Piracy, Maritime Terrorism And Securing The Malacca Straits

by Ong-Webb, Graham Gerard (Ed.)

Piracy, Maritime Terrorism And Securing The  Malacca Straits

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Format:  Paper Back, 266 pages
Published:  2006, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812303912
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About This Book

Maritime piracy continues to persist as a significant phenomenon manifesting a range of social, historical, geo-political, security and economic issues. Today, the waters of Southeast Asia serve as the dominant region for the occurrence of piracy and the challenges it poses to regional security and Malacca Straits security. As a second installment within the Series on Maritime Issues and Piracy in Asia by the International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University, and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, the authors of this volume add fresh perspectives to the ongoing debate about piracy, the threat of maritime terrorism, and the challenge of securing the Malacca Straits today. This volume of expert contributions opens with a global and regional outlook on maritime terrorism before proceeding to examine: the transnational threats to security at sea; piracy in the waters of the Philippines; the similarities and differences between the security situation in the Malacca Straits and in the Southern Philippines; the politics of security policies in Southeast Asia; anti-piracy security forces; the rise of important new seaports in Asia; the Regime Navigation on the Danube as a possible model; security cooperation within Asean; and maritime history in the region, 1511-1839.

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