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Trends In Southeast Asia 2014 #07 - China's Economic Engagement With Southeast Asia - SingaporeTrends In Southeast Asia 2014 #07 - China's Economic Engagement With Southeast Asia - Singapore by Lee, John

China is a relatively minor source of FDI into Singapore and pales in comparison to FDI from advanced economies in North America and the EU. This will remain the case for the foreseeable future despite recent agreements facilitating Chinese firms and capital entering into Singapore, and which reduce the transaction costs of doing so. Firms from China are also a relatively small investor in the critical Singaporean Financial & Insurance Services sector. When it comes to the foreign portfolio investment (FPI) which helps provide liquidity and capital for Singaporean listed firms, China is a miniscule player. Assets of Chinese banks make up a very small percentage of the assets of the very open banking sector in Singapore. The bottom line is that Singapore's standing and status as one of the worlds leading and most attractive financial centres prevents Singapore from being over-reliant on any one financial partner; and Singapore is certainly not over-reliant on China.

Poems To Enjoy, Book 4 (Secondary 3-4)Poems To Enjoy, Book 4 (Secondary 3-4) by Bickley, Verner

Dr Bickley's series of five graded poetry anthologies is a well-established tool for learning and teaching English at all levels. The five books are each accompanied by an audio recording of poems in the book. The recordings assist pronunciation and help those preparing for solo verse speaking and reading, duo and group-work and choral-speaking in Speech Festivals. Useful notes and a teaching guide are also included. Book 5 is intended for Junior College students.

From Peak To Peak: The Story Of The First Human-Powered Journey From The Summit Of Mt. Ruapehu In New Zealand To The Summit Of Aoraki/ Mt. CookFrom Peak To Peak: The Story Of The First Human-Powered Journey From The Summit Of Mt. Ruapehu In New Zealand To The Summit Of Aoraki/ Mt. Cook by Rawlinson, Grant 'Axe'

On 1 December 2013, two men set out on a unique journey between New Zealand's highest mountains. On a shoestring budget, and an equally tight time constraint, they traversed through some of the country's toughest and most rugged terrain, covering over 1400km with nothing more than a borrowed bicycle, some climbing gear, an inflatable kayak, and an incredibly slim chance of success. On day 22, they reached the summit of Aoraki / Mt Cook, the highest peak in the country. From peak to peak tells the inspiring true story of mountaineers, Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson and Alan Siva's incredible human-powered journey, from the summit of Mt Ruapehu to the summit of Aoraki / Mt Cook. It is testament that it takes just one crazy idea - and a positive attitude - to get started on the adventure of a lifetime. In an age of adventure which is all too packaged, sponsored, televised, and worse, 'guided' by experts. From peak to peak is a rare account of a refreshing attitude towards tackling the oceans and the mountains on their own terms. Rawlinson's adventure, where the eventual outcome was always in doubt until the final moments, is an inspiring read.

South China Sea And The Struggle For Power In Asia, TheSouth China Sea And The Struggle For Power In Asia, The by Hayton, Bill

China's rise has upset the global balance of power, and the first place to feel the strain is Beijing's backyard: the South China Sea. This important book makes clear sense of the South Sea disputes. Bill Hayton, a journalist with extensive experience in the region, examines the high stakes involved for rival nations that include Vietnam, India, Taiwan, the Philippines, and China, as well as the United States, Russia and others. Hayton also lays out the daunting obstacles that stand in the way of peaceful resolution. The author critiques various claims and positions, overturns conventional wisdom, and outlines what the future may hold for this clamorous region of international rivalry.

Social Cohesion: Addressing Social Divide In Europe And AsiaSocial Cohesion: Addressing Social Divide In Europe And Asia by Hofmeister, Wilhelm; Patrick Rueppel Et. Al.

This publication addresses issues concerning social cohesion in both Europe and Asia. Subject matter experts from Europe and Asia examine the underlying factors affecting the degree of social cohesion and civic engagement in a number of countries, including the impact of globalisation, increasing multi-culturalism, the working poor, increasing income inequality, social polarisation etc. The papers consider a number of policy initiatives implemented in various countries, assess their effectiveness and proposes policy changes.

Trends In Southeast Asia 2014 #06 - The South China Sea And China-Asean RelationsTrends In Southeast Asia 2014 #06 - The South China Sea And China-Asean Relations by Zhao Hong

From the late 1990s up to until recently, China's approach to Southeast Asia and various territorial and maritime disputes was to engage in "good neighbour policy" and bilateral negotiations. In the recent years, however, Beijing's actions have somewhat departed from this broadly benign approach. For China, energy security and maritime development are the main considerations. Moreover, China's maritime capabilities are growing rapidly, including maritime law enforcement, military power projection and offshore drilling. As tensions in the South China Sea increases, external players such as the U.S., India and Japan have become increasingly involved in the territorial dispute. Consequently, the issue has gone beyond territorial claims and access to energy resources, as the South China Sea has become a focal point for rivalry among the big powers. This makes the dispute more complicated and dangerous, arousing concerns that the development of China-ASEAN relations will be affected.

