Diplomacy And Psychology: Prevention Of Armed Conf Licts After The Cold War

by Garling, Tommy; G. Backenroth-Ohsako Et Al (Eds.)

Diplomacy And Psychology: Prevention Of Armed Conf Licts After The Cold War

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Format:  Paper Back, 327 pages
Published:  2006, Singapore, 1st Edition
ISBN:  9789812104496
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About This Book

Diplomacy can broadly be defined as the use of peaceful means to prevent, settle, or resolve armed conflicts. It is an extension and means of the political process. In peacetime, communication between states may be relatively open, but during time of crisis or war, tensions are high and there is pressure to use violence. Today, there are many threats to world peace, including nuclear proliferation, international terrorism, ethnopolitical conflicts and environmental degradation. The good management of diplomacy is more important than ever, and psychological knowledge is increasingly important to the successful practice of diplomacy. The purpose of this volume is to disseminate relevant state-of-the-art knowledge about psychology and its role in diplomacy. The four main sections of this book examine: Perspectives on Diplomacy and Psychology; Social Conflicts: Precursors, Processes and Resolutions; International Negotiation and Mediation; Reconciliation and Adherence to Agreements. The chapters in this volume are updated and extended papers originally presented at the Dag Hammarskj?ld Memorial Seminar on Diplomacy and Psychology at the XXVII International Congress of Psychology in Stockholm in July 2000.

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