Singapore: A Very Short History - From Temasek To Tomorrow

by Tan, Alvin

Singapore: A Very Short History - From Temasek To Tomorrow

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Format:  Paper Back, 176 pages
Published:  2019, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789811433481
SB#:  063400 (113)

About This Book

This is a fresh, new, and highly-readable account of Singapore's history. It is a sweeping story of discovery, abandonment, rediscovery and development of what is today one of the world's greatest port-cities. Brief as this account may be, it incorporates all the latest research and findings about Singapore's past, and weaves a concise yet coherent and comprehensive account of the island over the last 700 years. Beyond familiar foundational myths and stories, this new account weaves Singapore's story on a wide tapestry - through a cast of princes, sultans, colonial administrators, occupiers community leaders and politicians - and tells the tale of how they struggled to answer that all important question: How do we make this island succeed?

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