Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet

by Dellow, Sally

Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet

Price:  US$18.14   (SGD25.20*)
Format:  Paper Back, 164 pages
Published:  2011, Hong Kong, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789881993274
SB#:  052926 (803)

About This Book

In Wonder, Lust & Itchy Feet a fearless, intelligent and eager woman-mother, lover, wife and daughter-collects for the first time a selection of poetry from her first four decades of living and writing. Unhesitatingly she exposes intimate feelings and heartfelt values about friendship, family, desire, disaster, finding a home and exploring the world. There is disappointment and rebellion here; but also humour and wisdom. There is passion, pain, regret, hope; a desire to love and live to the full. The work feels powered by a desire to find life's joy, knowing that tomorrow we die; yet there is also a generous understanding that a new generation will take our place, live and love in their turn.

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