Singapore: An Atlas Of Perpetual Territorial Transformation

by De Koninck, Rodolphe; J. Drolet & M. Girard (Eds.)

Singapore: An Atlas Of Perpetual Territorial Transformation

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Format:  Hard Cover, 95 pages
Published:  2008, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789971693978
SB#:  043822 (110)

About This Book

This unusual atlas traces Singapore's transformations since 1950s. Summary essays accompany inset sketch maps which sometimes show the dramatic processes of change in 34 segments of the country's life. The sections are grouped and chartered as: location and territorial change; the processes of taming nature; reorganising population distribution; reordering production and circulation; places for services, control and entertainment; and planning and land use. With bibliography and sourcing data.

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