Yakari Vol. 8: Yakari And The White Fleece

by Derib (Illus.)

Yakari Vol. 8: Yakari And The White Fleece

Price:  US$10.32   (SGD12.90*)
Format:  Paper Back, 48 pages
Published:  2010, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781849180559
SB#:  710112 (803)

About This Book

A strange eagle has wounded a brave from Yakari's tribe and stolen his talisman. To recover it and allow the man to wake from his unnatural slumber, young Yakari will have to climb a mountain to find the eagle's nest. Forced to go alone when Little Thunder can't follow anymore, he will have to make new friends-with sure feet and warm coats-and brave the majestic bird's proud anger.

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