Nationalism And Revolution In Indonesia

by Kahin, George Mcturnan

Nationalism And Revolution In Indonesia

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Format:  Paper Back, 490 pages
Published:  2003, USA, 1st Edition
ISBN:  0877277346
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About This Book

This 2003 republication of George Kahin's 1952 work on the early history of post-Colonial Indonesia includes a reflective 2002 introduction by Benedict Anderson and the author's prefaces of 1970 and 1952. Travel and study in both Dutch-held and independent territory in 1948/9, with close up accounts of pivotal events and personal contacts with major players throughout the country all underpin the descriptions and analyses of Indonesia's founding as a self propelling entity. While revisionist views of the period have had and will have importance, Kahin's work is likely to remain a basic resource for understanding both the history of Indonesia itself and the complexities of nationalisms and revolutions. Indexed.

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