Cham Of Vietnam, The: History, Society And Art

by Tran Ky Phuong; Bruce M. Lockhart (Eds.)

Cham Of Vietnam, The: History, Society And Art

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Format:  Paper Back, 460 pages
Published:  2011, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789971694593
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About This Book

Based on their papers given at the 2004 Asian Research Institute Conference, 16 scholars in the fields of history, art, archaeology, anthropology, and linguists explore the present state of knowledge about Champa. The Cham people's economy, society, and culture featured in or dominated much of the area of Vietnam/Cambodia between the 3rd and 15th century. Papers look at and assess the work of Colonial and post-colonial scholarship as well as at archaeological and other evidence presently available in the areas of: Viet-Cham relations and cultural contacts; Buddhist and Hindu cults, arts, and temples; cemeteries; and Chamic influences in Indochina's linguistics. The final paper gives pointers for future study of the Champa economy, society and culture in the context of Southeast Asian history. Photographs, bibliography and index.

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