Vietnam And The West: New Approaches

by Wilcox, Wynn (Ed.)

Vietnam And The West: New Approaches

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Format:  Paper Back, 210 pages
Published:  2010, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780877277521
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About This Book

These 10 papers are from the 2005 conference at Western Connecticut State University. In Part 1, three papers look at: Christian N?m literature of the 17th century; complexities of 19th century Vietnamese Christian identity; and the work of an often-maligned French physician Jean Marie Despiau (1765?-1824). The four papers in Part 2 on the French and US Colonial periods include a paper on Vietnamese women and anti-French activism; non-White elements in the 1945-75 Occupying Forces; and the search for a Third Force in the US/Vietnam War. The final papers are on Agent Orange and Water Privatisation in Vietnam.

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