Advancing East Asian Regionalism

by Curley, G. Melissa ; Nicholas Thomas (Eds.)

Advancing East Asian Regionalism

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Format:  Hard Cover, 297 pages
Published:  2007, United Kingdom, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9780415349093
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About This Book

Developments in East Asia have progressed rapidly in terms of regionalism since the 1997 crisis. The end of the Asian miracle called into question not only the capacity of regional states to meet the needs of their attendant peoples, but also challenged the viability of regional organizations, such as Asean, to adapt and respond to the changing circumstances. Advancing East Asian Regionalism looks at the ways in which Asean has expanded since the crisis, and evaluates the potential of East Asia to come together in a regional formation - one capable of representing the region as a whole - akin to the European Community. It draws upon the knowledge and perspectives of academics and policy makers actively engaged in the contradictory issues of regionalism. Coupling case study material on regionalism, institutions, and sectoral cooperation, with theoretical debates on regionalisation, this book is an invaluable resource that pushes our understanding of East Asian regionalism forward.

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