Poor Under Globalization In Asia, Latin America And Africa, The

by Nissanke, Machiko; Erik Thorbecke (Eds.)

Poor Under Globalization In Asia, Latin America And Africa, The

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Format:  Hard Cover, 474 pages
Published:  2010, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780199584758
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About This Book

Globalisation and poverty are two of the most pressing contemporary international development issues. Despite the enormous potential of globalisation to accelerate economic growth and development, through greater integration into the world economy, the spread and transfer of technology, and the transmission of knowledge, its impact on poverty reduction has been uneven and even marginal in some regions. Both the prevalence and depth of poverty in many parts of the developing world remain unacceptably high. This volume presents thirteen studies selected from the three regional conferences organised under the auspices of UNU-WIDER. They illustrate the differential effects of globalisation on growth, inequality, and poverty in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Distinct processes of institutional and socio-political change, as well as significant differences in initial conditions, such as natural resource endowment, the quantity and quality of human capital, institutional framework, and the quality of governance, have had diverse effects on the poor in these regions. Focusing on distinct manifestations of globalisation and their affect on poverty, these case studies cover the spectrum from broad macroeconomic regional and country analyses to micro-oriented village studies in each of the three continents. This volume clearly illustrates that the impact of globalisation on poverty is extremely context specific, reflecting the heterogeneous and complex nature of the globalisation-poverty nexus.

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