Hidden Costs Of Clean Election Reform, The

by Schaffer, Frederic Charles

Hidden Costs Of Clean Election Reform, The

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Format:  Paper Back, 243 pages
Published:  2008, Philippines, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789715505918
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About This Book

In this book, Frederic Schaffer examines how tinkering with the electoral process, in an effort to "clean up" elections, can easily damage democratic ideals instead. Drawing on evidence from the Philippines as well as other countries, Schaffer investigates why citizens sometimes find themselves alienated or abruptly disenfranchised, and how election reforms have, whether intentionally or accidentally, harmed the quality and experience of democracy. These cases include anti-vote-buying civic education campaigns and voter registration reform in the Philippines, efforts to insulate voters from outside influence in nineteenth-century France, the purge of supposed felons from the voter roles of Florida ahead of the 2000 US presidential election, and debates over the reliability and security of electronic voting machines. With references and index.

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