Myanmar's Nationalist Movement (1906-1948) And India

by Rajshekhar

Myanmar's Nationalist Movement (1906-1948)  And India

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Format:  Hard Cover, 128 pages
Published:  2006, India, 1st Edition
ISBN:  8170033047
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About This Book

This study of the development 1906-48 of Myanmar's Nationalist Movement looks at long-standing linkages of Burma and India both in general and in relation to the nationalist movements of both countries. The economic bases of British imperialism and the rise of nationalism in India and Burma are highlighted and the main features of the 1906-39 independence movement in Burma are outlined. The events and impacts of WWII, the role of Subhas Chandra Bose, the Japanese policies and the turbulence which led up to Burma's Independence Agreement of October 1947 are all seen as being interrelated with the somewhat parallel developments in India. With bibliography and index.

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