Politics Of Identity: Ethnic Nationalism And The State In Pakistan

by Khan, Adeel

Politics Of Identity: Ethnic Nationalism And The State In Pakistan

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Format:  Paper Back, 211 pages
Published:  2005, India, 1st Edition
ISBN:  0761933042
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About This Book

A major political challenge in Pakistan since its formation has been ethnic nationalism, or the self-assertion of various ethnic groups who contest the legitimacy of State governance. This book addresses this challenge by presenting the first comprehensive account of the emergence, growth and changing politics of four major ethnic movements in the context of theories of nationalism. Highlighting the role the state plays in the lives of individuals, the author studies both the pre-colonial and colonial state system in India and the changes it effected until India's independence and the creation of Pakistan; assesses the State in Pakistan and explains its role in giving rise to ethnic discontent; studies four ethnic movements - Pukhtun, Baloch, Sindhi and Mohajir; critically reviews some influential theories of nationalism - including those of Ernest Gellner, Benedict Anderson and Partha Chatterjee - and how they have fallen short in some parts of the world. The appendix features the Mohajir Quami Movement's Charter of Resolutions and revised List of Demands. With bibliography and index.

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