Embassy Of Pero Vaz De Siqueira To Siam (1684-1686), The

by De Seabra, Leonor

Embassy Of Pero Vaz De Siqueira To Siam (1684-1686), The

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Format:  Paper Back, 400 pages
Published:  2005, China, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789993726586
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About This Book

Pero Vaz de Siqueira was the son of the Portuguese ambassador to Japan. He himself would become a captain of the Armada of the State and in 1684, he was despatched to Siam, where he was tasked to establish commercial ties between the two countries, as well as to expel the French from the Siamese Court. The report that his embassy made offers valuable historical insight into the diplomatic and economic ties between Macao and Siam, and into the Siamese society of the time. The introductory chapter presents a biography of the man, a description of Macau in the 17th century, and an overview of Siam and its relations with Macau. This English translation of A Embaixada ao Si?o de Pero Vaz de Siqueira (1684-1686) was published to mark the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Portuguese in Siam.

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