Tours Of Vietnam: War, Travel Guides And Memory

by Laderman, Scott

Tours Of Vietnam: War, Travel Guides And Memory

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Format:  Paper Back, 289 pages
Published:  2009, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780822344148
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About This Book

In Tours of Vietnam, Scott Laderman demonstrates how tourist literature has shaped Americans' understanding of Vietnam and projections of United States power since the mid-20th century. Laderman analyses portrayals of Vietnam's land, history, culture, economy, and people in travel narratives, US military guides, and tourist guidebooks, pamphlets, and brochures. Whether implying that Vietnamese women were in need of saving by "manly" American military power or celebrating the neoliberal reforms Vietnam implemented in the 1980s, ostensibly neutral guides have repeatedly represented events, particularly those related to the Vietnam War, in ways that favour the global ambitions of the United States.

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