Ancient Vietnam: History, Art And Archaeology

by Schweyer, Anne-Valerie

Ancient Vietnam: History, Art And Archaeology

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Format:  Paper Back, 428 pages
Published:  2011, Thailand, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789749863756
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About This Book

The history of Vietnam is one of spectacular confrontations, both cultural and ideological between the world of the Chinese - a world adopted by the ethnic Viet living in the Red river basin - and the Indian world - facets of which are seen in the Cham, whose numerous small kingdoms were strung out all along the coast from north of Hue to south of Phan Rang. This book will firstly present the history of Vietnam from the 6th to 15th centuries, highlighting the clashes between the two major civilisations which are the foundation of modern Vietnam. The second part will deal with the archaeology of the sites which are a testament to this history. Maps, plans and numerous photographs will help us to experience the history of ancient Vietnam both in its early beginnings and its subsequent evolution.

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