Military History Of Modern China, A: From The Manchu Conquest To Tian'anmen Square

by Worthing, Peter

Military History Of Modern China, A: From The Manchu Conquest To Tian'anmen Square

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Format:  Hard Cover,  226 pages
Published:  2007, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780275987800
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About This Book

War and the military have played central roles in shaping modern Chinese history, as the consequences of war and defeat, in both internal and external conflicts, have largely determined the course of history in China, especially in the period since the rise of the Manchu dynasty in the 17th century. Understanding the military history of China is, therefore, essential to an understanding of the Chinese state that is now emerging as a 21st-century military and economic power. Organised chronologically, this book is divided into three sections designed to reveal the manner in which war and the military have influenced the course of Chinese history. The first section is on imperial China, and it underscores the importance of war in China by dealing with the Manchu conquest and military rule over China, the developing technology gap between China and the West, the devastating defeats at the hands of Western powers in the 19th century, and early attempts at military reform and modernisation. The second section explores Republican China era, tracing important military reforms that gave rise to a revolutionary movement, the overthrow of the monarchy, and attempts to establish a democratic republic. The third section focuses on People's Republic of China, and reveals the critical role of the military and warfare in the period after the Chinese Communist Party came to power. The book also includes a section on modern military reform, acquisition of military technology, and relations with Taiwan.

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