Goods-Rich Time-Poor In Singapore

by Ooi Jin Bee

Goods-Rich Time-Poor In Singapore

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Format:  Paper Back, 80 pages
Published:  2006, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789810569914
SB#:  041150 (110)

About This Book

Dr. Ooi Jin Bee is a retired National University of Singapore professor who has published books on geography and natural resources. In this book, he turns his attention to another resource - time. For each human being, time is a limited resource that must be optimised. Dr Lim describes two types of societies that are created by the way they use their time. The first one spends less time on economic activity than on play or rest, with examples drawn from agricultural communities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, and which gives rise to a society that is time-rich but goods-poor. The second type of society spends more time on economic activity than on play or rest, creating a goods-rich but time-poor situation. Singapore belongs to the latter group. Dr Lim describes the social costs of Singapore being time-poor, especially the impact of such a society on the birth rate, childcare, working mothers and the aged. He also explores the implications of being goods-rich in a time-poor society. The maternity benefits and incentives granted by the governments of nine other developed countries are summarised in the appendix.

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