War Child: A Story Of Survival

by Lac, Juliet

War Child: A Story Of Survival

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Format:  Paper Back, 220 pages
Published:  2008, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781845964276
SB#:  043746 (160)

About This Book

In 1978, Juliet Lac fled war-ravaged Vietnam in a fishing boat, desperately hoping to find freedom in America. Conditions on the small, overcrowded vessel were horrific, and eight days into the journey, as the craft came in sight of shore, it was hit by a ferocious storm. The boat sank with the loss of half of the 350 passengers on board, but miraculously Juliet escaped, eventually making her way to the United States to begin her new life. Aged only eleven, Juliet had witnessed at first hand the barbarity of war, and after the death of her father and her younger sister, she and her mother were left to struggle on in poverty. But their flight to the West did not have a fairy-tale ending, and in the coming years they faced a struggle to integrate into American society. This is a remarkable and inspirational story of a war child's fight first for survival in the devastated landscape of Vietnam and then for acceptance in the affluent West.

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