Search For Al Qaeda, The: Its Leadership, Ideology, And Future

by Riedel, Bruce

Search For Al Qaeda, The: Its Leadership, Ideology, And Future

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Format:  Hard Cover, 180 pages
Published:  2008, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780815774143
SB#:  045074 (105)

About This Book

Al Qaeda is the most dangerous terrorist network in history. Its charismatic and elusive leader, Osama bin Laden, has been Public Enemy Number one since the horrific attacks of September 11, while its presence in Iraq and Afghanistan remains among the most problematic aspects of those wars. Yet most people outside the Middle East know very little about al Qaeda. Bruce Riedel fills the breach with a comprehensive analysis of al Qaeda, illuminating the origins, leadership, ideology, vulnerabilities, and strategy of the terrorist netowork that brought down the Twin Towers and continue to threaten us today. Riedel brings 30 years of intelligence and policymaking experience to his task. He was in the White House during the 9/11 attacks, serving as special assistant to the President on Near Eastern Affairs. He draws on this insider experience in profiling the al Qaeda terror network and its key leaders, and presenting an authoritative and chilling background on the "Manhattan Raid" of September 11. Riedel outlines al Qaeda's ultimate goals: to drive America out of the Muslim world, to destroy Israel, and to create a new jihadist superstate. The biographies and subsequent analysis reveal the terrorists' multipronged strategy for accomplishing goals, including their desire to build a safe haven in nuclear-armed Pakistan. The book concludes with a strategy for dealing with and defeating this most dangerous menace.

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