Cinema Of Naruse Mikio: Women And Japanese Modernity

by Russell, Catherine

Cinema Of Naruse Mikio: Women And Japanese Modernity

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Format:  Paper Back, 466 pages
Published:  2008, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780822343127
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About This Book

One of the most prolific and respected directors of Japanese cinema, Naruse Mikio (1905-69) made 89 films between 1930 and 1967. Little, however, has been written about Naruse in English, and much of the writing about him in Japanese has not been translated into English. With The Cinema of Naruse Mikio, Catherine Russell brings deserved critical attention to this under appreciated director. Many of Naruse's movies were "women's films". They had female protagonists; depicted women's passions, disappointments, routines and living conditions; and emphasised the rigid gender norms of Japanese society. By assessing the critical reception of Naruse in Japan and drawing on the cultural theories of Harry Harootunian, Miriam Hansen and Walter Benjamin, Russell show's that Naruse's portrayals of the changing roles of Japanese women in the public sphere and his depictions of an urban, industrialised, mass-media-saturated society make his films key texts of Japanese modernity.

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