Panorama 02/2014: Europe - Surging AheadPanorama 02/2014: Europe - Surging Ahead by Hofmeister, Wilhelm (Ed.)

In this issue, authors from different European countries analyze the European integration and the European Union. There are dedicated to topics like the elections to the European Parliament, the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) of leaders from both continents in October 2014 in Milan, Italy, as well as the cooperation between the two regions in security affairs.

How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia: A NovelHow To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia: A Novel by Mohsin, Hamid

His first two novels established Mohsin Hamid as a radically inventive storyteller with his finger on the world's pulse. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia meets that reputation-and exceeds it. The astonishing and riveting tale of a man's journey from impoverished rural boy to corporate tycoon, it steals its shape from the business self-help books devoured by ambitious youths all over "rising Asia." It follows its nameless hero to the sprawling metropolis where he begins to amass an empire built on that most fluid, and increasingly scarce, of goods: water. Yet his heart remains set on something else, on the pretty girl whose star rises along with his, their paths crossing and recrossing, a lifelong affair sparked and snuffed and sparked again by the forces that careen their fates along. How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is a striking slice of contemporary life at a time of crushing upheaval. Romantic without being sentimental, political without being didactic, and spiritual without being religious, it brings an unflinching gaze to the violence and hope it depicts. And it creates two unforgettable characters who find moments of transcendent intimacy in the midst of shattering change.

Kaiten: Japan's Secret Manned Suicide Submarine And The First American Ship It Sank In WwiiKaiten: Japan's Secret Manned Suicide Submarine And The First American Ship It Sank In Wwii by Mair, Michael; Joy Waldron

In November 1944, the U.S. Navy fleet lay at anchor in Ulithi Harbor, deep in the Pacific Ocean, when the oiler USS Mississinewa erupted in a ball of flames. Japan's secret weapon, the Kaiten-a manned suicide submarine-had succeeded in its first mission. The Kaiten was so secret that even Japanese naval commanders didn't know of its existence. And the Americans kept it secret as well. Embarrassed by the shocking surprise attack, the U.S. Navy refused to salvage or inspect the sunken Mighty Miss. Only decades later would the survivors understand what really happened at Ulithi, when a diving team located the wreck in 2001. In Kaiten, Michael Mair and Joy Waldron tell the full story from both sides, from the strategic importance of the USS Mississinewa to newly revealed secrets of the Kaiten development and training schools. U.S. Navy survivors recount their gripping experiences in the wake of the attack, as well as the harrowing recovery efforts that came later. Japanese pilots reveal their terrifying experiences training to die for their country and Emperor, never knowing when their moment of doom would come.

How To Read Oceanic ArtHow To Read Oceanic Art by Kjellgren, Eric

Art from Oceania, the region encompassing the islands of the central and south Pacific, spans hundreds of distinct artistic processes, formats, and mediums. The book analyzes the most illustrative Oceanic pieces from the Metropolitan Museum's collection -including lively painted masks, powerful figurines, and intricately carved wooden poles--which together represent the extraordinary diversity of artistic traditions in the region. Attractive photography and clear, engaging texts explain how and why various works were made as well as how they were used.

In The Middle Of The Future: Tom Plate On Asia - What Two Decades Of Worldwide Newspaper Columns Prefigure About The Future Of The China-U.S. RelationshipIn The Middle Of The Future: Tom Plate On Asia - What Two Decades Of Worldwide Newspaper Columns Prefigure About The Future Of The China-U.S. Relationship by Plate, Tom

For almost two decades, the columns of journalist Tom Plate have been featured in leading newspapers of the world and have focused entirely on one gigantic subject - the dynamic rise of Asia. Now, for the first time, the best of these columns has been organized into a substantial anthology, annotated with personal comments by Professor Plate, who is also the author of the best-selling 'Giants of Asia' book series. Unpublished material also enlivens the collection with vivid backstories. The net effect is a compelling and sprawling portrait of the last two decades of Asia resurgence by America's only Asia-only columnist.

Trafficking In Human Beings: Learning From Asian And European ExperiencesTrafficking In Human Beings: Learning From Asian And European Experiences by Hofmeister, Wilhelm; Patrick Rueppel (Eds.)

This publication addresses issues concerning the increased prevalence of human trafficking in both Europe and Asia. Subject matter experts from Europe and Asia examine th underlying factors leading to human trafficking, the constraints and drivers that affect government policy-makers' decision-making and the social consequences.

