015 #10: The Politics Of The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (Aiib) by Tang Siew Mun

Asia needs US$8.22 trillion to fund its infrastructure investment from 2010 to 2020, and existing lending institutions such as the ADB are unable to meet these requirements. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank can potentially provide up to US$30 billion of funding a year. The participation of European countries transforms the AIIB from a regional institution with a singular power base - China - to an entity that is broad-based and inclusive. Washington's response to the AIIB initiative has been a strategic misreading that failed to anticipate its allies' reactions in warming up to and eventually supporting the proposal. East Asian countries will now be watching what effect the Chinese initiative and American non-participation will have on the US rebalance to Asia.

Women, Policy And Political Leadership: Regional Perspectives In Today's WorldWomen, Policy And Political Leadership: Regional Perspectives In Today's World by Hofmeister, Wilhelm; M. Sarmah; D. Kaur (Eds.)

This is a conference proceedings arising from a regional meeting of female parliamentarians on 16-17 October 2014, in Singapore. In addition to wide-ranging discussion on the theme of strengthening women's political leadership, other issues and challenges examined by the politically active writers include securing equal political and economic power between women and men, the gender pay gap, and the elimination of child marriage as well as other forms of gender-based violence.