Muar: Tributaries And Transitions


Muar: Tributaries And Transitions

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Format:  Paper Back, 208 pages
Published:  2011, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9739810898076
SB#:  053008 (752)

About This Book

Muar (originally called Bandar Maharani) is a town on the west coast of Johore which dates from the 14th century. This lively and richly illustrated 2011 study of the town by a team of some 30 architecture students of National University of Singapore and University of Malaya. With measured architectural drawings, ground plans and photographs of the town's history and contemporary life are brought to life. Insights are offered into domestic life, social tradition, transport systems, agricultural and industrial production and contemporary population and other development issues which are being experienced in a town of some 300,000 inhabitants. With drawings, photo insets, ground plans, tables and references.

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