13 May 1969: The Darkest Day In Malaysian History

by Comber, Leon

13 May 1969: The Darkest Day In Malaysian History

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Format:  Paper Back, 134 pages
Published:  2009, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812617767
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About This Book

In his refreshingly insightful and sensitive work, 13 May 1969, Leon Comber offers an account of the events and influences - be they social, economic or political - which culminated in the breakdown of Sino-Malay relations, and erupted into the violent racial riots of 13 May 1969. The work has been produced for the benefit of the general public. Set out in terms the layman can understand with ease, still it manages to convey the full significance of the events, and clearly defines their place in contemporary Malaysian society. Reissue of a 1983 publication.

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