Feng Shui In Chinese Architecture

by Lip, Evelyn

Feng Shui In Chinese Architecture

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Format:  Paper Back, 151 pages
Published:  2009, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812616340
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About This Book

Feng shui, literally "wind" and "water", is an ancient Chinese art of placement that was faithfully practised 3000 years ago for the orientation of tombs, palaces, and dwellings. It aims at finding the most harmonious and auspicious siting plans for built structures through careful consideration of the earth's energy flow (qi), the influence of the Five Elements and a complex calculation of time cycles. This book is one of the few that deal with intangible aspects of traditional Chinese architecture and landscape design. It examines the functional qualities as well as the metaphysical aspects of some of the most classical buildings and landscape gardens in China, such as the austere palaces in the Forbidden City, the temple of the Tiantan (Temple of Heaven), the stunning gardens of the Summer Palace, and many more.

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