Sketches Of Sai Kung

by Roberts, Lorette E.

Sketches Of Sai Kung

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Format:  Hard Cover,  pages
Published:  2007, Hong Kong, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789889979966
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About This Book

From Clearwater Bay to Tai Long Wan, the Sai Kung Peninsula is Hong Kong's back garden - a place where people go to swim, hike, eat seafood alfresco, and otherwise escape the city. In these pages you'll find rolling green hills, weekend junk trips, gambling grannies and pooches on parade; walled village houses and old film studios; Sung dynasty temples and rice farmers' implements; fish markets, folk museums and wakeboarding clubs; a Chinese herbalist's shop and the tools of ancient trades; sampan ladies, fleets of ferries, and ships of all shapes!

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