Rise Of Asia, The: Trade And Investment In Global Perspective

by Athukorala, Prema-Chandra

Rise Of Asia, The: Trade And Investment In Global Perspective

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Format:  Hard Cover, 354 pages
Published:  2010, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780415556866
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About This Book

The Rise of Asia examines emerging trends and patterns of foreign trade and investment in Asia with a view to contributing to the policy debate on how development strategies should be adopted in response to challenges to economic globalisation. The existing body of knowledge in this subject area has predominantly been shaped by the experiences of the newly industrialized countries (NICs) in East Asia. This volume is inspired by the conviction that generalisation from the NIC experience is hazardous because the ongoing process of economic globalisation over the past two decades has dramatically transformed the international context of national development policy making. Moreover, as 'embracing market', albeit at varying degree and rapidly, has now become an Asia-wide phenomenon, it is vital to look at the issues from a broader relational perspective, paying attention to opportunities for intra-regional division of labour within the wider context of global economic integration.

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