by Ngin, Andrew


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Format:  Paper Back, 177 pages
Published:  2019, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789811422591
SB#:  063324 (801)

About This Book

Charlie Yam wants fame, fortune, and power; the quickest road to achieving all three is to fight for the chance to be the next Party Leader of Future Singapore. However, earning a place within the inner circle of the Party demands high moral standards, especially in the marital domain. One day, Charlie Yam discovers a small gift box left on his doorstep. Inside the box are fingernails which Charlie recognizes as belonging to his mistress. He employs his right-hand man, a scarred and terrifying enforcer to find out the perpetrator. Charlie's scandalous affair is eventually exposed. Charlie is ex-communicated, but with the help of a psychotic blogger, he devises a plan to claw his way back into the good graces of the Party. Inspired by events that happened in Singapore, Saviour is a darkly comic take on power and what it takes to keep it.

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