Political Parties, Party Systems And Democratization In East Asia

by Liang Fook Lye & Wilhelm Hofmeister (Eds.)

Political Parties, Party Systems And Democratization In East Asia

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Format:  Hard Cover, 331 pages
Published:  2011, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789814327947
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About This Book

Some fledging democracies in the world have encountered setbacks due to political parties trying to grapple with the expectations of sophisticated electorates and introducing gradual political reforms over the years. This book describes how democracy is evolving in East Asia and how it assumes different forms in different countries, with political parties adapting and evolving alongside. It has a two-fold intent. First, it contends that the existing variety of party systems in East Asia will endure and may even flourish, rather than converge as liberal democracies. Second, it highlights the seeming political durability of one party systems - unlike two-part or multi-party systems in the US and Europe - and their enduring predominance in countries such as Cambodia, China, Singapore and Vietnam.

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