Lotus: Photographs And Chinese Poems by Teoh Eng Soon

An auspicious flower in Asia, the lotus symbolizes purity, beauty and nobility. At the rustic level, it stands for abundance, fertility and continuity. It has been a favourite art motif for three millennia in China and India. The different faces and phases of the lotus are explored in over 200 photographs within this book. Chinese poems that mention the lotus and calligraphic rendition of some poems are included to enrich the presentation. The book features a Foreword written by eminent scholar Professor Wang Gungwu.

Vertical Cities Asia: International Design Competition And Symposium 2013. Volume 3 - Everyone HarvestsVertical Cities Asia: International Design Competition And Symposium 2013. Volume 3 - Everyone Harvests by Ng Wai Keen, Miyauchi Tomohisa Et Al (Eds.)

The scale and speed at which Asian cities are growing and densifying is without historical precedent. Continued recycling of existing urban planning and architectural models will lead to devastating effects on land, infrastructure, and the environment. The Vertical Cities Asia International Design Competition and Symposium were created to encourage design explorations and research into the prospects of new models for the increasingly vertical, dense, and intense urban environments in Asia. This book - fully illustrated in colour and beautifully presented with special Swiss-style cut-flush binding - presents the spectrum of innovative design and theoretical approaches proposed in the competition entry schemes and symposium.

Golden Lands, The: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam - Architecture Of The Buddhist WorldGolden Lands, The: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam - Architecture Of The Buddhist World by Lall, Vikram

This is a groundbreaking survey of the Buddhist architecture of Southeast Asia, abundantly illustrated with new color photography and 3-D renderings. It is the first volume in a projected six-volume series that will take a new multidisciplinary approach in showing how Buddhist thought and ritual have interacted with local traditions across the Asian continent to produce masterpieces of religious architecture. The Golden Lands is devoted to Southeast Asia. Following a general introduction to the early history of Buddhism and its most characteristic architectural forms (the stupa, the temple, and the monastery), Lall examines the Buddhist architecture of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos in turn. For each country, he provides both a historical overview and case studies of noteworthy structures.

Privatizing Water: Governance Failure And The World's Urban Water CrisisPrivatizing Water: Governance Failure And The World's Urban Water Crisis by Bakker, Karen

Water supply privatization was emblematic of the nonliberal turn in development policy in the 1990s. Proponents argue that the private sector could provide better services at lower costs than governments; opponents questioned the risks involved in delegating control over a life-sustaining resource to for-profit companies. Private-sector activity was most concentrated - and contested - in large cities in developing countries, where widespread lack of access to networked water supplies was characterized as a global crisis. Drawing extensively on information gathered in Indonesia, Latin America and Africa, Privatizing Water focuses on three questions: Why did privatization emerge as a preferred alternative for managing urban water supply? Can privatization fulfill its proponents' expectations, particularly with respect to water supply to the urban poor? And, given the apparent shortcomings of both privatization and conventional approaches to government provision, what are the alternatives? In answering these questions, Bakker engages with broader debates over the role of the private sector in development, the role of urban communities in the provision of "public" services, and the governance of public goods. Critically examining a range of issues - including the transnational struggle over the human right to water, the "commons" as a water-supply-management strategy, and the environmental dimensions of water privatization - Privatizing Water is a balanced exploration of a critical issue that affects billions of people around the world.

Annotated Malay Archipelago By Alfred Wallace, TheAnnotated Malay Archipelago By Alfred Wallace, The by Van Wyhe, John

Wallace's Malay Archipelago is a classic account of the travels of a Victorian naturalist through island Southeast Asia. It has been loved by readers ever since its publication in 1869. This edition explains, updates and corrects the original text with an historical introduction and hundreds of explanatory notes.

Burning RiceBurning Rice by Chong, Eileen

These poems were written while Eileen Chong was an Australian Poetry Fellow in 2011-2012, mentored by Anthony Lawrence. The book was edited by Judith Beveridge, who taught Eileen Chong poetry in a higher degree program at the University of Sydney. In 2012 Burning Rice was highly commended for the Anne Elder Award for a first collection of poetry published in Australia. In June 2013 it was shortlisted for the Prime Minster's Literary Award for poetry.

PeonyPeony by Chong, Eileen

Peony is the second collection of poetry from award-winning Australian poet Eileen Chong. The poet was born in Singapore and her first collection of poems, Burning Rice, explores Singaporean and Chinese identities and culture in the context of migration, loss and new experiences. Peony continues this exploration in the first section, then expands to include a series of love poems, branches out to poems dedicated to friends and family, and concludes with poems that address global histories and concerns while responding to literary and artistic inspirations.