Padaeng Chronicle And The Jengtung State Chronicle Translated, The

by Sao Saimong Mangrai

Padaeng Chronicle And The Jengtung State Chronicle Translated, The

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Format:  Paper Back, 301 pages
Published:  2002, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780891480877
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About This Book

The English translations of the Padaeng Chronicle and the Jengtung State Chronicle were first published in 1981 and reissued in 2002. The two chronicles provide a wealth of information for reconstructing the history of the Tai people in modern Myanmar, Thailand, China and Laos, with respect to political and social organisation, Theravada Buddhism, as well as inter-state and inter-ethnic relations from roughly the 13th to early 20th centuries. The two chronicles also contain rare ethnohistorical information about northern mainland Southeast Asia, including Yunnan. The many ethnic groups mentioned in the chronicles include the Mon-Khmer-speaking and Tai-speaking peoples. The translator Sao Saimong Mangrai (1913-1987) was a member of the royal family of Kengtung in Burma. He was a monk as well as an England-educated scholar.

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