Rama And Sita: A Tale From Ancient Java

by Weitzman, David

Rama And Sita: A Tale From Ancient Java

Price:  US$24.69   (SGD34.29*)
Format:  Hard Cover, 30 pages
Published:  2002, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  1567921515
SB#:  037725 (880)

About This Book

The ancient tale of Prince Rama and the lovely Sita, taken from the Hindu epic The Ramayana, has enchanted countless generations of children throughout Asia. In Java and Bali, stories from the Ramayana are recited in the villages by puppeteers using the elegant shadow puppets. The performance is more than just entertainment; it is also an offering to the gods and ancestors, teaching the children the values of their community, who they are, and their place in the universe. David Weitzman's retelling of Rama and Sita runs somewhat shorter than the 25,000 verses in the epic, but it lacks none of its excitement and pageantry. His illustrations are modelled on Javanese shadow puppets made by artisans of Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Suitable for readers aged eight years or older.

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