Nature Of All Things, The: The Life Storey Of A Tibetan In Exile

by Tsering, Chope Paljor

Nature Of All Things, The: The Life Storey Of A  Tibetan In Exile

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Format:  Paper Back, 282 pages
Published:  2004, Australia, 1st Edition
ISBN:  0734407416
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About This Book

This book tells the extraordinary life story of Chope Paljor Tsering. Born to a nomad family on the vast central plains of Tibet in 1948, Chope was the eighth of twelve children and enjoyed a special place in the family. In the decade after he was born, Chope and his family experienced the invasion and occupation of their country by neighbouring China and its Maoist army, and the gradual erosion of their traditional way of life. In 1959, the Dalai Lama left Tibet, going into exile in northern India, and Chope's family were among the many thousands of Tibetans who tried to follow him. Pursued by the Red Army, in fear for their lives, Chope's family began a year-long journey by foot to reach the Himalayan mountain passes. They were among the first Tibetan refugees to arrive in the Kingdom of Mustang in northern Nepal. Having left behind the only world he knew, Chope was about to suffer even greater loss, but he would also begin to learn what freedom truly is and how it can be won.

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