Engineers And Architects (True Stories From Ancient China)

by Zhu Kang; Hong Tao & Feng Congying (Illus.)

Engineers And Architects (True Stories From Ancient China)

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Format:  Hard Cover, 46 pages
Published:  2005, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781592650378
SB#:  045636 (171)

About This Book

Designed for younger readers with an interest in Chinese history, culture, and its great scientific and technological achievements, this highly readable book looks at some of ancient China's greatest architectural and engineering wonders. Included are the stories of the great pagodas and their design and construction. Also featured are stories of famous bridge builders in ancient China. The contributions of China's ancient engineers and architects forever changed the face of China's landscape as well as its history. Naturally the story of the Great Wall of China is also included, as it has stood for centuries representing both the triumph and tragedy of ancient Chinese history, and remains one of its greatest engineering and architectural achievements.

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