Translating Feminisms In China

by Ko, Dorothy; Wang Zheng (Eds.)

Translating Feminisms In China

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Format:  Paper Back, 251 pages
Published:  2007, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9781405161701
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About This Book

This special issue (Vol. 18.3) of the journal 'Gender and History' is made up of 8 substantial referenced articles on women's issue and policies in China. Among the many areas explored by scholars in China and elsewhere are: concepts of Women's Rights in modern China; Chinese Feminists of the 1905-1915 period; the influential Ladies' Journal of Shanghai 1915-25; the New Life movement: women's Liberation and the Great Leap Forward 1958-61; gendered division of labour in the 1950s; Iron Girls and the Cultural Revolution 1966-76; body writing, the controversial 1999 novel 'Shanghai Baby' and associated tensions. Index.

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